Last weekend we asked to take the new Land Rover Discovery on a family adventure as part of their new campaign ‘The Discovery Adventures’. It really struck a cord with me as its all about discovering the great British outdoors in all its beauty. As part of the campaign they have launched a series of immersive adventure podcasts narrated by our handpicked celebrities, each based around a specific UK location such as Cheddar Gorge, Mother Shipton’s Cave, Savernake Forest, Dartmoor and more.

Having never really explored Somerset we set off for a weekend in Cheddar Gorge and had an absolutely fantastic time. The scenery is stunning, I have never seen anything like it in the UK before. We had an absolutely amazing time which you can watch in the video below. It even includes our first drive through the Gorge….


There is a little village which has sprung up around the set of caves which is an ideal place to spend a day exploring. Our first stop was Gough’s Cave which is the first attraction on the Explorer Ticket. Its hard standing so perfect for little ones, but  not suitable for a buggy. Not that it was an issue as we had a back carrier with us. We were given hand sets and throughout the caves there are numbers at various points.

The only thing which left me feeling a little uneasy was the fact that Monkey was so excited by the caves that he has decided that he wants to give cave diving a go. In fact when we told him that he would need to wait until he got older he got quite upset.

The New Land Rover Discovery 3.0litre TD6 (V6) Diesel HSE was the perfect family car for our trip:

Its a gorgeous looking car with more bells and whistles that I could ever imagine. To be honest in the four days we had the car I am not even sure we found them all. But what we did find was a fantastic family car, a car that I didn’t expect to fall in love with and a car that I am trying to convince Hubby we need (not the other way round as I expected!).

The full spec is at the bottom of this post, but I think more important are the reasons the Land Rover Discovery works well for us as a young family:

  • It has to be the boot, yes the space is brilliant. I would expect that. What I didn’t expect was just how handy the shelf was. One it kept Kipper in the boot while I was getting him into his coat, and then while I was setting up the buggy etc. Two its the perfect place to sit to change shoes and put wellies on which we probably do about two thirds of the time. And thirdly its get for bum change!
  • There is isofix everywhere in this car apart from the drivers seat. We only have seats with isofix so this is essential. As a modern car you would expect that. Yet as a seven seater, I was not expecting isofix in the boot. This means that as a parent I am happy to put the boys in the boot for this reason. Which means its probably the only seven seater on the market that would work for us.
  • The double glass roof is a winner in Monkey’s book, it allows a lot more light into the car. Perfect for when you are keeping the kids entertained. Less squinting watching Dinotrux!
  • Monkey loves being higher up and spent most of our trip down to Cheddar Gorge pointing things out to us. I must admit that I concur with him on this, especially when driving the Discovery, visibility is so much better.
  • There is a set of climate controls in the back which means that Monkey can make himself comfortable. Sounds simple but Ive lost track of the times on a long journey that he’s telling me he’s too hot or too cold.
  • The centre console has what I can only describe as a bucket in-between the seats, which means that you can store absolutely everything you need to pass back to the kids in one.
  • In the boot theres a 12V mains adapter which means that you can plug in things like a cool box – ideal for those days out. Plus when you are having to transport baby milk and food.
  • The back seats, both rows can be moved up and down at a touch of a button which makes life a lot easier when you have little ones running around. Rather than having to clamber into the car and move them manually.
  • On the underside of the side mirrors there is a light which appears when you open the doors. Kipper has a tendency to throw his dummy out which means I am forever looking for it in the dark. These lights would make a massive difference and save me getting down on my hands and knees.

The Discovery is an automatic which I was a little nervous of, partly because our current car is a manual, but also because Ive had a bad experience of automatics in the past. Normally stamping on the break at the wrong moment. I didn’t experience any of this with the Land Rover Discovery. It was incredibly easy to drive. With cameras and sensors all round there really is nothing to worry about. Although I do think the cameras will take a little time to get use to. Manoeuvrability was easy and I really didn’t feel like I was driving any bigger car than my own.

Technical Spec:

  • Santorini Black Exterior Colour with 20″ 5 Split-Spoke wheels.
  • Vehicle Performance: Ingenium 3.0litre TD6 Diesel Engine. 8-Speed Automatic Transmission. 0-60 in 7.7 seconds, 39.2 MPG and a top speed of 130mph.
  • Driving systems include: Terrain Response, Electronic Air Suspension, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Hill Descent Control.
  • Driver Assistance – Wade Sensing (max. depth 900mm) Terrain Response, Electronic Air Suspension, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Hill Descent Control, Rear Parking Aid and Surround Camera System.
  • Versatility features include: 4-Zone Climate Control, InControl Remote Premium, Ambient Lighting, Gesture Tailgate and Remote Intelligent Seat-Fold System.
  • Entertainment – 10″ Touchscreen (InControl Touch Pro), Meridian Sound System 380W with 10 speakers plus subwoofer, InControl Touch Pro Navigation

We all really loved the New Land Rover Discovery and really missed it on our next adventure, for all the reasons mentioned above. Least I know what I am asking Father Christmas for this year… fingers crossed!

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This post is written in conjunction with Land Rover who provided us with our trip in order for us to be able to review the Land Rover Discovery.


  1. I’m actually interested in this car. I’m just not sure if my old labrador can jump up into the back seat, it looks pretty high. The boot is perfect for my 3 little dogs tho’… Very interesting, thanks xx #BloggerClubUK

  2. What a fab day out! I haven’t been to Cheddar Gorge since I was about Monkey’s age! But the memories of it have stuck with me and I hope they do for him too #BloggerClubUK

  3. We’re currently looking for a new car so this is a really interesting read, thanks. #bloggerclubuk

  4. I have always wanted to go and visit Cheddar Gorge so i must put that on my to-do list as for the car, we are looking for a bigger car and have fallen in love with both the range rover evoque and the velar so they are definitely on our list! I do like land rovers but find them a bit too daunting in size! 🙂


  5. Cheddar Gorge is like a scene out of a Geography book, I haven’t been since my student days but I do love it. The caves are fascinating. I can’t believe my own kids have never been on a school trip there, I’m sure it was a core part of the geography syllabus in my day. Perhaps like you we should just go on a family trip, it certainly seems to have enthused your lad. As for cave diving, yes I bet mine would want to try that too! A lovely car for your travels too.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  6. the draw back of trying out a fantastic vehicle like that is handing it back at the end of your trial period, my 12 year old car just would not cut it at al after that.
    Sounds like a fab time exploring and the baby carrier can be a god send, leaves you with free hands to hold on.
    Have to say never been that far south as an adult. #countrykids

  7. Iris Tilley Reply

    Your road trip looked exciting and we love visiting caves not been to Cheddar Gorge so Defo a place to visit. The car looks fantastic like the spacious boot too

  8. I have been a huge Land Rover fan for 16 years now (which is quite significant, bearing in mind I’m 25). I’ve attended various events and things, collect items when I see them and read magazines about them – so you could say I’m something of an enthusiast! If you’ve ever been to my blog, you may even see that I have a Land Rover in my banner. I would love to give this car a go and it sounds as though it has a LOT of great features!
    Cheddar Gorge has been on my list of places I want to go for quite some time and it looks as though Monkey in particular had a great time there! Happy exploring 🙂 #CountryKids

  9. The vehicle looks fab and the gorge and caves do too.
    Good on Monkey for wanting to give cave diving a go. I loved caving and wish I had done more expeditions when I lived close to some exciting and beautiful caves where I lived previously.

  10. Oh how fantastic! I love Land Rovers and I would LOVE to visit Cheddar Gorge one day – it looks like the perfect place for adventuring!

  11. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Many a year since i last visited – you all look like you had great fun

  12. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Does anyone remember that really spooky show that was filmed in the 1970’s there? It was a Sci Fi show? anyway I digress! Beautiful place! x

  13. Looks like a brilliant trip – and now I have total car envy. I love the idea of the shelf in the boot, and the climate control in the back – genius!

  14. Wow looks like a stunning place to visit!I love a range rover, just a little out of budget at the moment :/

  15. Ooh I have some fab memories of cheddar gorge from being younger, we had lots of fab holidays down that way!! The land rover look AMAZING, it’s a fab family car!

  16. I love land rovers, will love to get something similar someday. Cheddar gorge looks like a great place for an adventure xxx

  17. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Beautiful place! My friend is actually going there today! And that is a very snazzy car!

  18. Aww your littlest has grown since I last saw him as a newborn, time flies! What a great trip to get to go on. With a small car if quite like to have all that space all of a sudden. Boot space is awesome, it sounds like you can hide in it!!?

  19. I love the Cheddar Gorge and used to think the caves would be covered with cheese when I was younger!
    That certainly looks like the perfect family car with plenty of space for everyone and everything! #countrykids

  20. I have just Googled this attraction with a view to taking the children next summer. Unfortunately it won’t be in a superb vehicle like this Land Rover.

  21. Deborah Mackenzie Reply

    I loved Cheddar Gorge! It brings back lots of lovely memories of our visit there. Also love the Landrover! wow….

  22. Kev Cannon Reply

    No a big fan of chelsea tractors especially around the town but will definitely pay a visit tot Chedder in the future

  23. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What a super time you all had, the children look so happy and the Land Rover had so much space that you could enjoy the scenery so well. I love Cheddar and the surrounding area of Somerset.

  24. ellie spider Reply

    looks like a great car for the bigger family – we love exploring somerset there is so much to see there

  25. Louise Clarke Reply

    I have not been to the Cheddar Gorge for years and unfortunatley i’m claustrophobic now. So thank you for your pictures and review, its bought back some happy memories

  26. Fiona jk42 Reply

    Having done a fair bit of off-road driving, in the desert, in wadis and on unpaved gravel roads in the mountains, I can vouch for Land Rovers as being “real” off-road vehicles, as opposed to some 4x4s which are just not up to the job when faced with difficult terrain.

  27. paula cheadle Reply

    this is a fantastic place to visit, I have not been for a couple of years

  28. Theresa Thomas Reply

    We have never been to Somerset or The Cheddar Gorge, but it looks awesome. Makes me want to visit

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