How to get around in Dubai:  We are lucky to be frequent European travellers. Especially now the boys are older we have reintroduced city breaks to our bucket list. Envitably a city break means lots of walking. So when we visited Dubai last weekend we thought we may walk a little. It was hot somewhere between 37-40 degrees for our visit so we weren’t naive enough to think we would do too much. But we were not prepared for the vastness of the city! Walking from one place to another is just not conceivable even when we chose a central located hotel. So the question is how do you get around Dubai. Well thankfully it’s really easy. 

4 ways to get around Dubai

Tourist Buses –  There are so many things to do in Dubai and this bus is a great way. Firstly the hop on hop off bus. We opted to buys a two day ticket It’s probably one of the more expensive ways to get around the city. When we visited it cost around £73  for a two day ticket. But depending on who you opt for you may also find that certain attraction tickets and boat  trips are also included. For example the Aquarium, Under Water Zoo and a Dhow Cruise all came as part of the package. These alone would have cost more than the bus ticket.  Plus with Dubai being so vast it really gives you the opportunity to get a sense of the place and identify where you want to go back to.

Many of the buses have an air con section at the top so its the perfect way to explore in the heat too. Plus there was water freely available.

Metro – This was not a method we had planned to use. However we discovered one right outside the hotel. Again everything is air conditioned including the platforms. Its a very economical way to travel with single ticket costing just 6 AED which is around £1.50. The network is vast to which means you can get from one side of the city to another with a travel card. There is also a tram which will take you onto The Palm.

Abra – Used to get from one side of the Creek to the other Abras are small boats with canvas stretched across the top. Each traditional boat will take around sixteen people seated on each side of a central bench. Each side of the creek near the souks are lined with them, waiting to take people across. The fee is only  1 AED which is the equivalent of 25p. Probably not one suitable for little ones since there are no bars or anything so wriggly toddlers could be a challenge.

Taxi – I was a little apprehensive about using taxis but if you go for the tan cars with different coloured roofs then they are government owned. This means the fares are strictly controlled and actually pretty reasonable. There is even a little announcement when you get in telling you to put your seatbelt on. Travelling from one side of Dubai to the other came in at 62 AED which works out at around £15. Much cheaper than the equivalent in the UK


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  1. Elizabeth O

    The abra sounds real fun to travel around dubai . I will save this up for my future travel.

  2. Dana, A Mamanista Life

    We used taxis to get around Dubai, I didn’t know about the government owned ones so I can’t even say which ones we used, scary thought now! Anyway, we lived to tell the tale hahaha x x

  3. Natalie Brett

    We’ve only been to Dubai once and it was crazy hot! We took air conditioned taxis all the time as it was such a relief to get out of the heat! #BloggerClubUK

  4. Patrick Weseman

    I was in Dubai 26 years ago and it has grown so much. Thanks for sharing this. #bloggerclubuk

  5. Kate Holmes

    You do get about – quietly envious but then i don’t have much confidence these days for new adventures #BloggerClubUK

  6. Lisa - Little Orange Dog

    Excellent post. I think it’s great to get first hand advice from other visitors on what they found to be the best ways to get around a new city. Can’t believe how cheap the prices are, if only it were the same at home.


  7. James Travis

    Lovely pics, always wanted to go to Dubai

  8. Lyanna Soria

    We’ve never been to Dubai so I’ll keep this in mind for future use. That Abra sounds interesting though I’m skeptical since I have kids with me.

  9. Steph S

    I would love to visit Dubai! The Abra sounds like an interesting way to get around! So cool!

  10. Dubai is one of the places I dream of exploring for a week or two. I have read a lot of great things about it and yours is another eye opener.

  11. Olya AMANOVA

    What a great trip and an interesting adventure. I loved reading it and had a feeling of engagement as if I was there at the moment.

  12. Celebrate Woman Today

    I’ve read a few travel posts about Dubai. I find this country fascinating. Learning their culture and traditions, laws and how different infrastructure pieces work are really amazing.

  13. tweenselmom

    Have always dreamed of reaching Dubai as I’ve heard it’s one of the most advanced and richest countries in the world!

  14. Kalyon Subbarao

    Dubai is one place which has been on my bucket list for long-time, but have not been able to make it….quite interesting pointers about Dubai. Thanks

  15. Adriana

    Dubai is on my bucketlist and this post made me even more excited to visit. I am saving this to bookmark when i decide to go. Super helpful

  16. Kristal

    Thank you for giving us the information and how to get around in Dubai it is very helpful. Dubai is on my bucket list so I hope to go one day.

  17. Patricia M.

    I love exploring the places we go too. The Abra sounds like a great way to explore though. I have not been to Dubai yet but hope to go soon.

  18. Boats! Not boas. Lol. Though riding around on snakes would definitely be unique.

  19. The boas sound like a fun way to get around. We usually like to go places where you can do things on foot, as my youngest suffers from serious headaches as soon as he gets on a bus or in a car or taxi.

  20. That Dog Momma

    Dubai is such a beautiful city! I wish I could visit there!

  21. Art & Home

    Excellent tip about the government owned tan colored taxis with the different colored roofs, I never would have known that!!

  22. aisasami

    Abra looks like a cool a way to travel. Definitely have to try it when I visit Dubai!

  23. Sandra Fortune

    Somewhere I’ve never been looks exciting

  24. When I visited last year for my birthday I was surprised how hard it is to talk in Dubai specifically the heat was something else.

  25. Ella @Typical Mummy

    Dubai is somewhere we’d like to visit in the future. I’m glad to see that it is easy to get around and explore!

  26. Sabina Green

    Wow, so many different ways. I have many friends who have been to Dubai and they race about it!

  27. Kelly Y

    Thanks for the tip. Sounds like I can do a quick stop over in Dubai on the way to Asia.

  28. Shadrack biwot

    This are really amazing ways of getting around. Thanks for sharing. Great article

  29. I lived in Dubai for over 9 years, such an amazing city and yes it is so accessible. Great post.

  30. Sarah Howe

    When I went we used taxis a lot. I wish I’d stayed a little longer to be able to try some other ways of getting around!

  31. Margaret Gallagher

    On my bucket list ! One day I’ll be travelling in style


    I’ve never been to Dubai so found this post super useful. It’s good to be aware of things before you visit a place as it makes planning trips etc much easier.

  33. Gemma Hendry

    the abra sounds like a unique and fun way to get around

  34. Oh wow it sounds seriously hot in Dubai! I would love to visit one day, but I’m be needing air conditioning permanently, so probably opt for a taxi 🙂

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