Kids Birthday Questionnaire

Each year for Monkey I produce a birthday questionnaire. I am a fan of pen and paper so its written in a note book which gets stored with his Birthday Book. He turns three on Friday so this will be third year which I have completed it. The only difference is that this year it will include his answers, rather than my interpretation of his actions and behaviours. Childrens Birthday Questionnaire Over time I may adjust these questions as he gets older and make them more relevant to where he is at that time. However below is the list I will be using this year. In the notebook I also include a photo of him on or around his birthday. Hopefully it will be a nice keepsake for him when he gets older.

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. What is your favourite toy?
  3. What is your favourite fruit?
  4. What is your favourite TV show?
  5. What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch?
  6. What is your favourite outfit?
  7. What is your favourite game?
  8. Where is your favourite place to go?
  9. What is your favourite animal?
  10. What is your favourite song?
  11. What is your favourite book?
  12. Who is your best friend?
  13. What is your favourite sport?
  14. What is your favourite thing to do outside?
  15. What is your favourite drink?
  16. What was your favourite holiday?
  17. What do you like to take to bed with you?
  18. What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?
  19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday?
  20. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Please let me know if you do something similar with your child or if you have any questions which you use with your little ones. Mudpie xx


  1. Kate

    What a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing! I wish I had thought of this when my older two were little, these kind of things change so much from year to year so it would be great to see how the answers change.

    1. mudpiefridays

      As I was typing the questions out I was thinking about his answers and what he’s going to say … Other than his favourite saying at the moment which is you choose! Lol! Thank you for stopping by xx

  2. happyhema

    Oh my goodness. I have to steal this idea! I bought a couple of journals last year with the intention of writing to my children every so often throughout their lives, including photos and keepsakes, and giving it to them at some appropriate time in the future. Things got in the way and I didn’t start them, they’re still in a drawer in their wrapping. I think this will be a great thing to include, possibly accompanied by a photo of us together.

    1. mudpiefridays

      I love the sound of the journals πŸ™‚ the good thing about this is that it takes only a couple of minutes, it’s hard work trying to fit everything in all the time, I still have umpteen different projects on the go! Thank you for commenting πŸ™‚ x

  3. Mama

    Love this idea. I really enjoy filling in our tots baby book and would like to continue on with some kind of keepsake after he’s one.

  4. Let kids be kids

    Love these questionnaires. I have just started doing this with my children, but I did it when they started school and then it will be at the beginning of each school year. It is going to be interesting how the answers change.

  5. DomesticatedMomster

    Oh my gosh I love love love this idea and am going to start doing it with my little monsters! What a great memoir for them. Although then I would have to find a good place to store them. I am horrible at storing stuff. Thanks for sharing this great idea with me for #momsterslink.

  6. hannah mum's days

    Ooh I love it – and this is actually a great list for long car journey conversations! I asked reuben what his favourite colour was last week in the car and still to this day he goes through his favourite colour, then his dad’s, then mine, you get the picture, so a few new questions are very welcome as we’re driving from Newcastle to Cornwall soon – argh!! xx

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx Oh and I hope Monkey had a great birthday!!! xxx

  7. Angela Milnes

    These are really good questions. I’ve done a few interviews with my daughter lately but i love these questions! Will pin this to my Pinterest Board!

    Angela xx

  8. Brook Chalmers

    This is a great idea! I’d like to do something similar with my little boy, so we can see how he has developed over time. This is something I’m going to take a note of for when he begins to talk. Although I’m sure we can answer a few for him right now πŸ™‚

  9. Harps

    Awesome idea! I wish I’d known about this before Arjun’s birthday! I might still give it a go (only a month late!) thanks so much for sharing and linking up on #babybrainmonday x

  10. mummuddlingthrough

    What a lovely idea! Our eldest has a baby book which extends over their life time called ‘book of my life’ I’ve been filling that in, a page a season since she was born. This reminds me, must buy another one for #2 :-/ x MMT #picknmix

  11. BloggerMummyLauren

    I love this idea, I did something similar with my children last year, although not for their birthday we just did it randomly. Great to ee how answers change as they get older x

  12. .Sara. (@OoSerzoO)

    This is a fab idea! I’v never thought to do something like this with my children! I wonder how my kids will answer?! Thanks for the idea.

  13. Ana De Jesus

    I think this is a lovely idea to look back on in the future. I think your little one will enjoy looking into the past and knowing what their likes and interests were and how they differ now x

  14. Gemma

    I’ve being doing this for last three years it’s so funny lookin back like you I write it n a book and I decorated it wit the cards he gets.

  15. Fi NΓ­ NeachtΓ‘in

    This is lovely, I love the idea of a birthday book, what a lovely keepsake for him and you to have. It’s much better having things written down on pen and paper πŸ™‚

  16. Sonia Jones

    Fantastic idea. Like an annual baby book! I keep meaning to record all these little nuggets of information but I keep forgetting. At least this way on their birthday there is no excuse to record this milestone information.

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