I can quite believe that this month sees Mudpie Fridays turn three! Three years ago on the 9th of March I started writing about sensory play. Its crazy to think how quickly these last three years have gone. I am so glad that I started this journey as I have a lot of wonderful memories written down in these posts.

In my third year I am much more focused around recording memories for us as a family. Blogging has given us as a family some wonderful experiences and I hope that these will continue but at the same time its noting the little things. The Ordinary Moments and my Living Arrows posts serve as a reminder of how precious time is when they are little.

Looking back on the post I wrote about Mudpie Fridays turning two I wrote about some of the things which I wanted to achieve in my third year. They felt like pipe dreams when I wrote them down little did I know what I would achieve. Mudpie Fridays is now a business in its own right. I hit my personal target of 60,000 page views a month. I am currently in the top 25 of the Tots100 charts which is a parent blogger leader board formed of around 10,000 parent blogs. But most importantly I have made some lovely new friends. Friends that I speak to weekly if not daily. Mothers like me. Bloggers like me and people I meet with offline. I am feeling very blessed by my little space on the net.

Of course I have created a little tradition of giving back something back on this anniversary to those that are loyal readers of Mudpie Fridays. Normally with a giveaway. Yet me being me, I have decided to try and run a series of giveaways throughout March. It is likely that they will be over multiple channels, but you will be able to find a new link each day to a new giveaway by clicking on the numbers below. So please bookmark this post and come back regularly.









I have some other giveaways running at the moment so please check them out in the Blog Giveaways Page above. Good Luck!



  1. Happy 3rd birthday to you! You have done amazingly well and it has been lovely sharing this journey with you. Can’t wait to see what’s in store and also enter your giveaways!! Fingers crossed for a win!

  2. Kayleigh - Mini-Human Resources Reply

    Happy Birthday! I am new to blogging and this post has inspired me to keep going! 🙂

  3. Kerry Taylor Reply

    Happy Birthday!

    I know what you mean about keeping a record – I realised when my munchkin was about 9 months that I couldn’t remember what daily life was like even a few weeks ago. I started keeping a journal and it’s lovely to read back!

  4. What fabulous achievements since you started blogging! Happy blog birthday… it is always interesting looking back and seeing how much everything has developed!

  5. Wow Happy 3rd Birthday! Well done for achieving so many of your targets too 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  6. Rosemary Tily Reply

    A Very Happy Blog Birthday. A fabulous celebration cake too!

  7. Happy birthday and well done on achieving so many significant goals. I enjoy dipping into your blog and have picked up more than a few very useful pieces of information along with lots of ideas.

    I have particularly enjoyed viewing your videos, my favourite being the Christmas Lapland one of the children in their onesies. Aaaw, bless them! Many thanks and best wishes.

  8. Georgina Prince was davies Reply

    Happy Birthday mudpiefridays! And congratulations on the top 25! x

  9. Yolanda Davis Reply

    happy birthday. I’ve loved reading your posts and entering all your great giveaways. May it continue for a long, long time.

  10. Natalie Crossan Reply

    Happy 3rd birthday – I love your blog and visit every single day 😀 xxx

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