Sand Covered Easter Egg Decorations – We seem to have developed a new tradition without even trying! Last Easter we made some Marbled Egg Hanging Decorations – I don’t know what it is about Monkey and those foam eggs you can get in craft shops he goes mad for them. I know a number of my friends kids who are the same. So this year we made some more hanging decorations only this time we covered them in craft sand. Craft sand is my new favourite craft material, we made some great decorations from a Baker Ross kit in our Easter Craft post. Its so versatile that I can see it popping up a lot in our craft projects.

To make the eggs you will need:

  • Foam Eggs
  • Craft Sand
  • Paintbrush
  • PVA Glue
  • Someting to poor the sand into – we used a shoe box lid
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Something to poke the sticks into while the eggs dry – ideally polystyrene would work perfectly but we used an old snack box
  • Thread for hanging, we used gold embroidery thread


These are very straight forward and although we only made one of each colour we could have kept going for quite a bit longer Monkey was so engrossed.

  • Secure a cocktail stick into he bottom of the egg, be aware that this will also form the hole for the thread. So make sure its the way up you want to hang your eggs.
  • Paint the egg in a good covering of PVA, Monkey needed a bit of help with this as both the egg and glue are white. Also depending on the quality of the foam eggs you may have to ensure it doesn’t sink in too much.


  • Pour the sand into the tray in a rectangle shape – Monkey loved doing this and we ended up with way too much sand tipped out. However because we used the lid it was easy to remove the top on the sand bottle and tip it back in. Just like you do with glitter so you don’t actually need that much.
  • Roll the glue covered egg in the sand, Monkey got good at doing the middle bit and the top but his dexterity is not good enough to do the bottom (and to be fair its pretty tricky with the cocktail stick in). So we then ended up tipping more sand over the bottom of the egg. You need to make sure its covered completely. The first time we did it, I needed to touch it up a bit with a little more glue. The good thing is you can’t tell!


  • Then just poke the cocktail stick into your box or polystyrene and wait for them to dry completely
  • The next part is tricky, once dry pull out the cocktail stick. Best to do this carefully to make sure you don’t take any of the sand off. Tie the thread and then poke the end of it into the hole left by the cocktail stick. It can be a bit fiddly but the stick should help you do this, I then used the stick to scoop some pva and poke into the hole with the thread. Put loads in and leave to dry over night. Tip – make sure that no bubbles have formed and the hole is as full of glue as possible.


Apart from the last bit of attaching the thread, a preschooler can be involved in the whole process. Monkey had great fun. I can see us making some more before the Easter weekend as gifts for the grandparents!

What Easter crafts have you been up to this year?  I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.


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Sand Covered Easter Egg Decorations

Sand Covered Easter Egg Decorations


  1. Such a fab idea. Archie’s just getting to the stage where he’s beginning to show an interest in crafts so we’ll definitely be making eggs next year

  2. What a great craft to do for Easter. My girls would love to do this
    Thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  3. Zena's Suitcase

    Really lovely easter craft. I can see lots of uses for this kind of sand decoration too. My daughters are going to enjoy doing this at the weekend

  4. Im so rubbish with arty things much to my daughters disappointment 🙁 but these look great and very fitting for this weekend!

  5. Ooh these are awesome! I am SO doing this on Friday with my children.
    We have also developed heaps of new Easter traditions involving crafting, Easter trees, and new decorations for the house every year… Its getting bigger than Christmas round here!
    Anna x

  6. Looks like a really fun activity for kids, can’t wait until my little man is big enough to try out stuff like this without it leading to total mayhem! Hope you and yours have a great Easter!

  7. dotmakes4

    This is such a great idea, especially for us as we can’t paint eggs! If the kids don’t want to do it, I do!
    Laura xx

  8. this is a fantastic craft to do over the holidays.. im going to give it a go (although im really bad at crafts) i think i may manage this one x oh and you just go my vote for the mads x

  9. Double the Monkey Business

    This looks like great fun. I need to get planning some Easter activities to keep my two out of trouble next weekend 🙂 x

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