This is the fourth in my series about Treasure Baskets, believe me when you get the bug with a little one collecting suitable items can become an obsession… I will be looking to update this collection shortly for Monkey as I want to use the different textured materials to expand his vocabulary…and mine!! Thats why I love them so much as you can adapt the contents to suit a purpose. However before I start to wax lyrical… back to the task in hand.

The contents in this basket are designed to try and span a wide a range of different materials and textures as possible. I also incorporated lots of colours so that it looked as appealing as possible.

The contents are stored in a thick ribbed corduroy bag, so that it also becomes part of the basket, the other items are

  • Play scarves in a rainbow of different colours, you can get silk ones but they are expensive these are just thin nylon but they still float lovely when you throw them in the air. Plus they are see through even now he likes to put them on his head and look through the different colours
  • Fake Fur Fabric
  • Knitted Wollen Doll
  • Thick Velvet ribbon
  • Thick Satin Ribbon
  • Camping Heat Blanket
  • Rainbow Ribbon Ring
  • Home made pom poms in various colours
  • Linen Toy Mouse
  • Small Teddy Bear
  • Sponge Aeroplane
  • Satin frog filled with beads, this is quite heavy so a good sensory experience for a young child
  • Leather Shammy
  • Netting

Some other items which you may want to consider and that I am intending on adding when I revamp this collection are:

  • Sequin Waste
  • Lace
  • Corrugated Card
  • Hessian
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Cellophane
  • Sand Paper
  • Denim
  • Fake Grass
  • Polystyrene Sheet

I have two further collections which I will post together shortly as they are only small ones. Happy Treasure Basket hunting. xxx


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