Our Stay at Levin Iglut

Levin Iglut Review: Monkey and I were fortunate enough to stay at Levin Iglut on our first night in Levi, Finland. Now although the snow hadn’t fallen and the Northern Lights didn’t make an appearance because of the fog it was still the most awe inspiring experience I have had for a long time. The glass igloos are so popular that during peak season you are having to book up to a year in advance. I can totally understand why….

There are twenty four igloos in total which nestle on the side of a fell around 340m above sea level. Not only do you get an unobstructed view of the night sky but you also look out onto the Finnish forest. It gives you a sense of isolation amongst the ruggedness. But not in a bad way, sometimes being a little remote and off the beaten track I think is good for the soul.  There is very little viying for your attention apart from the artic sky … and a six year old.

All the igloos are only a short walk from the main reception. The reception building also hosts the Aurora Sky Restaurant. Which has a central fire pit and glass roof. Making it the perfect place to eat under the Northern Lights. Breakfast which is included in your stay is also held downstairs. In peak season they offer a dinner, sleep, breakfast package. Also downstairs there is a small shop selling souvenirs and locally sourced gifts.

All the staff were so helpful, the lady at reception even offered to help take our bags to the igloo. Despite the fact it was blowing a gale and flipping freezing. The Igloos are a lot bigger than I imagined. As you enter there is a bathroom to the right and a little kitchenette to the left. The main room has a large double bed in the middle. With a small table and chairs at the front and a sofa bed to the left. It is possible for the Igloos to sleep two children and two adults. Surprisingly spacious and very warm (thanks in part to the special glass and the heating unit) the decor is classic yet cosy.

There are curtains around the lower glass in the main room. Both the windows in the kitchen and bathroom are frosted. But the ceiling and upper panels are unobstructed allowing you to lay in bed and look at the sky. Although initially dark when you turn the lights off, its amazing how quickly your eyes become accustomed to the darkness. There was a pine tree nearby which I watched for ages being thrown about in the wind. It felt very special just laying there and watching the night sky. Its definitely something I think everyone should experience once, even if there are no Northern Lights.

Because sunrise is not until around 9.30am this time of year we were not woken up early. So we were a little later than I intended for breakfast. Which consisted of a selection of cold meats, cheese, salmon, scrambled egg and salads. As well as pastries, toast and cereals. It was light but substantial. Monkey particularly enjoyed his hot chocolate.

Since there was little snow surrounding the igloos we explored the local terrain which is very rocky. It was too much of temptation for Monkey who loves to climb on anything. Scrambling across the rocks trying to find snow. There is also a wooden hut which has a fire pit in that you can sit and chat around.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Levin Iglut and I hope to visit again with Hubby and Kipper, once he’s a bit older.


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We were invited on a press trip by the Levi Tourist board to experience everything the resort has to offer. One nights stay at the Levin Igluts was included in the itinerary.


  1. Shelley Jessup

    This is absolutely incredible!! I need to try this sleeping experience at least once in my life time – thank you for the travel inspo!

  2. Gervin Khan

    Wow, that is an amazing place to stay and I would love to try that to make another unforgettable and memorable experience with my family.

  3. Lyndsey Cooksey

    Such an amazing experience! Those glass igloos look fantastic, like sleeping under the stars! and monkey looked like he’s having a blast.

  4. Nigel Soper

    What a lovely place you have discovered. I suppose Levin Iglut will be overbooked now as everyone reads this and then makes a booking.

  5. Joanna

    What an amazing experience! Even if it was foggy, it still looks special. I would love to spend a night in an igloo one time, in one of the northern countries.

  6. Susan B

    Oh, wow! I always enjoy your travel posts but absolutely loved this one. I hope I can take the children to Levin Iglut one day. Thank you for the review and lovely pics.

  7. Surekha Busa

    This is so beautiful and such a very unique place to stay. I like the glass ceiling where you can watch the sky even if you are inside of that room.

  8. Marcie

    Holy cow! I’m a family travel blogger and I read a lot of blogs, but I’ve never seen any place as cool as this! My boys would LOVE it!

  9. Razena

    If I ever go to see the Northern Lights this is where I want to see it from! I’ve seen photos of these glass igloos but had no idea where they were or how to get there. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kisha

    Wow– these pictures are amazing! Looks like this was definitely an experience of a lifetime and one I think my children would enjoy. I just don’t know if I could get over the cold though. I’m a winter baby, but I HATE the cold. Would definitely be a bucket list trip though.

  11. Jo

    It sounds like my perfect getaway – I’m not one for heat and so never fancy holidays to these hot destinations and the kids like a beach but soon get fed up. They would have a great time staying in an Igloo and I would love lying there looking at the stars. This is on my bucket list!

  12. Val Pownall

    My little granddaughters have recently been on one of the Santa day trips to Enontekio in Northern Finland. A very long day but absolutely amazing! A truly magical experience! Next on the list is a longer trip, and hopefully myself and grandad can go too.

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