One of Monkey’s advent activities this year was to make reindeer food, so when the lovely people over at Springboard Supplies sent us some Reindeer Baskets I knew exactly what we were going to do with them. If you have not come across Springboard Supplies before they are a family run business who specialise in supplying educational resources to schools and other organisations. Their craft kits come in packs of 30 specifically designed for the classroom and to run along side the curriculum.


The reindeer basket kits contains pre-cut thick card which forms the basis of the basket, some very glittery Rudolf noses in various sizes and an instruction leaflet. Their instructions are very clear which is just as well when you have an excited three year old jumping up and down wanting it to be finished. In addition you will need some felt pens for decoration and glue or tape to secure the basket together and add the handle.


Monkey stuck the nose on first:


Before using felt tips to decorate the antlers and add a face:


The baskets are intended for children aged four and over, so Monkey needed help assembling it. We used double sided tape in this instance, the baskets have tabs which makes them easy to put together. Once we had finished the basket we went on to make the reindeer food. As Monkey will be sprinkling it outside on Christmas Eve I wanted to make food which which is in effect edible for the local wildlife.


In a small bowl Monkey combined some oats with some sugar snowflake decorations and the ‘magic’ edible glitter.


Before giving it a good stir, I popped it into a ziplock bag before placing it in the basket. Which is now sitting on our mantle piece waiting for Christmas Eve. Making reindeer food in this way would make a great class project and a brilliant take home. The reindeer baskets retail at £9.95.

What will you be leaving out for Father Christmas and Rudolf this year?



  1. The Anxious Dragon Reply

    It was aways a glass of milk, a mince pie and a carrott left out for father christmas and rudolph in our house when the kids were young x#TwinklyTuesday

  2. .Sara. (@OoSerzoO) Reply

    I love this idea so much and that reindeer basket is adorable. I think we might make reindeer food this year, even though my youngest is 8 years old, I think she’d enjoy it 🙂 Monkey looks like he had fun, hehe.
    We usually leave out a glass of milk, cookies and a slice of Christmas cake. Oh and a carrot for Rudolph. xx

  3. The basket is adorable! Im not sure we are grasping the reindeer idea, we get Santa but not reindeer so won’t be leaving any food!!!

    I think we will be leaving out mince pie and carrot!

  4. Angela Milnes Reply

    This looks so so fun! It really does bring excitement to Christmas doing special little things like this! I hope Rudolf enjoys his food!

  5. I love the DIY Reindeer Food, it’s so adorable, and for me, it has been a cookie and milk for father Christmas as a child. And this is brilliant oats and edible glitter.

  6. The baskets are adorable. We made reindeer food one year and put them in baby food jars decorated with red pompom noses and brown pipe cleaner antlers.

  7. Aw this is adorable love the DIY basket. We usually leave out some carrots for the reindeers and milk and mince pies for Santa.

  8. moderatemum Reply

    Who knew reindeers ate sparkly oats? I always used to leave a carrot as a kid but this seems a lot more filling.

  9. How cute , We always leave reindeer food out on Christmas eve I have done since my eldest came home with some from nursery over ten years ago. We have never made are own though I really must next year xx

  10. Never done the making reindeer food (just left a carrot when I was a kid), but love the reindeer baskets! #twinklytuesday

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