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My name is Clare and welcome to my blog.  Almost three and a half years ago my husband and I were blessed with a fantastic little boy, who for the purpose of this blog is referred to as Monkey. He really is the light of our lives. I am also a career girl, always have been ever since I graduated with a BA honours degree in Business and a major in Marketing. I really do enjoy my job and I am in love with motherhood. Financially I was always going to go back to work, so the question I have been asking myself ever since is it possible to have both?

Determined to reach the right balance between the two its been an interesting ride to date, sometimes its not as even as it should be, and there are days when I don’t feel as though I do either role particularly well. However I am getting better at not beating myself up about the odd mistake and accept that everything is a learning curve and that parenthood is the most wonderful journey of all.

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the activities that Monkey and I get up to. The intention is that the majority of these can be replicated quickly and simply when time is short, or when you are juggling the pressures of everyday life and need a quick fix of sanity, or if you are a career mum like me you can still satisfy that urge to create.

I hope you find some ideas that will give you more quality time with your little ‘monkeys’. I am also currently pregnant, with baby number two due in May 2016. We have not had an easy journey with this second pregnancy since I have bee diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome or Sticky Blood. I am now considered high risk and we have had several set backs over the last couple of years. This has lead me to start to expand to writing about my experiences under the Pregnancy Category. I hope that if you are going through something similar or suffered with multiple miscarriages too you will draw some comfort from my writing.

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  2. I love your blog, but find it hard to read due to the light font color and the actual font.

    • Hi Karen, thanks for the feedback, will see what I can do within the realms of the theme to make the font darker 🙂

  3. Hi Clare, I’m so glad to have you join the Mom Resource community! I’ve invited you to our private Facebook group, but let me know if you didn’t see the invitation. Adding you to our Pinterest group boards (and secret board!) now. Looking forward to learning more about your little Monkey & also how I can help you promote (and make money from) your site!

    • Thank you 🙂 – just catching up after a long weekend in Rome!! Will let you know if I have any problems – look forward to connecting with Pinterest and Facebook too 🙂 xxx

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  5. Hi Clare am visiting from Le Chic En Rose – you kindly stopped by there via#MondayEscapes. Sorry I got a bit confused at first and thought you were Ting, at My Travel Monkey, but have now sorted out who’s who! Am glad you liked my post on the V&A 🙂 Am very interested in your blog, as after having 2 daughters myself (now grown up with one here in Perth and the other living in London), I’m now a grandmum to 2 adorable little girls. The elder is 2 and a half and loves craft so I look forward to getting some ideas from your blog for activities. I did work with kindy/pre schoolers for a number of years, which has come in very useful! I’ll sign up to “follow’ you via WordPress and have also linked in via Pinterest and Instagram. Best wishes with the blog, Rosemary (Le Chic En Rose)

    • Hi Rosemary – lol not to worry 🙂 thank you for signing up 🙂 will find you on the other platforms too. Great that you use to work in early years – you can probably give me some tips 🙂 look forward to getting to know you xx

      • Thanks Clare 🙂 Am certainly finding the years I spent in early years very useful now with my granddaughters! Thanks for signing up to follow my blog too and likewise am looking forward to reading your posts and getting to know you (love the blogging network you meet so many interesting people!) 🙂

        • I know I am genuinely shocked by how friendly everyone is! So nice that everyone is willing to help each other out 🙂 x

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  7. Hi Clare,
    Just discovered your blog via Twitter and had to laugh as I made quince cheese a few years back. We loved it but boy did the kitchen take some cleaning afterwards! Now I put quinces into cakes. Look forward to exploring more of your posts 🙂
    Jennie @ theerrantscok.com

    • I hadn’t thought of putting them into cakes, will give that a go next time! Yes it was pretty sticky!! Thanks for stopping by – nice to meet you! 🙂

  8. Lim Pau Yee Reply

    Hi, through all the records of the two boys’ moments and growth, I believe that your boys have a wonderful childhood, and you also play a very amazing mother role. Also, thank you for sharing the interesting things in your family trip and recommending a great place to visit. I feel that the process of growing up with your boy is a great adventure and a special journey for you. You also enjoy the process of growing up with them. From reading your blog, I deeply felt the greatness and dedication of all mothers because the whole process from birth to parenting has a lot of patience and love. At last, thank you for sharing and wish you always happy and healthy.

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