AD – We were gifted tickets for the  Cotswold Wildlife Park in return for this blog post – Review Review Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens all words and opinions are my own.

Review Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens – We have visited a number of zoos with the boys its one of our favourite days out. So I was excited to see if the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens would live up to expectations. Especially as we visited a couple of weeks ago, turns out autumn is a really good time to visit the park. As we saw so many animals and a lot of them up close. In short the Cotswold Wildlife Park totally lived up to expectations and here’s why.

We arrived as the park opened, there was plenty of parking and people on hand to direct you. There is also details of all the things which are going on, there are lots of opportunities to watch the animals being fed. We were lucky when we arrived as they were  feeding the Otters which is one of Hubby’s favourite animals. The low walls meant the kids could see easily. From there we followed the keepers around to the Lemur enclosure. I was very impressed by how friendly everyone was as they saw us into the  special walk through enclosure.

I am not sure I have ever been quite so close to Lemurs before. They looks so cuddly it was difficult not to reach out and try and hug them! Both the boys were fascinated by the little grey fluffy creatures. As they were being fed the keepers talked about the  conservation programme. I was surprised to hear just how endangered they are its so sad to think that they will not be in the wild for much longer. I was impressed with the breeding programmes that the wildlife park is involved with.

From the Lemurs we followed the keepers around to the penguins to watch them being fed. It was probably one of the cleanest penguin pools I have come across. One little fellow decided that he could no longer be bothered to swim instead walking and showing off by catching five in his beak on the bounce.

From the penguins we decided to head out of the walled garden area heading towards the reptile houses. Another difference to many zoos we have visited are the grounds. There is as much effort that goes into the grounds as looking after the animals. I can imagine it is beautiful in the Spring. As even on a damp Autumn day you could appreciate the flower beds and architectual planting. We walked past a little train which takes you around the grounds and past some of the enclosures. It runs from April to October for a small additional cost. The boys were a little disappointed that it wasn’t running, but it does give us an excuse to go back.

Many of the inside attractions are housed in the traditional yellow sandstone buildings. With little green and white metal signs it feels very nostalgic and adds to the appeal. Unsurprisingly the reptile house was also a big hit. Partly because again you can get up close to the exhibits and see many of the creepy crawly inhabitants.


We totally under estimated the amount of time you could spend at the wildlife park. So starting to realise that time was short we headed over to some of the larger animals. Making a detour to see one of the park’s newest arrivals,  Stella the baby Rhino. We got really lucky as they were inside and so it was easy to spot her. Explaining to the boys just how important Stella is and how usual it is to get so close to an infant Rhino was very special. We stopped for a late lunch in the Canteen. There were lots of hot meal options for a reasonable price even late in the day which was good to see. Once refuelled we walked down to see the lions and the giraffes. We had heard the lions for much of the day so the boys were eager to see them.

Again we were very lucky  as the lions were up and moving around I think maybe waiting for their dinner. With large glass windows at various points around the enclosure they were easy to spot. Our last stop was the giraffes. We went into the giraffe house and the keepers were teaching one of the giraffes which we enjoyed watching. I was very impressed with how well he followed instructions. Outside on the walkway the other came up close to inspect the passers by.

We had a great day at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, finishing our visit in the gift shop. Not only did we see a wide variety of animals the boys managed to get up close to many of the inhabitants. The setting is beautiful and we haven’t even touched on the play area. It is a great day out and tickets are extremely well priced. Online an adult costs £14.00 and a child (3-16) costs £9.50. You can also buy tickets on the day at the wildlife park itself for slightly more.  Next time we are local we will be paying another visit.

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Review Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens


  1. Ruth Harwood Reply

    what an amazing house – I have my bags packed ready to move in lol!! looks amazing!

  2. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    What a fascinating place. I didn’t realise that there were so many animals here. Those lions look magnificent

  3. Rebecca Murphy Reply

    Great review, this looks like a fab day out, Such a beautiful location and you got some really good pictures of the animals! Definitely want to take the trip up to visit with my boys one day. 🙂

    • Andrea Fletcher Reply

      Looks like you had a great time and looks like a good day out.

    • This looks lovely. We had a great time at Lake District wildlife park, it was just the perfect size for my son, who was 18 months old at the time

  4. Carly Belsey Reply

    Wow that spider!! What a lovely place to go and it looks like you had some dry weather for it. Some amazing pictures there

  5. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Looks lovely and the animals would be lovely to see would be a perfect day with my children

  6. Rebecca Sutton Reply

    Thi9s place looks amazing! I will add this to my list of places to see in 2020!

  7. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    A new place for our family to discover – looks amazing

  8. Victoria Easton Reply

    I love seeing different animals – as long as they are treated well

  9. Emma England Reply

    I can’t believe the price! Looks so picturesque and you can get so close to the animals. Looks like a fantastic day out.

  10. It looks fabulous and it’s so encouraging knowing that parks like this are supporting endangered species.
    A very fair entrance price, too.

  11. Sheryl / A Chronic Voice Reply

    Amazing shots and always good to look at nature and animals. The otter is adorable!

  12. This place looks absolutely stunning! The wildlife would be so cool to see in person! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to add this place to my “to visit” list.

  13. Look at all the amazing animals, so nice. I love wildlife, I take every opportunity I can get to see them. Cotswold wildlife park gardens seems like a great place.

  14. Anthea Holloway Reply

    This looks like a fantastic place to visit both for adults and children. What fun you all had!

  15. The grounds are really beautiful and where you wouldn’t expect to see all these different animals! I would love to spend the day there…looks like a lot of fun!

  16. Wow, stunning photos! You are a fantastic photographer and captured the animals beautifully! Definitely makes me want to visit!

  17. What a lovely thorough review with fantastic photos! We have planned a trip to Cotswold in Spring next year and are now considering visiting the wildlife park as our kids love animals.

  18. Looks like such a great park!!! I love animals so much they are so stinking cute.

  19. I used to live near here and we visited a lot. Your article really takes me back. It’s a great place and my kids used to love it there.

  20. We haven’t been there for years. I think we are overdue a revisit

  21. oh my!!! This must have been an amazing experience!!! I need to check this park out, i’ve never seen lions before 🙁

  22. I love spending time in a wild life garden, it brings us so close to the nature.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Troy Easton Reply

    Cool looks like a nice place to go and love watching Wildlife the otter looks cute.

  24. What a cool place but shouldn’t these animals be in the jungle, their home?

  25. katrina Kroeplin Reply

    this is an amazing wildlife park . my kids would love going.

  26. Gerri Tennant Reply

    What a great place for a family day out. Thanks for the review I wouldn’t have known it existed. We will plan a trip into our adventures diary.

  27. Mrs Theresa Thomas Reply

    Looks a lovely place, we’ve never been to the Cotswolds, but would love to visit

  28. Michelle Cantu Reply

    What a beautiful experience. We absolutely love visiting wildlife parks.

  29. Rachael Sexey Reply

    My children love wildlife parks and this one looks fab. Definitely one for our list


    I must visit as it looks amazing, I love anything to do with seeing animals.

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