Things to do on maternity leave before baby arrives – I can not believe that its finally here, but I am now officially on maternity leave. I’ve still not really settled into it, despite only have three weeks until Kipper’s guess date. I thought that by writing my to do list it may make me feel more prepared as at the moment I don’t really feel like I have done anything! Although I have pretty much done everything on my 3rd trimester to do list now its about the whole nesting thing…

List of things to doon Maternity Leavebefore Baby arrives

Although I am thinking Kipper will make an arrival before his guess date I am not sure all of these will actually get done…

For the delivery/hospital trip:

  • Review the online tour of hospital we are visiting, as we planned a home birth with Monkey so we have no idea where to go when the time comes
  • Pack a hospital bag… or several
  • Attend the active birth session at hospital focusing around water birth – I am hoping this will strengthen my case for a water birth and it sounds like active birth has improved in the hospital since our last visit.
  • Load up the iPod with my delivery playlist
  • Plan alternative route to the hospital due to extensive roadworks on the main road adding an hour to the journey!
  • Continued prep for natural birth and revisit my birth plan

For the sibling: 

  • Write down a list of places to visit while I am on maternity leave over the Summer
  • Finish off Monkey’s room and get him completely moved in
  • Buy his present from Kipper
  • Arrange with parents/relatives sibling cover while I am in hospital

For the baby:

  • Book a professional baby shoot and research some photo ideas
  • Clean the nursery, wash the curtains and clean the carpet. It will never be brand new as Monkey has lived in it for the last almost four years but I would like to make it as close as possible
  • Get the clothing down from loft, sort and wash – do I need anything else ( any excuse for a trip to John Lewis!) and shop for essentials
  • Buy a new moses basket – I was going to use the old one but have since been freaking out about bugs and since I would buy a new mattress anyway…
  • Wash, clean and install the car seat
  • Finish off my pregnancy journal (theres still a lot to do!)
  • Buy a nice notebook for recording the first 6 months of his life
  • Decopatch a memory box for congratulation cards etc the same as Monkey’s

For the mum to be :

  • Catch up on sleep!
  • Get my hair done…after all it will be a while until I do it again
  • Book a pregnancy massage
  • Arrange lunch with girlfriends
  • Have a little DIY pregnancy photo shoot – I have a couple of ideas to involve Monkey
  • Craft – I have some tea towel cushions which I would like to make for our conservatory plus maybe a throw, I find sewing very therapeutic
  • Take some photos of Monkey in amongst the bluebells
  • Clear out my study, removing old paperwork and getting it all tidied up and organised for my return to work – so its done!
  • Gardening (yes I know slightly mad) but I would like to put some herbaceous perennials into the flower beds on our patio, as I won’t have time once Kipper arrives and I love sitting out on the patio in the sun with flowers all around.
  • By some new nursing bras
  • New Buggy? … step away from the iCandy!
  • Attend my Baby Shower
  • Catch up on some reading – I have several books I would like to read before baby makes an arrival around sleep, feeding and siblings. Thats without all the development reads for Monkey
  • Clean, clean, clean…

For Mudpie Fridays:

  • Schedule three weeks of blog posts… yes really…
  • Schedule three weeks of tweets ….hmmm
  • The wonderful Debbie at Random Musings will be covering my maternity leave over on #BloggerClubUK so there are a few things I need to do to handover
  • Avoid too much baby spam on IG…. never going to happen

This list is a lot longer than I thought it was going to be and I know there are things which I haven’t thought of yet. Hopefully I will get through most of it, but if I don’t then I’m not worried after all Kipper will make an appearance when he feels like it and the bits will get done eventually.

What do you think is there anything I have forgotten?


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Things to do on maternity leave before baby arrives


  1. Yay maternity leave is here! You have an ambitious list with so many wonderful ideas for all three of you. Take it easy & keep your feet up while you can is what I’d recommend. The iCandy would be lovely tho… 😉 #MG x

  2. Fab list! I’m going to have to refer back when I go on maternity. It’s so awesome your hospital do sessions etc. as I haven’t been informed about ours doing anything like that, nor last time. We were sort of thrown in head first. >_< Thanks for linking to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

  3. I’d rest up whilst wishing you could stockpile steep … Good luck with getting it all done 🙂 I filled my freezer with food I could just defrost and heat up. That might be helpful if you’ve not done that already.

  4. How exciting! You seem to have a good list there. Make and freeze meals would be my top priority. Even if they are just toddler ones for Monkey and you live on pringles! 😉 So exciting, enjoy it, and definitely try to rest as much as possible. Can’t wait for the baby spam! #bigpinklink

  5. Very busy maternity leave for you it seems 🙂 this time I would definitely make sure I had some ready made meals as thats one thing we struggled with last time (we just ate lots of takeaways) but we obviously have S to think about this time!

    Make sure you fit lots of rest in for yourself too 🙂 xo


  6. MammyLoves Reply

    That is one fantastic list I was so lazy on my maternity leave in comparison I think my list included lots of lunches out with the folks and then being able to get a pair of shoes on featured at top of my list by the end. Hope you have a fab leave it all goes way too quick x

  7. mackenzieglanville Reply

    wow you sound busy but so much more organised than I ever was!! So excited for you, what a beautiful time in your life! Rest up and have plenty of hugs xx #mg

  8. Something Crunchy Mummy Reply

    All sounds very exciting! Hope it all goes well and I love baby spam!! #mg xx

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