Rainbow Sensory Bottles : I have been putting together various versions of these for sometime now, they use to appear in Monkeys Treasure Basket. I have also heard them referred to as time out bottles, although I must admit we haven’t used them as such …. Yet!  More recently they have been used in kitchen role play and with his tea set. Although given the opportunity he will play with them in all sorts of ways stacking them and transporting them around in a toy pushchair.They are so easy to make. The bottles I used for these ones are juice bottles from Marks & Spencers, although Innocent Smoothy ones work just as well. Unlike discovery bottles (more on those another time) I wanted them to be relatively small so that he can shake them himself. Initially I have made them simply with water, food colouring, glitter and a few drops of glycerin.

Washing up liquid can also work if you don’t have glycerin in the cupboard. Although depending on the colour of the liquid it may alter the final colour of the bottle.

A slight alteration on this is to use oil and water combined with glitter to give you a two tone bottle. First you colour the oil and add the glitter, I used a kebab stick to mix the two together. After which colour the water in a different colour and pour on top.

Don’t worry about the colours mixing as they will separate and the glitter will sit between the two liquids. I would use a hot glue gun to secure the top to avoid any leaking. They really are quite mesmerising even for adults!

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Rainbow Sensory Bottles


  1. Sian | The Mama Story Reply

    Ah I love these! I have all the ingredients in the cupboard just need some bottles!

  2. My kids would love these, might have to get the ingredients and give it a go – thanks for the idea!

  3. I have been wanting to try these. Anything easy and kid oriented is great for this mommy 😀 Have you tried setting them in a sunny window seal. I was wondering if it might sparkle on the ceiling. They wouldn’t phase my kids as a time out mechanism so I won’t even go there lol. Thanks for sharing with #momsterslink.

    • We have only tried them in the conservatory, they didn’t sparkle on the tiles but the glitter I used is very fine so might be worth trying with something a bit chunkier 🙂 x

  4. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    What a fantastic idea!! My kids would be fascinated with these and would enjoy making them too. #momsterlink x

  5. Ah love this idea! My son will love playing with it. I am sure he will be mesmerized by it!
    #momsterlink x

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