Everyone who has had a baby before has a list of essentials, their go to items, the ones which make parenthood easier. The Gro Company has a number of my ‘essentials’ one of which are Grobags. When they contacted me asking if I wanted to review one of their products for my pending arrival of Kipper I jumped at the chance. Naturally I chose a Grobag, as the ones we had previously for Monkey were not the right level of tog due to the time of year he was born. Having experienced the difference they make to Monkey’s sleeping pattern first hand I knew they would be something I wanted to use with Kipper.

Sleepy Circus Grobag

If you have not heard of Grobags before, essentially they are designed to be used instead of blankets and sheets, they are in effect a wearable blanket. This avoids the more traditional blankets and sheets getting kicked off or worse kicked over their head and tangled up. It also makes sure that baby stays the same temperature through out the night as they can move freely without the need to be tucked back in. They became a firm part of our night time routine with Monkey and helped him to understand when it was bedtime. With Kipper I put him into his bag just before his last feed at night which signals to him that its almost time for him to go into his moses basket. As we used them from the beginning with Monkey it also helped him to transition from the moses basket to the cot as he was already so use the Grobag.

IMG_1114I started using Grobags with Kipper two weeks ago after I had taken him to get weighed and discovered he was back up to birth weight plus some at 10lb 1oz. The 0-6 month bag is designed for babies who weigh 8lbs 8oz plus, and depending on the size of your baby may well last a lot longer than 6 months. There are additional poppers on this size bag which do up under the arms to ensure Kipper is held in snuggly and doesn’t run the risk of slipping down.

Grobags come in different tog ratings, the Sleepy Circus bag comes in both a 2.5 tog and a 1.0 tog. The Lullaby Trust recommend the ideal room temperature for your baby is between 16 and 20 degrees. Knowing that our house is generally warmer we opted for the 1.0 tog bag and with Kipper being born in May we were hopeful of some finer weather too. You can find more information on the Gro Company website around tog levels and temperatures and the clothing which should be worn underneath the bag. However they also very helpfully include it on the back of the free nursery thermometer which comes with the 0-6 an 6-18 month bags.


The Sleepy Circus Grobag is made from super soft jersey cotton, with a blue stripe and colourful appliqué its gender neutral. I really love the bright colours and cute circus animals:

The night we put Kipper into a Grobag he was a lot less fussy over night, I think he must have been getting cold during the night which was making him stir more. The Sleepy Circus bag is available in all three sizes up to 18-36 months, all have side zip fastenings. There is also a popper on the side which covers up the top of the zip to make sure it doesn’t catch on anything.

Monkey stayed in his bags until he was around 2.5 years old, this also inadvertently stopped him climbing out of his cot in the evening! Which was a bit of an added bonus. They have also recently launched bags in sizes 3-6 years and 6-10 years, shame they don’t do adult sizes yet….

Things I love about Grobags:

  • All their bags are British Standard approved and recommended by the Lullaby Trust
  • They wash well, we all know how much washing babies and toddlers generate! All my Grobags have always washed really well, keeping their colours and avoiding any sort of bobbling. The Sleepy Circus Grobag is washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried on a low heat.
  • The wide range of designs, patterns and colours, including a good number of what I class as gender neutral designs. This is great if you are planning on having more than one child.
  • They now offer travel bags, with zips down the centre instead of to the side to allow you to use them in the car seat.
  • I order ours direct from the Gro Company, although they are available in a number of high street retailers. However the Gro Company website is easy to navigate and you can filter easily on size, or tog rating required. You can find them here on their website.
  • Both my boys seem to have genuinely slept better in them, and I do not have to worry about them getting blankets stuck on their faces


Things I am not so keen on – nothing! I love them and would recommend to all new parents, I have also brought a number as gifts. Kipper seems to love them too!!


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We were sent a Grobag for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.



  1. Ah, look at him! Such a cutie, gorgeous gro-bag. We used them too for quite a long time with A and they are such fantastic quality. I’m sure we’ll be using them with #2 too. #triedtested

  2. Adorable photos! We love gro bags too and use them for Holly at the moment. Alice was about 2.5 years old too when we moved her across to a duvet. I love the circus design x #triedtested

  3. Ensuring the comfort of our children while they sleep is very crucial for them to be healthy and happy, so anything that can help and contribute to young children and babies to sleep better and feel better is well welcomed. Thank you for your honest review!

  4. I agree with everything you’ve said. Grobags are one of the few items I would tell any soon to be parents to buy – they make life so much easier, plus are super-cute!

  5. These look great, they’d have helped my two if they had been around. I don’t think. And by the way great pictures.

  6. Likewise, we couldn’t live without our Grobags, and like you, being asked to review them was a chance not to be missed.

  7. kipper is a dote.. these are precious moments x i am a huge fan of grow bags .. and at 2 and a half have only stopped using them on my little one x

  8. So cute! I loved the Gro bags as soon as my daughter stopped startling herself awake and we used the Gro to bed sheet/duvet combo when she moved on from them as well.

  9. I agree – Gro Bags are definitely on the must have list! I was always sad when ours stopped wearing them!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week

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