Ladybird Number Matching Game: I know we are looking for quick activities which don’t take a long time to set up. So honestly, this did take sometime to put together. However if you are under time constraints then you could easily replicate it with coloured card and get the same result. Sewing is my stress therapy, I use it to unwind in front of the telly, so all in all it probably took me a month to complete, spending a few hours here and there.

I used a machine to sew the leaves, each has a piece of wadding inside and I also machine sewed a vein down the centre. The numbers are felt and sewn on with blanket stitch by hand. I used a darker green thread to make them stand out.

The ladybirds are actually wooden blanks which I coloured with Sharpies and then coated in Modge Podge, you could use pebbles instead if you wanted to make it more tactile. However if you are after wooden blanks then the ones I used can be found here.

The game is to match the number of ladybird spots with the numbers on the leaves. Monkey can easily count to 12 but can not ‘read’ numbers. So I hoped help him to start to recognise them. Recently he has requested that we start to use dice with the game as well. Although using two means that you never get to match the number 1!

This is also a great one to make into a busy bag for use when out and about.  Minus the dice unless you want to be climbing under tables to find them.  We have used it for entertainment in restaurants and cafes.

Alternatively if you decided to make these from card instead of fabric and wood. Then you could get your little one to draw on the spots themselves. Bringing  a visual dimension to counting.


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Ladybird Number Matching Game


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  2. You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy) Reply

    Such a great idea, I woud not have thought of this. I am sure Baby would have lots of fun, maybe when she is a bit older x

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I know my crafting skills mean the sewing and painting is probably best left to someone else, but I think even I can manage card – my daughter’s pretty good with numbers under 10 but we definitely need some practice at recognising larger ones so I wonder if I can adapt it (or have VERY spotty ladybirds).

  4. Chris (from Besties Sharing Bites) Reply

    What a very creative idea! I can sew a bit, but not as good as you. Those leaves and ladybugs are beautiful, Monkey seems to like playing with them. Hope it also helps his counting.

  5. Jane Duckworth Reply

    How amazingly clever you are to dream up such a super sweet game for your little darling! Those lady bugs are adorable. 🙂

  6. Michelle Murray Reply

    wow! this is amazing and very creative too. I am definitely going to pinch this idea (hope thats okay) for our nursery. The kids will love getting involved both making and playing

  7. I love this idea. So simple, but they look so pretty in fabric. N’s really lazy when it comes to numbers, so it would probably help him.

  8. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    This is such a clever idea – I’m really impressed! It’s fun & also has so much learning involved. You made a lovely job of it. x

  9. Zena's Suitcase Reply

    This is such a cute idea. My daughter would really enjoy playing this as she is all about numbers at the moment. I might just have to make the ladybirds cos they are too cute

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