This morning we got up early and went to visit Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead. I use to work in Epsom and would quite regularly drive past and see this amazing purple haze on a hot Summers day. It always looked so inviting. I took Monkey there not long after he had started walking and we got some lovely photos, so where better to go to get some more now he had just turned three.

Mayfield Lavender Farm

When you arrive you need to pay £1 to park, there is a man collecting on the gate. You get the £1 back if you spend £5 or more in the cafe, shop or nursery. We parked up in the shade and then headed into the purple fields. It has grown considerably since we last visited. They have added another gazebo structure and you can take cover in shade under the large oak tree.

Mayfield Lavender Field

Initally Monkey was a little put off by the bumble bees, although he soon got use to them and had fun running up and down the rows.

Mayfield Lavender Farm

We stopped for a nose in the nursery area which sells the different types of lavender that the farm grows along with a small selection of other plans. There is a also a large number of lavender gifts. When we visited they had a sale table where all plants were £2 so very reasonable.

The cafe sells a good assortment of sandwiches, snacks and lavender flavoured items including shortbread, punch and fudge. We stopped for a snack and can recommend the cheese and ham toasted sandwiches. I like the fact that there is plenty of shade to sit under.

Mayfield Lavender Farm

They also offer tractor rides every half an hour or so for £2 per person, as we were there early and needed to leave to get back for a gym class we didn’t get an opportunity to try out the rides. They also offer jam jars for kiddies to catch Rosemary Beetles which eat the lavender – we will definitely be giving this a go next time we visit.

Mayfield Lavender Farm

The address is – Croydon Lane, Banstead, SM7 3BE. It is open from 9am – 6pm from the 30th May to the 20th September. The best time of year to get photos with the lavender is from early July through August.

Their website can be found here –

Mudpie xx


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  5. Ashley Beolens

    What an amazing looking place, such vivid colours, I imagine I would spend a small fortune buying plants though, we have loads of lavender in our garden already but always room for more 🙂

  6. Ah poor you 🙁 sounds horrid. Monkey was a little dubious when we turned up but got better as he got use to them. Thank you for launching this new linky there’s loads if great content 😀 xx

  7. They weren’t too bad when we went as it was early morning but Monkey was a little dubious ! Xx

  8. Gorgeous photos! I keep meaning to go there, and seeing this I want to go even more. Now that I have the post code I really have no excuse lol 🙂 #Whatevertheweather

  9. chloelifeunexpected

    Words can’t even describe how beautiful this is. All of the pictures are absolutely stunning. I would love to visit the lavender fields so much. The only thing is, I’m terrified of bees so you’ve all done way better than me. I’ve had a few stinging incidents from wasps and bees and now I can’t be near them (which is quite hard because I live in the countryside). It’s so wonderful that they’ve turned it into a place to visit with things to do. It’s absolutely stunning. You’ve captured some really precious moments.

    Thank you so much to linking up to the first #whatevertheweather. 😀 x

  10. What gorgeous pics! I could almost smell the lavender looking at them! My kids love lavender although I’m not so sure about the bumble bees!! #whatevertheweather

  11. We live about 10mins from here and are going to pop up there in the holidays.
    My eldest son won’t be joining us as he was stung badly last time and has put him off!!
    I can’t wait to try out the tractor ride this year #whatevertheweather

  12. mackenzieglanville

    Looks so pretty, my kids would be worried about the bees too! But I love lavender it smells divine #whatevertheweather

  13. These photos are so lovely. I love the idea of going to a lavender field, it must smell awesome. But the bees, they would freak me out! #whatevertheweather
    Sabrina xx

  14. laura447

    What a lovely place. At the beginning of summer I said to my other half that I’d love for us to go to a Lavender Farm. This post has thankfully reminded me and we’re now planning to go on Saturday! Lavender is one of my favourite smells.

    Gorgeous photos by the way.

    Laura x

  15. laura447

    This place looks amazing. At the start of the Summer I mentioned to my other half that I’d like us to go to a Lavender Farm. This has just reminded me! Lavender is one of my favourite smells in the world. Will definitely be visiting this Saturday as we were wondering what to do! Gorgeous pictures by the way.

    Laura x

  16. A gorgeous place to visit! And loads to do as well, the tractor rides would be fab and the smell must be awesome! Thanks for linking up to #whatevertheweather. 🙂 x

  17. I LOVE lavenders, they are my favourite ever! These pictures are gorgeous.
    Interesting how it works with the entrance fee, cool!
    I would love to get lost in this field <3


  18. I’m obsessed with purple flowers right now! I was just in London in May! Wish I had known about this sooner! Would have loved to go! #MondayEscapes

  19. Never been to a place like this. I imagine it feels incredible to walk around such beautiful colors. And the smell must be amazing.

  20. pottymouthedmummy

    This has been on my to-do list for a little while as not too far a drive for us. I had no idea they offered so much though, I just thought it would be a nice place to take some pretty photos. I want to go even more now!!

  21. mytravelmonkey

    We went last weekend – I didn’t realise you are so local to me! It’s the best place ever and I feel lucky it’s so close by! #MondayEscapes

  22. CalifornianMumLondon (@CalifornianMum)

    We love Mayfield Lavender Farm, though haven’t been in a couple of years. We are planning to go next weekend though. I am looking forward to seeing all the improvements that they have made. #mondayescapes

  23. I’ve seen this place blogged about a few times now and it looks gorgeous. We will have to make time to visit one day when we’re close.

  24. Thank you for hosting it’s a great linky and I get so many ideas for new days out 😀 Cx

  25. Oh wow – what’s it called I’m sometimes over that way for work! The smell was gorgeous but Monkey wasn’t so keen and the photos I have of him ‘smelling’ the lavender are actually those with his face screwed up! Lol Cx

  26. Completely agree, since having monkey we are seeing more of the UK instead if going abroad – sometimes I do wonder why we didn’t do more of it before! Cx

  27. Coombe Mill

    What a beautiful place to visit, I bet it was fab to see the lavender stretching out in front of you as far as the eye could see. It looks like they offer some great activities to keep them interested in everything, the catching a bug in a jam jar sounds like a fun activity too. Thanks for linking up your lavender farm fun with me on Country Kids.

  28. Stunning photos! We have a Lavender Farm the other side of Alton which is our closest….it’s made us want to go and visit. I bet it smelt amazing! #CountryKids

  29. A lavender farm with tractor rides – what a perfect combo! The farm looks stunning – I can almost smell the lavender from here. It’s easy to forget sometimes just how beautiful the UK is at different times of year and this has to be amongst the summer highlights. I’ve only visited a lavender farm once but it has stuck with me. #countrykids

  30. What a beautiful place to visit. We have a lavender plant outside our front door and my 4 year old loves the way it smells, and took a bit to preschool this week so she could show everyone!

  31. would like to be a yummy mummy

    I love the lavender fields, gorgeous photos x

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