Gruffalo Story Bag: Make your own Gruffalo Story Bag or Story Sack. The Gruffalo is by far one of Monkey’s favourite stories, so much so he even had a Gruffalo themed party (here) for his 2nd Birthday. I’m a fan of story bags, he’s never been a child who will go and pick up a book of the shelf and sit quietly and study it. Something to do with being a boy, my friends try to reassure me… so by creating a story bag I can engage him for longer as all of a sudden its a lot more interesting acting out the story with props, puppets and soft toys.

All the items are stored in a drawstring bag with a picture of said book so he can identify them easier. I buy the bags from Crafty Crocodiles and use T-shirt transfer paper to print the picture onto. Its a much cheaper option than the ones for sale on eBay!

I have listed the contents of the bag below:

  • A softie for each character
  • The Gruffalo story book
  • Laminated background taken from the Gruffalo activity book
  • Finger puppets which you can get from the tesconnect website here they were created specifically for red nose day. I also used the same sheet and cut off the finger puppet bits and laminated them. Monkey then uses these ones with the background to act out the story. Its great in the back of the car.
  • Gruffalo mask also from the tesconnect website here
  • The mouse mask  from the website here, there are lots of other activities which you may want to have a nose through while you are visiting
  • A nut – which is actually an old Christmas decoration
  • Treasure hunt – part of a kit but you could build your own using some of the pictures off of the internet.
  • Matching pairs game also on the Gruffalo website here
  • Gruffalo story wheel here just be careful you don’t stick them on the wrong way up like I did!
  • A laminated sheet for each of the nine characteristics, I wanted to try and add in a sensory element so tried to find items to match the characteristic. As we read the story Monkey will match the item with the laminated sheets.
    • Poisonous wart – green glitter pom pom
    • Knobbly knees – brown foam sheet with bubblewrap for the knobbly bit
    • For the terrible tusks – I made some tusks out of air dry clay
    • Terrible claws – bath mitt
    • For the terrible teeth – I also made these out of air dry clay
    • Turned out toes – brown and white foam sheet
    • Purple prickles – I painted a pine cone with purple paint
    • Orange eyes – orange wool pom pom with googley eyes – not too sure what to the other one…
    • His tongue is black – double velvet ribbon

DIY Gruffalo Story Bag

This is not the only story bag I have put together you can also find links to our other story bags below, each will have a full list of contents so you can build your own.

You can also seen my pinterest board of the Gruffalo here.

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  1. What a wonderful idea – have never tried doing anything like this with my little ones but what a great way to help make the story come alive.

  2. entertainingelliot Reply

    Thats an amazing idea! My son loves the Gruffalo too and we also had a themed party for his 2nd birthday 🙂 x

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  4. This is such a lovely idea – wish I had come across this when my daughter was a bit younger. She still loves the Gruffalo and reading do might still look at it for some of her favourites.

  5. I’d never heard of story bags before now but what a lovely idea! It makes the whole experience really interactive and you put lots of effort into them by the sounds of it, I guess Monkey must love them 🙂

  6. You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy) Reply

    I am lucky as Baby will just go and get a book to read. But this is such a good idea, you put me to shame x

  7. This is such a great idea!! My brother has always struggled with keeping interest while reading (he shocked us all by reading The Great Gatsby on holiday last year!), so this would have been perfect when he was younger!

    C x

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