World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Park Review: If you are regular readers of Mudpie Fridays then you will know that we love Dinosaurs. So much so that Kipper has even learnt to say Dinosaur Rawrrrrr! Which is adorable. So when Paradise Wildlife Park got in contact and invited us to attend the opening of their World of Dinosaurs I of course said yes. Having recently visited Paradise Wildlife Park to be a Mini Zookeeper I knew that it would be a special day out.

We were greeted in the Discovery Centre with a buffet breakfast and a dinosaur made out of cake which Monkey thought was fantastic. There was also a short introduction by one of the parks directors to all the work which has gone on to make the exhibit a reality. It was fascinating seeing how the attraction came together. Afterwards we headed outside to watch Emma Bunton, Emma Willis, Tom Fletcher and the local Mayor cut the ribbon. Monkey was so excited and couldn’t wait to get inside.

You enter under through an imposing gateway, on the other side the path is a lined with dinosaur teeth! The route around is about half a mile and it took us thirty minutes or so to walk round. We didn’t rush and waited for each dinosaur to make its noise and reading the plaque next to it. Monkey’s reading has been coming on leaps and bounds and he really enjoyed trying to read some of the names and the details.

There are around twenty in total all designed to scale. The T-Rex in particular is huge. We stopped for a photo opportunity in front of him in the jeep. If I wasn’t laughing then it could have looked as though we were driving at high speed away from him. Especially when he started to roar…. (photo courtesy of What The Red Head Said):

The attention to detail on the dinosaurs themselves is brilliant. The fact that they all move and make noises makes it without doubt the best dinosaur attraction we have ever been to. At the moment the plants are still quite small I can see as they grow up that it will become even better.

At the end there is also a dinosaur that likes to spit at its public! This was especially entertaining to Monkey. The exit is via the gift shop which leads into a little courtyard with picnic benches. You can buy hot drinks, snacks and sandwiches  in the gift shop. There is also a sand pit where you can uncover your own dinosaur skeleton.

Once we had filled up on snacks and caffeine (us that is not the kids) I took Monkey on the dinosaur train. The train goes around in a loop and through one side to the attraction which means you get even closer to some of the dinosaurs.

We had an absolute wonderful time at the World of Dinosaurs. We loved it so much that once the opening guests had all finished walking round I sneaked back in and took a quick walk around video.

Monkey is already asking when we can go back and visit again. Don’t forget there is also the Paradise Wildlife Park Zoo which we explored all afternoon. You can read all about our experience of the zoo here.

Things you need to know:

  • Address: Paradise Wildlife Park, White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN10 7QA
  • Ticket Prices: Its possible to get 10% by booking online, 2 and under are free, children from £13.72 online, adults from £14.20 online during mid season. Low season is in December only. High season is from 31st March to 30th September. Online tickets must be brought the day before. The World of Dinosaurs is included in the ticket price, the train is an additional £2 per person.


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We were invited to be guests by Paradise Wildlife Park as ever all opinions and words are my own. 


  1. Tracy Nixon Reply

    All my kids would enjoy visiting this theme park! Love your photos – great review thanks!

  2. All the pictures are fantastic and it looks like you had an awesome day! The Dinosaur train looks awesome! Reasonably priced to get in too!

  3. Paradise Park is a great day out – I am always so impressed with their collection of big cats! This Dinosaur event looks fab, so much on offer, it looks like they’ve done a brilliant job bringing the dinosaurs to life.

  4. We haven’t visited here yet but the dinosaurs look amazing and our littlest grandson loves dinosaurs so we’ll add this to our 2018 plans ☺️

  5. Wow, those dinousaurs are incredibly (and a little bit scary, takes me back to the first time I watched Jurassic Park as a child) lifelike. I have two dinosaur mad girls that would love this. I might have to look for an excuse to visit the area so we can go here 🙂

  6. We would love to visit Paradise Park we don’t live too far from it. I’m sure my kids would really enjoy seeing the dinosaurs and also all the other animals. It looks great.

  7. Oh wow this is Harry’s idea of heaven!! He is OBSESSED with dinosaurs, I can only imagine how excited he would be! The attention to detail really is spot on! They are so lifelike!

  8. Lovely day out. My daughter would love a visit there since she watched Jurassic park for the first time recently 🙂

  9. This place looks AMAZING!! My four year old would absolutely love this, those dinosaurs look so life like. What a great day this would be for my boy, definitely going to look into it xx

  10. That must have been so amazing for Monkey! And I love your new car! You rock in the jeep! I will have to remember that place for Baba later on

  11. What a fun family day out. I know how much Monkey loves dinos so this was ideal for you guys! It’s cool how it’s set up like a zoo with signs not to touch. And the baby dino in a blanket looks so realistic too!

  12. This looks a really great day out for some little boys in my family!

  13. Rosemary Tily Reply

    My goodness! I would need to be accompanied by a brave young person to have the courage to visit here. What an amazing place, your photos bring it all to life!

  14. What a fun place! It was neat that you were able to attend opening day. Ha, the spitting dino sounds like a great attraction. #countrykids

  15. I am getting quite jealous of all the lovely posts I am seeing from Paradise Wildlife Park. It looks like such a wonderful family day out with some amazing looking dinosaurs and so many too. I love the jeep parked in front of the dinosaur, that is just calling out for a photo. With all the animals too it really does look worth a visit.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  16. WOWsers it looks great! What a fabulous place to go… it looks so much fun! I love the shot of the cracked eggs – great idea! #CountryKids x

  17. My daughter really believes that she has met a real baby dinosaur after seeing one of those dinosaur puppets. She thought she’d seen the last tyrannosaurus rex. We had to tell her the truth one day! This looks like an awesome day out with plenty of dino-fun. #CountryKids

  18. This place looks amazing and your photos are brilliant. My dino mad kids would love it, especially the dinosaur train – how super cool to get up close and personal to these magnificent creatures!!!

  19. paula cheadle Reply

    this looks like a really cool theme park to go to, most of my grandkids would love it, plenty to see and do, it looks like you all had a great time

  20. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    My daughter and baby Charlie would love this they love dinosaurs

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