The best place for crabbing in Cornwall. When we visited Cornwall staying with Trecan Farm Cottages the first thing the boys wanted to do was to go crabbing. I scoured the internet for suggestions on where to go crabbing and found very few. Hence the reason I thought I would write the blog post. Our first ever crabbing experience was at Cromer when we visited for my 40th Birthday. Not exactly what I was really expecting to do! We have tried several other places since and had very little success. There is nothing worse than taking the kids crabbing and not catching anything!

Parking at Fowey

I did find that Fowey would crop up on Facebook groups as a potential place to try. So on our second day, we headed to the little seaside fishing village.  It is funny but as we came into the car park I experienced a little bit od dejarview! I realised pretty quickly that we had actually been there before when Charlie was ten weeks old, the best part of eight years previously. One of the good things about Fowey is that it has a large carpark at the top of the village. With signs from the main road its hard to miss as it is labelled as the main car park. The postcode is PL23 1ET and they have 269 spaces.  This stands it apart from other seaside villages.

With narrow roads and beautiful white cottages you really do not want to be driving around the one-way streets unless you can help it. There are two other car parks at each end of the village if needed. From the main car park, you walk down the hill and through the little streets into the village. We headed straight for the Quayside which is really easy to find.

The Quayside

As you wander down it is easy to be distracted by the little shops and eateries. There is even a small aquarium that boasts the largest lobster in Cornwall…. As it turned out when we arrived the heavens opened so we ended up sitting in a little cafe under umbrellas waiting for it to pass.

The quayside itself has a rail that runs most of the way around which is useful to tie crabbing nets onto. There is an area where you can not crab as it is in use by the tourist and fishing boats but this is clearly signposted. We settled on the lefthand side of the quay over in the corner where there are benches. Handily it is also right next to the Galleon Inn which serves soft drinks out of the side window.  It was reasonably busy being the height of Summer but over in our corner, we were able to keep out of the way of other people easily.

Prior to the virus, there is also a small jetty which we could see from where we were sitting to the left. I was told by a couple of other parents that this is the absolute best place to crab. However, because of the pandemic, it is not possible to access it.

What did we catch – The best place for crabbing in Cornwall

After this bit of information, I did wonder if we would be successful….  However, I need not have worried. We use smoky bacon on bait and started to catch things straight away. So much so that we had to buy another crab bucket from the local shop.  Only I hadn’t expected what we caught if I am honest. The boys were very excited as we were catching shrimp. But these were not any only shrimp, they were really big ones. So much so that if I knew what I was doing we could haven’t taken them home and had them for tea.

We caught so many shrimp that I lost count of the number. Yet the boys were still desperate for a crab. Just as I thought it would be a shrimp kind of day we caught a crab, and then a couple more. So not the biggest number but they were big ones! Plus the tide had started to go out. The water around the quay gets really shallow when the tide is going out. We definitely had more success when the tide was higher so if you are planning a trip then it is worth thinking about tide times.

It was a very successful trip with loos, ice creams and drinks on hand. Plus a little shop with all the things you could ever need to fulfil your crabbing ambitions in case you forget something. Or if you lose a net etc (that’s happened to us before!)

Other Crabbing Locations

If you are ever local to West Sussex then you may want to consider Littlehampton for crabbing read more about it in my post below:

The best place for crabbing in West Sussex

And if in Norfolk then we had a great experience at Cromer Pier

Crabbing at Cromer {Ordinary Moments}

Have you been crabbing? I would love to hear about your favourite places to try in the comments below.

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The best place for crabbing in Cornwall

The best place for crabbing in Cornwall


  1. I’ve always wanted to try crabbing! Looks like you guys had a really fun time 🙂

  2. Rose Ann Sales

    Great adventure for the whole family. Just needs to be careful.

  3. Rebecca Lerner

    This is so good to know about crabbing and love the pictures!

  4. Good that you finally caught someone but quite a pity that you couldn’t use the shrimps to take home with you 🙂

  5. Such a fond memory of my cousins and I crabbing when we were little. I wish we live near the sea so I can take my son crabbing! It’s indeed fun under the sun!

  6. This looks like so much fun! I bet this would be such a fun and memorable trip! I know my hubby would love this!

  7. I’ve never done crabbing to be honest, this sounds like tons of fun! I would love to do it with my kids, that would be awesome.

  8. We’ve never been crabbing before but it looks like fun.

  9. Ambuj Saxena

    I love your choice of destination for your kids! They seem so happy and crabbing away in Cornwall! Thank you for adding one more destination to my Post-COVID19 bucket list!

  10. Rachael Sexey

    We love going crabbing, scarborough has been one of our favourite place so far

  11. Tee Simpson

    This is something I want to do with my kids when we next go to Cornwall. Looks so fun!

  12. Hayley Todd

    We love crabbing! It’s such a fun activity with the children!

  13. I love doing this myself but at Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire . Have to say I’m impressed with the size of that crab it’s a whopper!

  14. Priscilla Stubbs

    Oh the joys of crabbing, children are fascinated by it. We have some great places for crabbing here in Pembrokeshire

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