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Kid friendly activities using a torch – It is getting to the end of the Summer holidays. We have ticked pretty much everything off of our bucket list. And I am looking for things to keep the kids amused over the last couple of weeks. We also have some trips away planned. So I was looking for activities which would only require a few simple items. That’s when the idea of using a torch came to mind. Inspired by the recent light projections across London by Energizer, where over three days twenty one different locations from Covent Garden to Piccadilly Circus were lit up with some engaging and energizing moves by Mr Energizer.

Both the boys have always found torches fascinating. So deciding to build on that here are seven activities which you can do simply and cheaply with the use of a torch and some good batteries. Naturally, we chose Energizer batteries, which is the worlds longest lasting AA battery. After all, with a large number of activities to get through we needed to make sure we had a powerful battery which never stops. The best thing about all these activities is that they do not need to be expensive and can often be created with things you have lying around the house.

Kid friendly activities using a torch

Drawing Projections

This can be done in so many ways. You could use specifically designed art and craft stencils. The sort the boys use to use for painting when they were tiny. Or you can collect items from around the house, lighting them up to draw around the shadows the item creates. It’s even possible to buy specific torches with clear acrylic covers that project pictures onto a surface.

Not only does this activity help with fine motor skills, it also helps to teach the concept of size. By moving the torch close to the surface the shadow will get smaller and create a smaller picture. While holding it further away it will make the shapes and pictures larger.

Night Walk

Summer evenings inevitably mean later bedtimes, especially when on holiday. Both boys love being outside when it’s dark. I think it’s because they are normally wrapped up in bed, so being outside so late  feels exciting.  I find it has more impact with them if we are at home in the light and then specifically get ready to go out in the dark. Rather than being out already. If you can find a location with as little light pollution as possible, it will also give the torches more of an impact. This activity works particularly well with head torches and on the right night when there are few clouds. Looking up at the stars is magical and something they will remember for a long time. Plus it’s free!

Morse Code

Having recently visited HMS Belfast Monkey learnt all about morse code and was extremely interested in it. Using a torch instead of a buzzer you can create your own morse code fun. Turning the torch on an off quickly for a dot or sightly longer for a dash. You can find  the morse code alphabet here. We practice spelling out names and simple words. With the other people trying to guess what was being spelt out with the torch.

Puppets & Charades

An excellent activity that you can stretch to the time you have available. If time is short, then you can use your hands to make shadow puppets. I remember my grandfather doing this with me when I was a little girl. You can find some ideas of  puppets you can make with your hands here. Alternatively, if you have time, you can make your own puppets with thick black card and blunt wooden BBQ skewers. The patterns do not need to be intricate and can be matched to your child’s cutting ability. Again a great way to practice fine motor skills.

We also made shadow boxes as kids. With a shoebox and some tracing paper. Simply remove the bottom of the shoe box and cover in the tracing paper. Remember when adding sticks to your shadow puppets to make sure they are horizontal, not vertical.

Treasure Hunt

The boys really enjoy a treasure hunt anyway, but to have one in the dark adds another dimension. It can make a simple treasure hunt more testing which is ideal now Monkey is getting older. Plus it’s so simple to hide a few sweets or small toys around the house, so it takes no time to set up at all.

Make your own Star Systems

Again I like this one because it can be as complicated or simple as you would like. If you are travelling towards the end of the Summer like us. Then it can work with some cushions on the floor with a torch under a colander. The boys like looking up at the little white pinpricks of light while we tell a space-themed story.

If you want a more educational based activity then you can look up star constellations online and replicate them on small black paper disks. We make our holes with a needle using play-dough to cushion the paper. I suggest making exaggerated holes with the needle so that the constellations are easier to see.

Simple childhood games such as Chase & Tag

Simple childhood games can take on a new twist when playing with them with a torch. The best thing about these is that other than the cost of the batteries and torches they are free. Tag works much the same as the conventional version. Other than actually physically tagging each other, you use the torchlight to tag an opponent. Tag is probably better played in a larger group.

Chase can however be played by just a couple. Again instead of physically chasing around each other, each player gets a torch,  and you chase either others light. I find when we have had a busy day, and I want a calmer activity before bed then this is a great one to settle them down. Especially if you play it laying on the floor.

So there are seven ideas to keep the kids entertained with a torch and some Energizer batteries. Ideal if you are camping or travelling around. Or perhaps you just want some cheap activity ideas before the end of the Summer holidays. Just make sure you buy the worlds longest lasting AA battery, not only are they powerful they also never stop providing lots of fun.

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  1. What a lot of great ideas! I particularly love the shadow drawing one, which would be great for my youngest son who lacks confidence in drawing. Tracing type activities are perfect for him. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    We’ ll have fun Doing these too – the boys love their torches

  3. I used to love my torch when I was a kid, used to always use it to sneakily read in bed lol

  4. These are fab ideas. My son loves a torch and will regularly lie at night with one. Love the idea of chase and tag in the dark!

  5. Lyndsey O'Halloran Reply

    Erin is very rarely out when it’s dark so I think she’d really love a walk with a torch. Great ideas!

  6. Torch? Do you mean flashlight? Otherwise I don’t know what a torch is! lol


    These all sound like fun activities for children with just a torch. I’m sure my son would love to get his torch out and try a few himself.

  8. These are fun ideas! I’d love to play the muppet and charades with my little one, probably creep him out.

  9. These are all such great ideas to keep the little ones occupied, while letting their imaginations run wild. What an awesome round-up of activities.

  10. Torches can be a lot of fun for children, especially when you create the atmosphere and they bring in their imagination. The morse code can be really fun. I would suggest to your list telling scary stories in a fort made out of bed sheets.

  11. Olya AMANOVA Reply

    I fell in love with this article. I’m always in the lookout for new activities to keep my boys busy and these ones sound like wha i need to do so.

  12. This is so neat. I am almost certain that my son would love this!! I have to get one for him. I love getting toys that allow kids to use their imagination.

  13. Oh, I had completely forgotten about Morse Code. I think I used to do it at Brownies. A great idea and so are the others. Thanks!

  14. Great idea to play tag with a tourch! My kids would love doing this and would be great fun in a massive group too!

    • My boys love playing with torches and you have a fab list of ideas to get inspiration from X #bloggerclubuk

  15. Dalene Ekirapa Reply

    Night walks are super fun! I remember when I was young- any time we visited our grand parents in the countryside, we’d go for night walks with just torches when the stars were up there. It was so beautiful!

  16. Puppets and charades would be a lot of fun. I think I would enjoy the night walk most of all. But I would have to be really comfortable of the neighborhood we were doing the walk in. Or go out and do it while we were camping somewhere maybe. Not sure.

  17. what great ideas! Especially with Halloween coming, torch activities would be so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

  18. thanks for the information, this is really helpful, i got a lot of ideas, thanks for sharing :))

  19. These activities are so fun for kids. I didn’t know you could do so much with it x

  20. These are fun ideas to do with the kids. I’m going to try some this weekend.

  21. Great ideas to keep them busy, I love the idea of making some puppets!

  22. Debbie Skerten Reply

    I love this post. All these great ideas just using a torch! You’ve given me plenty of ideas for Christmas. Many thanks.

  23. Anthea Holloway Reply

    There is definitely something fascinating about a torch, especially for children.

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