2018 Bucket List: This time of year I always like to make plans for what the new year may bring. In 2017 I tried to write a monthly bucket list but ended up giving up half way through the year. So instead in 2018 I have written one for the whole year. Each month I will update where we are with ticking the things off.

I have purposefully included a few things that we try to do each year as well as some more unusual things. You can see from the list that we plan to visit 12 new National Trust properties this year. I also have my 40 before 40 list to work through and we hope to got away once a month like we did in 2017 – Our 12 Getaways of 2017. So as ever we will be up to a lot! Whats on your list this year?



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  1. You brits crack me up! Over here bucket list means something completely different it’s like a do before you die list?? Anyway happy new year lol!

  2. Lots of great ideas. For me I have a whole bunch of goals including countries to visit (at the moment it’s Luxembourg, New York, Croatia, Romania and Germany) and then personal goals like getting a new job, growing my blog and saving money x

  3. Some great ideas on here! My main bucket list goal this year is to grow and give birth to this baby ha! Other than that lots of decluttering, spending time with family and friends and having a bbq this summer are all on my list.

  4. I really want to sit down with my family and add some things to our bucket list. The kids would have some great ideas!!!

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