Room on the Broom Story Bag: Over the weekend we visited the theatre to see Room on the Broom. It was a fantastic show,  just the right mix of humour and audience engagement. More importantly it held Monkeys interest for the whole show….. No mean feet at the tender age of thirty three months!

Room on the Broom has been one of Monkeys favourites for some time. As previously mentioned I want to encourage a love of books so I have put together a number of different story bags. I will also write about the others in future posts so sign up for the newsletter if you would like to get notified of when these appear. Monkey’s story bags are designed to encourage him to re tell the story over and over with different media. I am hoping this will help his language and that his stories will take on their own meaning and go off onto other tangents.

The contents of our Room on Broom Story Bag

  • Drawstring Bag – I printed off an image from the internet onto T-shirt transfer paper which I brought from Wilkinsons. Just remember when you  do this the picture will come out in reverse, so avoid words….
  • Room on the Broom Book
  • Finger Puppets from  – here
  • Room on the Broom Big Activity Book  which included the background scene  in the picture, there are also a number of different stickers available
  • Stick Puppets from – here attached to wooden skewers with the points removed
  • Witches Hat
  • Yellow Bow
  • Wand – which is a purple stripy straw with a felt star stuck on the top with double sized tape, when I have more time I will sew them together….
  • Cauldron
  • Pine Cone
  • Fake flower which could be a Lily like the book
  • Twig
  • Bone which I made out of air dry clay
  • Softies for each character
  • Matching game taken from the Big Activity Book
  • Some printed scenes from the film which can be used as sequencing cards or ‘what comes next’ – here
  • Basic numbers and pictures for ordering

We have been having great fun re-enacting the story.. I would also like to add a mini broomstick or maybe one made out of a wrapping paper roll which would be just the right size for pretend play….

Room on the BroomStory Sack


Room on the Broom Story Bag


  1. snowingindoors Reply

    I love story bags for taking a favourite book further. We’re planning a day themed around ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ later in the holidays and I think I’m as excited as the kids about it 😉

  2. littleoandme Reply

    This is such a lovely idea, I have wanted to make a couple of story bags for Oliver so will definitely be using some of your ideas. The stick puppets are fab!
    Becky x

  3. Catie: An imperfect mum Reply

    Wow I really applaud you for making your own. Story sacks are great. We have a story sack loan scheme at my school and it is very popular!

    • That’s such a good idea, they are quite time consuming to put together so it would be great if you could borrow them! May ask Monkeys school when he starts next Sept. Thanks for the tip xx

    • Awww thanks for stopping by, Monkey loves them even though they take a lot of work to pull together it’s worth it! Planning on doing another as a Christmas present just having trouble deciding on the book! Xx

  4. My son’s pre-school gave us a story bag to bring home in the summer it is such a good idea and we had such good fun bringing the story to life. I didn’t know there was a stage show of Room on the Broom I need to research. You do some such fab things. Thanks for linking up to #kltr

    • Thank you for running this linky it’s right up my street :). Stage show is amazing would definitely recommend xx

  5. Angela Milnes Reply

    Before I even read this, I saw the photo and said to myself put loud “are you serious”. I love it! This is so fantastic. Honestly you would make the dream early years teacher! Your resources and ideas are fabulous and things I used to do back in the teaching days. Thanks for linking up to #KLTR

    Angela x

  6. wonderfulandaverage Reply

    Wow, what a fab idea! I’ll definitely be doing this for some of T’s favourite stories. Pinning this 🙂 #KLTR

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