Eating at the CN Tower with young kids – I remember visiting the CN Tower when I was about 14 and getting completely freaked out by the glass floor. Visiting Toronto this time for a family wedding, we of course had to take Monkey to see the view.

On consideration and looking at the prices for entry we decided to book to have dinner in the 360 restaurant. By doing this it meant that we got free entry to the observation levels including the glass floor! This gave us the added bonus of being able to see the view both during the day, at dusk and when it’s dark. Without having to keep Monkey entertained for hours…

Dinner costs $65.00 for 2 courses compared to standard adult entry to the CN Tower of $35.00, so effectively for £15 more (the exchange rate really benefited us when we went) you get to eat in the award winning restaurant at the top.

The kids options are also really well varied monkey opted for salmon, fries and asparagus. When it came out it was enough to feed an adult! Children’s meals are also two courses and are $40.00. The waiter was very good with Monkey’s sesame allergy and brought out some rye bread for him. We all enjoyed our menu choices, there is a wide variety to choose from and they offer some a la carte options.

It was quite a bizarre feeling rotating around 351 metres above the city while having dinner, it moves quicker than you would imagine. Thankfully not quick enough to make you feel queasy, to complete a full circuit it takes 72 minutes. We got some fantastic photos as we were on the lower level of the restaurant. If booking I would recommend that you request the lower level as it gives much better photo opportunities.

Although the food is good value wine is quite expensive. You can get up to date menu options here.

After dinner we headed downstairs to the observation deck around 7.45pm. We had booked dinner for 5.45pm specifically to ensure by the time we had finished it was starting to get dark. Monkey had fun ‘swimming’ on the glass floor…

You can see into the Sky Dome if they have the roof open. Apparently the glass is thick enough to withstand 16 elephants standing on it!  Its till freaked me out slightly!
Then we went outside – although it’s quite difficult to actually take photos. This is partly because of the red light which flashes on and off. And partly because of the safety mesh all around. You get much better photos inside.

Doing it this way really worked well for us and if we were ever to visit again then we would definitely look to book 360 again.

Things you need to know –

  • Website –
  • Prices – Adult (13-64) $35.00, Senior (65+) and child (4-12) $25.00
  • Opening Times – open 364 days a year, the observation levels are open 8am-11pm. The 360 restaurant is open for lunch 11am-2.00pm and for dinner 4.30pm to 10.15pm.

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Eating at the CN Tower with young kids


  1. I grew up in Toronto, but have never been up the tower. So, thank you for your views!!
    I am old enough to remember watching it as it grew taller which we could see from our house, 10 miles away.

  2. Awnnn I also went to the CN Tower before, but not to the restaurant!
    I am very afraid of heights, so the glass was too much for me hahahaha… my father loved it though!
    I hope to visit Toronto once again… I miss Canada!

    Thank you for joining #MondayEscapes

  3. So cool! I was there two months ago, loved the views and the glass floor. There were many people on the glass floor so it was difficult for the pictures, but a cool experience anyway 🙂

  4. Nice! I haven’t back up the CN Tower in years. Thanks for the tips on saving a bit of money by combining dinner and the entry to the observation decks.

  5. Your photos are amazing. And, dinner sounds delicious. Would love to visit Toronto one day.

  6. What a view! We were in Toronto for a couple of day last summer and considered going to the top of the CN tower. The line to get in discouraged us but maybe it was for the best: we are not THAT great with heights and I hadn’t even realised there was a glass floor… embarassing panic moment avoided 🙂

    • I think that was another bonus of going when we did as there was no queue. But it was late morning when we arrived at the aquarium! Incase you ever find yourself there again the glass floor isn’t actually that big so you could avoid it if you wanted :), thank you for stopping by x

  7. Great photos! We went there a few months ago and also ate at the restaurant. I confess that I did get a bit queasy with the movement, but the views were outstanding. Toronto was such a fun city to explore as a family, I hope we get to go back. #MondayEscapes

  8. mytravelmonkey Reply

    Like Monkey’s style – salmon and asaparagus! I went up the CN Tower when I was about 15 – we have family in Toronto – and remember the same, I was pretty scared of the glass bottom! But that’s so worth having the lunch in the restuarant considering the entry price – win win! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  9. Cheryl @ Reimer and Ruby Reply

    Lovely photos and the views from the top are stunning! I would freak out standing on a glass to, just scary! It’s nice when you dine out in restaurant knowing they have kids menu, isn’t it? #momsterslink

    • I was a bit dubious to start with but they catered really well for kids and there were actually quite a few – thank you for stopping by x

  10. Wonderful view and photos! I would be rather scared by the glass floor as well – how do they really know it can withstand 16 elephants standing on it and what happens if some larger guests all stand on it at once?! Sounds well worth having the lunch in view of the fact you’ve got to pay out for the entry to the tower anyway, plus good that there are kids’ options as well 🙂 Best wishes Rosemary, Le Chic En Rose #MondayEscapes

    • I have no idea and it does make you wonder doesn’t it! Thankfully it wasn’t too busy when we went which meant we didn’t need to find out! Lol! Thank you for stopping by x

  11. I love finding new places that I want to visit. Toronto is on my husband’s and I’s bucket list ….someday. The floor would probably freak me out too. Thanks for sharing with #momsterslink! Good to have you back in the blogging world!

    • I am sure you will have a great time 🙂 thank you – good to be back and thanks for hosting #momsterslink x

  12. I loved Toronto when I visited, especially the CN Tower peeking out for a photo whichever way I turned. And I did the same as you, eating in the restaurant which us a great way to skip the queues – no wine for me as I did an Edge Walk outside after (and they breathalyse you before you can go out!). No need to worry about the glass floor 😉 Thanks for joining up with #citytripping

  13. susannabritmums Reply

    That really sounds amazing. I did something similar in New York at the top of the Twin Towers!

  14. Wander Mum Reply

    Great place to eat and get views! Definitely cost-effective to get dinner there and then you can view at your leisure too. I’ve never been to Toronto but would love to visit- the CN Tower looks like a must-go. Particularly like your picture of Monkey ‘swimming’. Thanks for linking up to #citytripping

  15. This post especially resonated with me as I’m from Toronto! Glad that you got to visit the top on a clear day … and the dome to the Roger’s Centre was open – what a view! Sounds like you had a great time at the CN Tower 🙂 #citytripping

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