EcoTank 2550 Printer Review

I’m not the sort of person that gets excited over technology,  however give me a way to print photos at home for a fraction of the cost and you will get my attention. You may remember my post about Epson teaming up with Disney to bring Summer crafting actives to homes across the UK. You can read all about it in my post Summer Holiday Fun – Disney Craft with Epson. In it I said I would be reviewing a new EcoTank Printer – ET 2250.

EcoTank 2550 Printer Review

Epson want to change the way we look at printing and bring back the freedom to print at home. Many families don’t either have a printer at home or if they do don’t actually use it. When asked the reason why it came down to two things – printing is irritating i.e. getting it to connect to your device and the cost of ink is prohibitive. Sometimes if all the colours go at once ink costs can be as much as the printer cost in the first place!!

On average with a traditional printer you go through 72 cartridges over its lifetime. However with the new EcoTank range, now on its second generation, you get two years worth of ink in the box. The refillable tank means that there means there is no need to costly ink cartridges. If you need more ink then you can buy additional bottles for under £8 per colour and under £12 for the black. Each bottle has 70ml of ink in it, so its no wonder that the price per page is ultra low when you think a traditional ink cartridge has just 3.5ml! 70ml is enough for 6500 sheets of colour printing and 4000 of black and white. Despite the focus on low cost printing the EcoTank models use Epson’s Micro Piezo technology for clear, sharp and precise printing.

So when my lovely new printer arrived I ordered some photo paper and decided to put it through its paces. The printer is compact measuring (storage) W19.3 inches x D 11.8 inches Height 6.3 inches, and it slight weighing just over 10lb which is less than Kipper! Currently the printer is retailing for £199.99 in Currys.


  • Ultra high capacity ink tank
  • Print, copy, scan functions
  • 1,200 dpi scanner
  • 3.4cm LCD screen
  • Wifi
  • AirPrint support
  • Epson iPrint & Epson Connect
  • The full Product Specification – ET2250 can be found on their website


So first onto the set up. One of the things I hate about printers is the fact that inevitably something goes wrong on the set up. Either the printer drivers don’t work or even if they do the damn thing doesn’t print for some other reason. So I was dubious. However the printer comes with step by step instructions that even I managed to follow! And failing that they also talk you through it step by step online!

Step One Fill up the Ink:

First you need to add the ink. I did wonder if it would be as simple as I had been told… and it was! You literally open the lid, snap off the top of the ink bottle fill it up and you’re done. They have helpfully labeled the ink reservoirs very clearly so even I couldn’t make a mess of it. Each has a rubber stopper which seals the tank and so stops the ink drying out. Unlike ink cartridges which do dry out if you don’t use them for a while. The bottles are squeezy and since I am such a clutz I did wonder if I may end up with ink everywhere, but even that went well with just a few little drops on my hand.



As I was going through step two I found this useful diagram online:


Step Two Get it to talk to the Laptop:

IMG_3196So ink is in, after pressing a couple of buttons you need to leave it for 20 minutes to work its magic. Then you simply put in the CD that accompanies the printer or like me as I run a MAC I went to a website as directed and clicked a download box… simples. The instructions were very Janet and John perfect for me and it actually took you back to the beginning so I didn’t need the paper version at all. At each step it verifies what you are doing and double checks things with you. I couldn’t get the laptop to find the printer so I needed to get the printer to find the laptop. All this meant was that I needed to attache the printer to the wifi and had to enter our wifi password. As soon as I did that the laptop picked it up and I went into the MAC and made the new printer my default.

You set up mobile devices in the same way going to the same website, downloading the apple or android app and following the instructions.


Step Three Play: 

I was very keen to get some photos printed and even now keep finding new ones to test it out on! I’m planning on making a photo board for Monkey next! First of all you need to load the paper (obviously), as I was using photo paper I needed to make sure the printer recognised this. Thankfully when you put the paper in, a display comes up on the LCD screen which allows you to select the size and type of paper on.


It prints quickly and smoothly and the result? Below is a picture of Monkey and Kipper one professional and one done on the printer. The professional one has more definition on the rug but other than that, for the purpose I use photos for its perfect


Things I loved:

  • I was honestly blown away by the quality of the photos that came out of the printer. In fact I got a little excited and rung Hubby to tell him all about it, while he was at work… I think he thought I was bonkers until he saw it in action.
  • I am no longer inhibited by what I print, as I no longer have the fear of spending a fortune on cartridges. Until now I didn’t realise I even had this fear but I totally did..she says allowing Monkey google Paw Patrol pictures as she types this!
  • Its a great size, compact it fits easily onto a top of a unit. Its sleek in design and very modern.
  • Even I managed to get the printer set up its so easy to follow the instructions
  • It has a SD card slot!!
  • That we can print wirelessly from multiple devices, having an app for my phone is an added bonus and brings it right into the 21st century.. I often start reading a ‘how to improve your blog’ article to get called to do something else and then never go back to it. How easy is it to quickly send it to the printer to read at my leisure later?

Theres really nothing I don’t like about this printer, apart from maybe having to enter the wifi code into it. It took me a while to figure out how to switch from capitals, to lower case to numbers. However this is me we are talking about I am rather technically inept (says the lady who is planning on going self hosted soon – eeek!). Everything else has been really easy. I also can’t really comment on how long the ink will last as I’ve only been using it for two weeks or so, but even with the all printing I have been doing my ink tank is still saying it is full.

Although I have focused on the photos for this review, I do think Epson have achieved their objective of bringing home printing back to the families. I will no longer be using online photo stores for simple prints and fully intend to get up to date with  my project life. However with the amount of ink and ease of printing Monkey will be able to print whatever he wants to for school or play without me worrying. Through the app Hubby can email directly just as I can and we maybe ( I only say maybe) finally get organised. I have spoken to a couple of small businesses that I know and they are already considering looking at the range of printers to see which one they are going to invest in. The fact it also has the scan and copy function is an added bonus which I am sure we will use a lot once Monkey is at school.

As far as home use if concerned I really would consider looking at buying one of these – after all wouldn’t it be nice to put photos up around the house, rather than keeping them on the memory stick or hard drive?


We were given an EcoTank 2550 printer for the sake of this review, all words and opinions are my own.

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Mottisfont – National Trust

I have a thing about roses, so much so that we have planted our own little rose garden. When I heard about Mottisfont and their rose garden I thought it would be lovely to visit although its a bit of a way from us, around two hours by car. For one reason or another we didn’t actually end up visiting until far to late into the season for the roses – maybe something to do with having a new baby? As they don’t dead head their roses it meant many of them were past their best towards the end of July. However we will be visiting again next year in June as they recommend on their website as its simply lovely and as soon as I walked through the new entrance I felt a pang of guilt that Monkey wasn’t with us.

Mottisfont National Trust

We arrived around 11am and the carpark was already a struggle and its  big carpark! By the time we left there were cars abandoned all over the place! We got lucky and managed to find one in the shade. They have obviously undergone some building work and had a lovely new wooden entrance with a shop and toilets. Part of the pang of guilt was done to the fact that they were running a 150th Anniversary Beatrix Potter Trail with all sorts of games and activities. I love Beatrix Potter and couldn’t resist a nose around the shop while my mum renewed her membership. I refrained, unfortunately I was not so well behaved in the plant shop taking home a white thistle, Verbena and Japanese Anemone… oops.

If you have not visited before,  the main path takes you up to the House and its large sweeping lawn. You pass over a river that runs down the side of the property and we saw some huge trout, mainly brown trout although one had a vivid pink under belly. All the kids were fascinated watching them move around in the fast current hoping to catch a meal. There were also a couple of swans.


The fact that it had taken us two hours to drive there and that Kipper was still very young only 7 weeks we headed straight to get a coffee and have a feed. We initially went to the Old Kitchen which is to the right side of the house, they had some lovely tables and chairs outside right next to the river with weeping willows. It was perfect apart from they didn’t start doing food until midday and they had very few sandwiches. We didn’t see the point of stopping again so walked around the front of the house to the Coach House Cafe which had a better selection. Based in the adjoining stable block there is plenty of outside seating in both the sun and shade. There is also an ice cream shop in the same block, but be warned on a hot Summer’s day it gets very busy!

After we were all fed and watered we headed to the walled rose garden. I am sorry to say we were disappointed!! Although this really was only because we miss timed it. As you walk through the hedging you come across an open court yard area with another little coffee place and seating. As well as some raised planters. We could see a few of the remaining roses but it was not the spectacular display I was hoping for.


Not to be deterred we walked through into the walled element and there were some gorgeous beds of herbaceous perennials organised in such a way that you could walk between them. The area is essentially divided into four lawns surrounded by borders on all sides, with a more traditional rose garden at the end. I really liked that there was plenty of seating – important when you have a baby in tow that may decide he wants feeding at a drop of a hat.


IMG_2471One thing I would say is that we could really tell the difference in the temperature inside and outside the walled garden area. Initially we walked through and went and sat in the shade for a little while to try and keep Kipper comfortable. Thankfully it clouded over and we were able to have a better look. It was a haven for wildlife and we saw the lovely purple poppies. I also really liked the lavender and it reminded me that I must take Monkey to the Mayfield Lavender Farm.

IMG_2501You can see that despite the roses being past their best there were still some lovely flowers to look at. And we did see the odd rose and I am sure there is a reason why they don’t dead head but I have never known that in any of the other National Trust properties I have visited.

The grounds are huge, you could easily spend a whole day walking around them, we didn’t as we had the pram and also didn’t want to hit rush hour on the way home. It does mean that there are loads of trees so plenty of shade to set up base camp for a picnic with friends and kids. In fact we used the shade a couple of times to let Kipper have a kick around.


Unfortunately we didn’t have time to have a look around the house, and because Monkey wasn’t with us we didn’t make it to the play area either although it did sound great on the map ‘wild climbing an water play features‘. So there is definitely more to see and the fact that they also have a Winter Garden I can see us returning at some point. Although I think I will wait until they have another event on, as two hours is quite a long time for Monkey to be in the car. I will also be returning in June to see the roses in full bloom.


Things you need to know:

  • The garden is open 10am-5pm this time of year you can get daily opening times here on their website. The house is open from 11am and last admittance is at 4.30pm.
  • Entrance is free for National Trust members if not adults cost £15.00 with gift aid, a child £7.50 and £37.50 for a family.
  • Address – near Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0LP

We have visited a number of National Trust properties recently including – Batemans, Standen and Nymans. Have you visited any National Trust places recently which you really enjoyed? I would love to hear about them in the comments.


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Blogger Club UK #32

Welcome back to #BloggerClubUK

By the time you read this I will hopefully be sunning myself on a beach in Spain! Or running around after a four year old building sand castles, collecting water and shells from the sea (continuously and digging holes while all the time trying to keep Kipper hydrated and cool. I can’t wait its been a little while since we have been on a beach holiday and I know Monkeys is going to love it!

#BloggerClubUK feature image copy

Being away means that my photo of the week, this week is an old one. A rare picture of Monkey and me together in amongst the hollyhocks at Loseley Park Gardens. He was not impressed about having his photo taken as you can probably tell with the tongue poking out. The Hollyhocks were amazing, so pretty and giant! This photo doesn’t do them justice as its been reduced in size so it will upload. Its made me want to plant hollyhocks in our garden, I especially like the really dark burgundy ones which you can just see to the right of the shot.


Back to the linky…

The linky runs from 6am Wednesday – 12pm Friday GMT where all bloggers are welcome to add any type of post they like. The Blogger Club UK community & linky are not limited to the UK – we’d love to have bloggers from all over the world join us read more about it on my Blogger Club UK Page.

Changes for #BloggerClubUK this Summer

As we’ve been noting for the past few linkies, Debbie, Becky & I have a lot going on this July which has spilled into August. We want to keep the Blogger Club UK linky & community going strong so we don’t want any interruptions for the linky. But, at the same time, we need some extra time to spend with our families & attend events & other going on’s. As such, we had the tough decision of what to do for August. We don’t want to be unfair to anyone, ourselves included. I hope you can understand our decision to extend the July rules for August as well.

For the month of July & August we won’t be choosing favourites or giving a Twitter shout out. So, with this in mind, we decided to amend the rules this summer to make things fair. Please read the rules below carefully as there have been a lot of changes. These rules are for the month of July & August only. The regular set of rules will come back into action from the September 7th edition of #BloggerClubUK. We hope you will keep joining us this summer!

Summer Rules – Please Read There are Many Changes

  • Add our badge to the HTML / Text portion of your post you can find the badge in my sidebar opposite. Or, add a back link to this post using #bloggerclubuk. If you need any help linking up, read Becky’s Linky Guide or tweet us, we are happy to help!
  • Comment Change: Please comment on the post directly before yours & as many others as you have time for. Please do 4 as a minimum, as always. You don’t have to comment on the host posts but of course, we’d still love to hear from you!
  • Tweet any post you enjoy to share the #BloggerClubUK love.
  • Link a maximum of 2 posts per week.
  • The linky will close at midnight Friday GMT. We have removed the 150 post limit for July.
  • Tag myself, Becky & Debbie on Twitter for a RT @MudpieFridays @Cuddlefairy @randommusings29 with #BloggerClubUK – let’s get trending again! We will do our best to RT, but may be certain weeks you don’t hear from one of us.

Join by clicking the link below:

Have a great week everyone xx


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Paw Patrol Weebles Pull & Play Seal Island Playset Review

I am sure I am not alone in the Paw Patrol obsession which seems to be sweeping our nation at the moment! Monkey is absolutely Paw Patrol mad so much so that I even held him a Paw Patrol Birthday Party last month! So when we were offered to review some new Paw Patrol toys I jumped at the chance knowing that he would be over the moon. I’m not sure who was more excited when the packaged arrived, me or him!!

Paw PatrolWeebles Pull & play seal island playsetreview

I remember weebles from when I was a child – ‘watch them wobble but not fall down’ so its great that they have been updated with a Paw Patrol theme especially for the younger generation.  The playset comes with the Marshall weeble and retails at £29.99. In our photos you will see we also have Chase and Zuma, its possible to purchase the characters separately priced at £4.99 each. In total there are six to collect, the three we have and Rocky, Rubble and Sky. At £4.99 they are ideal treats or perfect for encouraging little ones to save up their pocket money over a couple of weeks to buy one themselves.

The playset has a host of features that have been designed specifically for weebles;

  • A rock a and wobble path which leads down to the jetty
  • A special dock rope to pull and retract the tugboat to help the heres get to the mainland. The little tug boat is on wheels and has space for two weebles. You pull the boat out yourself, to bring it back to shore all you need to do is press Wally’s head.
  • A swing operated by a push down lever, large enough for little hands. Even with uneven batting it swings smoothly which means the weeble character doesn’t fall off and create frustration (which can happen with toddlers!)
  • A look out spot at the top of the tower and also down by the jetty
  • A second bouncy boat

IMG_3156 (1)

I think its great that they are targeting the younger market with these toys aimed at 18 month plus. If  I am honest they are probably a bit young for Monkey but he loved playing with them none the less. This was his reaction when he saw it for the first time!


The features discussed above:

Monkey took to sending the tug boat out to rescue the kitties and get supplies for the Island. I think this was his favourite feature pulling it out and then reeling it back in again. He also really liked the fact that you could remove the tug boat from the line by moving a little switch on the bottom of the tug boat.

It was lovely hearing him chat to each of the characters individually and making up stories. The weebles even ended up being used in other paw patrol toys which we own.

Things we loved:

  • These really are very good quality the plastic is strong and vibrant perfect for the target market of 18 months+. Its been a long time since I have seen a plastic toy that I actually want to touch and engage with.
  • The weebles are a great weight and fit nicely into the palm of Monkey’s hands. I even tried to see if I could spike Kipper’s interest in them. But at 3 months I think I was pushing it a little!
  • That they have thought about different features and included a lot in a small playset
  • You don’t need batteries so there will be no panic on Christmas Eve or the night before a Birthday
  • Wally actually looks like his TV counterpart, Monkey instantly recognised him

As far as anything we don’t like, I really can’t think of anything. We both really like it and I would definitely recommend for paw patrol mad little people. I definitely think the age range is right on this and my only disappointment is that these were not around when Monkey first started getting into Paw Patrol. I am hoping I am not going to have an argument on my hands once Kipper starts crawling!

If you would like your own playset for your little ones then its available for purchase from Toys R Us.


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A Mothers Letter to Her Nursery Leaver

This is not the post I intended to write tonight and as ever its normally fuelled by something which has happened in the day to make me want to write something that is free flowing. (Apologies if the words fall over each other). This is not a cultivated post full of information on a craft activity, day out or a product we have been lucky enough to review. Instead this comes from the heart.

A Mothers Letter to her Nursery Leaver-2

Tomorrow is Monkey’s last day at nursery, he started aged 14 months after a rather disastrous relationship with a childminder (we were very unlucky). That is a story for another day probably when I have had a couple of glasses of wine meaning that I won’t hold back or be politically correct about the woman who made me feel as though we were raising the next moors murder! I honesty can’t believe that we have reached the end of an era almost exactly three years later and this mini human is now a proper little boy, no longer a toddler, no longer a preschooler but a child who is just about to take his first steps into ‘big school’. So here is my letter to my darling first born as he closes one door an opens another.

Dear Monkey

Standing in the cloakroom at your nursery today while you gave out a few small gifts to the carers that have touched your heart the most during your three year tenure. I was suddenly immensely proud of the little chatter box standing in front of me, of the fact that you can build loving relationships with people outside our family unit and touch their lives in a positive way, I know they will genuinely miss you. You did really well there were no tears, although I am sure they will come tomorrow as I know how much these people mean to you. And it may not only be your tears!

They have helped us shape and guide you into the little character you are. And boy are you a character! Fiercely determined never taking no for an answer meaning that whatever you turn your hand to in later life you will succeed at. Sometimes I forget this when I am chastising you for answering back. I am sorry. Ignore me and keep that determination and drive to achieve whatever you have set your mind on, it will serve you well even when there are days when it doesn’t feel as though anything is going your way. You will preserve and reach that whatever goal you have set your heart on. I believe in you.

We see in front of us a little boy that is loyal to his friends and very caring to all that he involves himself with. How often have people been amazed when they found out you were an only child (at the time) and marvel how socially aware and empathetic you are. I have no idea where the empathy comes from, but this makes me proud. Even when it means you fight off the child that was trying to take your little friends paint brush… and then immediately regret it and hold a cold compress to said child’s head for ten minutes! Be loyal my little man, its a quality which is sadly lacking in todays society. I hope you will be rewarded by finding friends as loyal to you as you are to them.


I am proud that you care, that you make friends easily and quickly. A skill which you have learnt over the last year or so. I was proud that you wanted to go on the ghost train without me, with your little friend you had made five minutes earlier. I would never have been so bold as a child, yet off you trotted excited for the little bit of independence I had given you. I must learn to let you have a little more independence as you grow. Something which is alien to me, bare with me though I will get better at it I promise. You see not that long ago you were a tiny baby that needed me at every turn. Now you are just about to start school, excited by the change and wanting to spread your wings just a little. You know what you want and are able to articulate it to all around you. Thankfully you still want cuddles every day and long may they continue.

I am proud of your lack of fear, you don’t see the potential danger in climbing a tree as high as you can go, jumping off the highest piece of play equipment or otherwise that you can find. Nothing stands in your way you see everything as a challenge that needs to be met head on. I am sure that will lead to broken bones at some point, but they will heal and I would much rather you approach everything with the sense of adventure that you have now.

I am proud of the fact that you are always questioning, looking for answers in everything, discovering and exploring the world around you. Your imagination growing every day as the stories and (rather bad) jokes come out one after another. You are secure in yourself, confident in your abilities which I know means those first days at school will naturally come to you. For this I am proud and grateful. Don’t get me wrong I am sure we will face challenges with starting school but should you feel a wobble, please be assured that we face them together as a family and you will be just fine. 

I am proud to call you my son, I am proud that you tell me you love me every day and I am lucky that I get to do it in return. To my nursery leaver I love you and you make my life more complete than I ever could have imagined.  You make every day special, thank you for the last four amazing years. I am looking forward to the rollercoaster that awaits us.

Mummy xx


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#RememberingTheseDays Week 6

Welcome back to week six of #RememberingTheseDays Instagram community. The place to share your precious family memories. I host this community with the lovely Laura over at Life with Baby Kicks.


Whatever the memory, or life event you want to record, joining in is simple, just tag your favourite photos #RememberingTheseDays over on Instagram. Each Sunday Laura and I will choose our four favourites. Please follow Mudpie Fridays here and Life with Baby Kicks here on Instagram to see if you have been featured.

So onto this weeks favourites, thank you to everyone that is using the tag, we have had over 1700 posts now. Laura and I are both so happy that the community continues to grow. Its lovely to have you all and I really enjoy seeing everyones photos but of course it presents a problem… choosing!! As you read this we will be travelling to our holiday destination and I am not sure if there is wifi! Imagine that two weeks without wifi I am not sure I will cope. Anyhow due to this I have decided to pick 8 this week! I just couldn’t decide and incase I can’t keep on top of instagram while I am away at least I have shared doubles worth this week! So here they are:


From top left to bottom right

  • This photo made me chuckle, he looks so pleased with himself! This photo can’t fail to spread happiness thank you @hotpinkwellingtons
  • What a beautiful setting with the castle in the background sitting in amongst the wild flowers and indeed looking like a princess @corneliusblog
  • Wonderfully sunny picture from @goingonanadventureblog to celebrate a very special milestone
  • I love lavender pictures and it sound like these two have been bribed by their dad! I wonder if I can have a word with my hubby, thank you @mostlychloe


From top left to bottom right

  • The two top photos are actually both by @_jessarose_ as they spent some time enjoying the outdoors.  I would love to climb a giant haystack!
  • Enjoying an afternoon at the beach instead of having to do the school run with @cardiffmummysays
  • Oh that beach looks so exotic! This photo makes me want to jump right into it @tobyandroo

Please pop over and visit all their feeds by clicking on the names above.

My favourite from my feed this week is this one of Monkey. We had a lovely day at the beach down in Littlehampton which I will be writing all about when  I’m back from being away. With him starting school in September our weekly trips to the beach will be more difficult to fit in, as we usually go on a Monday. Here he is at Harbour Park having a go in one of the bumper boats, for a change he actually posed! Maybe he is finally getting use to being a blogger’s child?!

My favourite from Laura’s feed is this black and white beauty of the Big One playing volcanos in the garden. I love the look of concentration crossed with amazement. Such a great idea  with some simple ingredients. We will definitely be giving this a go at some-point!!

Come and join in by using the hashtag #RememberingTheseDays, and please pass this tag to your Instagram buddies. I would be over the moon if we reached 2200 by this time next week.

Which one is your favourite? I would love to hear in the comments below.


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Fireman Sam Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station Review

I don’t know a single little boy that hasn’t at some point loved Fireman Sam, this got me thinking about when it first came onto our screens. I was shocked to find out that it first appeared in 1987! That means its almost thirty years old, which would make sense as I am sure my little brother use to watch it. Of course its undergone some TV magic since then and the version which Monkey watches now is a lot more modern shall we say! Incase you haven’t seen it the series focuses on Sam and his other fireman friends as they try to sort out mishaps and mayhem in the little Welsh village of Pontypandy. Those of you who are avid watchers like Monkey will know that the fire station burned down in 2015 and he now has a brand new one. This toy is the first one of this new fire station and replicates the one in the TV show.

Fireman Sam Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station Review

I was attracted to it due to the fact that it has a carry handle on the top and so is reasonably portable. In the box you get the fire station itself, Fireman Sam and Elvis, an electronic control panel, test dummy, ladder, bucket and fire extinguisher.


Its an ideal toy for little ones to re in act their favourite episodes of the show and has several features

  • Fire engine turntable to allow you to speed out of the station – please note Jupiter is not included in this set
  • There is also a vehicle maintenance ramp which pulls up from the centre of the turntable
  • Moveable firemans pole, you can attach the character to the pole and watch them spin down it just as they do in the TV series
  • On the other side of the pole is a lift which can be raised up and down
  • Hinged garage doors for a speedy get away, the side doors also open
  • The electronic console lights up as well as giving out sounds and phrases

So how did Monkey find it? 


He really enjoyed playing with it, I struggled to get photos as he was so engrossed with his play. We had the fire engine going out on missions left right and centre lead by the console, at one point they were going into the lounge to rescue a cat! I love listening to him talk through the stories as he plays and then demanding I get involved.

He was keen to try out all the moveable parts especially the lift and the fireman pole. Sam and Elvis are a good size and ideal for his age range, they also bend at the waist which means they can be made to sit down in the fire engine. He did find it a little fiddly attaching Sam to the fireman’s pole at the top. It was easier for him to do it at the bottom and push him up the pole before letting him rotate down. I did try and get a picture of it but it goes too quickly!


Things we liked:

  • Monkey really liked the electronic console as it gave him ideas as to what mission Sam and Elvis were to go on either by boat, engine or helicopter.
  • There is attention to detail on the figures and the platy set itself, it is also a good representation of the TV series.
  • Its open ended so Monkey can play with the set anyway he wants to
  • Lots of moveable parts
  • Its portable, although it doesn’t become a box which means you would need to take the little bits separately so as not to loose them.

The only thing we weren’t keen on was the hinged doors as ours popped out and it was quite difficult to get them back in again. If a child tried it one their own then they may break them. However overall Monkey was very impressed with the playset and I would recommend it for all your little Fireman Sam enthusiasts. The fire station is suitable for ages 3+ and retails at £39.99 and is available to buy from Character Online.


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We were sent the Fireman Sam Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station for the purpose of this review, all words and opinions are mine and Monkey’s own.