Tips for a fun kids birthday party at home. When Kipper turned four last week we had a party at home to celebrate since we are in lockdown. It is not exactly how I had planned his birthday. We did have lots of adventures planned. But it wasn’t to be. I did wonder if it would mean that we would all end up disappointed at the end of the day. However we had a brilliant day, Kipper declared it the best day ever and we all really enjoyed ourselves. So much so that I think we may have started a new family tradition. So that even when we can celebrate outside of home, we will make the extra effort to make sure we spend a day celebrating just the four of us.

It did take a little bit of extra work but not a huge amount. Considering we are both trying to work from home as well as home school at the same time there is not a lot more we can fit in. Here are are few things we did to go the extra mile and our tips for a fun kids birthday at home.

Tips for a fun kids birthday party at home

  • The date – working and home schooling it was very tempting to hold a celebration on his actual birthday which was the middle of the week. However we decided to postpone it until the weekend. As this meant that we could relax and enjoy the day without having to worry about work. It also meant we could stretch out the celebrations.
  • Invites – I made some invites using a free template on Cavna and gave them to the boys the night before the party. It helped to generate some excitement and frame the idea of a party in their heads. I wanted to make sure they saw the day as something different to a usual Saturday.
  • Have a party room – Although the weather forecast was due to be good we turned our kitchen into a party room just incase. It was the room of the house that got decorated (see below) and where Kipper found his presents in the morning. Should the weather have turned nasty it gave us options. Plus a number of the activities we had planned took part in this room.
  • Decorations – Normally we do not decorate the house other than the normal obligatory foil number balloon. But to get us in the party spirit this year we went to town (simply)  in our party room. I made a personalised birthday banner cheaply and easily at home. Then we hung simple crepe paper streamers in alternative colours across the middle of the kitchen on a piece of cotton. I also brought a lot of number four balloons which we had on the floor that they really enjoyed. As we were spending the night camping the garden we moved the number four balloons into the tent. We also hung up a foil Happy Birthday balloon and some LED balloons and glow sticks for later.
  • Party Poster – I created a poster which had all the party games and activities we had planned on. Kipper could tick them off as we went down the list. It also gave them a distraction if we got to a stale moment. It really worked to focus everyone and helped with the four year age gap between the boys. I tried to keep activities manageable and interchangeable to give us as much flexibility as possible. There were some traditional party games mixed with some down time as well as a lot of fun.
  • Party Crown – Again as another attempt to make the day appear different I made Kipper a felt party crown. It took a few hours and he was so proud of it. Although I have started something now which means Monkey is also expecting one regardless of whether we are still in lockdown or not.
  • Activities – I think these will differ depending on your age group. The boys were age four and almost eight. At this age Kipper wants to play with his new toys so I factored in some time to allow him to do that a much as he wanted. Party game wise I kept it simple, we had a mini pass the parcel, which actually went really well. A scavenger hunt where I hid pictures around the garden which they had to find and a Piñata. To keep with a car theme we had tattoos from the animations and balloon cars to play with. As well as water fights as the weather was lovely and hot. All of these are short activities and can be done at anytime throughout the day.
  • Making a day of it – To make it extra special we decided to put the tent up in the garden and camp out. This meant we could have sparklers and toast marshmallows. Yes the boys were late to bed but that was part of the fun. They will forever remember their night in the tent for Kippers birthday.

So those are my top tips for arranging a special day at home. How have you been celebrating little ones birthdays during lockdown? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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  1. Rachel Craig

    Well Done! Birthday decorations look good. Nice variety of activities. Fun for the boys.

  2. These are great tips!! Looks a really fun birthday!!!

  3. Fiona jk42

    My granddaughter celebrated her 5th birthday during lockdown. She enjoyed her day as she, my daughter and son-in-law played games and had party food (including the 2 cats who got special birthday “cake” that my granddaughter made them out of ham and cat biscuits). We also had a family video call so my husband and I, our son and his partner could sing Happy Birthday to her. We will be holding a 5 1/2 birthday party once lockdown is over and everyone feels safe inviting non-family members to a party.

  4. blair villanueva

    Even I’m an adult, that outdoor inflatable will be so much fun!

  5. Elicitfolio

    I absolutely love all of the creative ideas in this post! Even if I don’t throw a birthday party, I can use all of these ideas!

  6. Jessica Collazo

    These are some excellent ideas on doing a birthday party at home they make it look so professional love them

  7. littlemisadvencha

    My sister is throwing a party tomorrow for her child. These tips are absolutely helpful! Im going to share this to her..

  8. Emman Damian

    Do it yourself cupcakes or party cakes are fun to do! Also, it’s fun to do their own party posters! Some parlor games too maybe?

  9. Marie Phillips

    This looks like such an awesome party! You are very creative and artistic. ♥

  10. What great ideas, my friends youngest has a birthday in a couple of weeks and I’m sure she will love this post

  11. Margaret Gallagher

    Wow thats amazing – what a way to celebrate

  12. lynn neal

    Wow you have certainly given him a Birthday celebration that you will all remember!

  13. Excellent ideas. And very suitable to the current situation where most of us across the globe are in lockdown, and have to celebrate the kids birthdays at home. Its really challenging to keep them happy and pull up a wonderful celebration

  14. Jazz Fulcher

    Can you write a version for adult lockdown parties?

  15. Melanie williams

    WOW there are some top tips here for sure. Looks like you have birthday parties at home covered…this looks great xx

  16. I love this idea so much! He still got to have a birthday party and it looked like they had sooo much fun! The work you did tho, I’m here for it!

  17. We are in the process of planning my middle daughter’s birthday party. After reading this, I feel like I haven’t done enough.

  18. Melissa Dixon

    So many great options to make a home birthday special. I love this and know it will help someone else plan a very special day for their little ones.

  19. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    We have been on lock down for two months and counting and so far, we have had 3 family members who had “quarantine” birthdays. Then there will be two more ( my niece and sister) who will also be having birthdays in quarantine. I am glad that you were able to celebrate. Here, even buying a cake is a big challenge. We plan to celebrate one time big time for all the March, April, and May birthday celebrants in my family once we are no longer on lock down.

  20. kumamonjeng

    Really impressed at how much effort you made for them, I like some of the ideas and will use it too.

  21. Cristina Petrini

    How to give a child a wonderful birthday in this strange period. Excellent ideas.

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