The weather has been just awful this last week and its so depressing. I planned on spending my maternity leave looking round various gardens and national trust properties in the glorious sunshine. To date thats not happened! However we did get a couple of gorgeous days back in May and thankfully we decided to make the most of them even though Kipper was a few days old. On one of these days we headed down to The Level in Brighton.

Summer fun at The Level, Brighton

Hubby and Monkey had often visited last Summer on their Monday’s to work could no way compare with giant water jets and a park to die for…. So I was very pleased when the opportunity came for me and Kipper to tag along.

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Initially the water wasn’t on when we arrived at around midday, there is a website which you can use to check when the fountains will be on. This time of year they will be on pretty much everyday. You can find the website here. While we were waiting we had a coffee and a bite to eat in the cafe which is located next to the fountains. There are also public toilets down the fountain side of the building. Theres a lots of seating in and out and because there are tables both sides it means you can get shade if you want it. We had a very pleasant drink, plus the cafe is licensed should the desire so take you.


While we were sitting, Monkey suddenly realised the fountains were going so we were off to find a bench. Sitting around the fountains is limited but there is a large grassy area which you could use easily for picnics. The water jets basically go round in a large oval and for a free activity they are brilliant fun. It does get busy so it best to arrive early in the school holidays.


At the other end of the fountains is a brilliant park. I had no idea that there was a park so close by. Its funded by the National Lottery and you can tell as its a great area and although it was really busy it didn’t feel like it and Monkey had no problems getting on the equipment he wanted to play on. Down the end nearest to the fountains is a little astro turf areas which resembles Tele Tubby Hill! In the bottom there are some musical instruments, its surrounded by a wooden climbing frame with bridges and tunnels to get in and out.

Ive not seen anything like it anywhere else. There is also a couple of sand pits with little beach huts, swings galore including a large circular one. Monkey and I spent some time in this discussing how he was going to be an inventor when he grew up. Slides and wooden climbing frames, some sheep and a traditional pyramid frame which reminded me of being a kid myself.

It was really good fun and unsurprisingly Monkey didn’t want to leave, we only did because the sky suddenly turned very black and we didn’t have any coats. If we ever get the better weather back then we will be going down to pay another visit. If you are also from out of town we parked in the London Road carpark, which is a short walk and more reasonably priced than others in the area. Not bad for a free day out…

Have you visited any splash pad type areas recently, I would love to hear about them in the comments below


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  1. We LOVE the new Level! In fact, we’re having a party there in August. Those water jets are brilliant! The Peter Pan playground ones up near The Concorde are fab too. #JustAnotherLinky

  2. Over Heaven's Hill Reply

    I loved the fountains when we were kids! I still remember the excitement. Why is it always the mum who gets on those big swings haha I was in one of them with today 🙂 #bigpinklink

  3. Oh wow!!! I’d love to go there! I love things like this, especially on a (rare!) sunny day! Thanks for linking! #bigpinklink

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  5. That looks like a super place to visit (and the weather looks fantastic compared to what we’ve been getting up here in Shetland, the land that summer forgot!). 🙂

  6. We’ve lived in Hove for three and a half years and have never been here – not sure how I’ve missed it! #whatevertheweather

    • I know it’s madness when there is something just down the road and you didn’t realise it happens to us all the time! Thank you for stopping by x

    • It was but we got really lucky as it was down pouring by mid afternoon! Can’t get over how much the weather is interchangeable at the moment! Thanks for stopping by x

  7. I am seeing the appeal of ground floor fountains more and more now I have children! This looks fab – I had no clue it existed in Brighton…I’m thinking another trip there is in order soon! #citytripping

  8. Jenny - Monkey and Mouse Reply

    It looks amazing! I love the little astro turf area, perfect even for rainy days! The splash pad looks so much fun, my two would love that sort of thing too. I hope you get some good weather days soon! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather x
    Could you please pop a link or grab the badge? Thank you lovely! X

  9. How fun! It would definitely have been a bit chilly on our last visit in January, but next time I make it to Brighton, these are definitely on the list. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  10. Bumble Bee Mum Reply

    I hate it when bad weather ruins my plans. But bad weather makes you appreciate bright and sunny days like these more! The park sounds like a great way to spend a sunny day. #CityTripping

    • Oh it’s great if you are ever local I could recommend it. Thank you for stopping by here’s for the good weather!! Xx

    • Completely although there’s not a lot of shade so you may want to try and create your own. Thanks for stopping by xx

  11. That looks amazing! I don’t think there’s anything like that round here sadly. Also love the teletubby hill park, looks like so much fun. And it’s always a bonus when it’s free! #whatevertheweather

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