Is PortAventura World suitable for young kids? While we were holidaying in the Costa Dorada we were given the opportunity to visit one of the largest theme parks in Europe. With Monkey being four and measuring just over 105cm height wise, I was a little worried there may not be enough to keep him entertained. Espically when we saw the huge rollercoaster from the air as we landed. However the big kid in me wanted to have a break from the pool and beach and have some fun! Thankfully I need not have worried there is so much to see and do for every age group, you really can’t get it all done in one day. It was without doubt our best day out for the two weeks we were away.

PortAventura WorldReview

What is PortAventura?

PortAventura World is made up of different parks and resorts. The theme park has six different lands which this review is based on. But they also have a water park Caribe Aquatic Park, Cirque du Soleil, a convention centre and five different four and five star hotels. You can even park your caravan on their site. We arrived at the park at 10am and left just after 7.30pm and we mainly focused on two lands which is where the lower height rides are.

The map actually lists them out for you by height and colour codes them depending on the land they are in. Genius, and it made life a lot easier. What sets them apart a bit from other theme parks is that they also have various shows running throughout the day, when we visited there were thirteen different ones with multiple show times.


Is PortAventura World suitable for young kids

Is PortAventura World suitable for young kids

Far West Land

Is PortAventura World suitable for young kids? Which rides can Monkey go on? Initially we headed over to the Far West, the setting is brilliant every detail has been thought of. Essentially you walk through a wild west high street, which could have easily been a TV set. Here Monkey go to go on:

  • The Crazy Barrels – I was literally crying with laughter as we flew around
  • Wild Buffalos – bumper cars in the shape of buffalos, they also have a mini one next door if the kids want to drive their own which is  great if you have a wide age gap like we will have once Kipper is older
  • Silver River Flume – we ended up on this around midday but still only had to wait around 30 minutes
  • Carousel – which lights up at dusk and looks very pretty
  • Tomahawk –  a rollercoaster and I thought as we got near the front of the queue, oh its pretty high and he’s pretty little. While I had my eyes shut he laughed all the way round! Typical of my fearless four year old, I sense an adrenaline junky in our mits!
  • Los Portrillos – the opportunity to ride your own technical horse around a track

Food options

We grabbed a snack in the Blacksmiths, which provided sandwiches, soft drinks and beer! I chose it specifically because it also had a play area attached. There are so many places to eat I couldn’t even begin to list them all. The food is reasonably priced for a theme park where you do expect to pay more. Hubby was most impressed that the beer was pretty much the same as pub UK prices! Chips, hot dog and either a soft drink or small beer is 8.70€ we paid 4.50€ for a toasted sandwich.



After lunch we caught the train over to Sesamoaventura, its bright its colourful and has all your favourite Seasame Street characters. Height wise he was fine with almost everything in this land, but we were starting to tire and wanted to check out a show so Monkey only went on about half of the attractions:

  • Coco Piloto – a raised plane/train ride which takes you all around Sesame world
  • El Arbol Magico – a far away tree which the children can explore and offers face painting underneath for an additional fee.
  • Tami Tami – a mini roller coster
  • El Salto de Blas – Elmos own little towers where you need to pull yourself up before letting go and flying back down to earth


There is so much more he could have gone on in the different worlds, including Canoes and the Ice Age 4D Ride in Polynesia, Teacups and Angkor in China  and the Armadillos in Mexico. We did check out the kids play area in China, which in itself had a lot of things to go on without queuing!


Bang Bang West Show

The one thing that Hubby wanted to do was to check out a show – Bang Bang West  which is a stunt show about some thieves trying to steal money from a fort. Thankfully they narrate in both English and Spanish, it includes loud bangs, smoke and pyrotechnics. It was hilarious and a brilliant end to the day.


Things we loved – where do I start?

  • There is genuinely something for all age groups! I need not have worried about Monkey not having enough to entertain him.
  • They have thought about tired feet for both little and old visitors. Providing a train and a boat which will take you between different lands. Plus its a great place to feed a baby so to maximise your time on rides!
  • You can hire buggies. If Kipper was a bit older we would have done this as Monkey was worn out by the time we left. 12€ for a double one and 7€ for a single one with a 3€ deposit. You can also hire wheel chairs for 9€.
  • Lockers are available at the water rides, so if all your party want to go on them together you can keep your valuables safe.
  • Its vast! And due to get even bigger with the new Ferri Land coming in 2017
  • There are boards up around the park which show you the current waiting times for the big rides helping you to plan easier. For all the rides we went on we didn’t have to wait more than about thirty minutes and the majority of them were quite a lot less.
  • Wide selection of different types of food outside your normal burgers and chips option. Food outlets are tailored to the land you are in. In China you can get noodles. In Mexico there is a hacienda eatery. There is fast food, buffet and full sit down al a Carte restaurants. The ones in the Mediterrania area looked especially appealing.
  • Queuing is an inevitable part of theme parks, add in the fact that it can get pretty hot in Spain I was a little worried about everyone getting sun burnt. However most of the queuing areas are under cover which is a real bonus.
  • It’s open till midnight! Could you imagine how much fun the roller coster a would be in the dark?! Unfortunately with two small boys in tow Hubby and I didn’t get a chance to find out… Maybe next time.


Things to be aware of

The only thing I would wish for is for the fireworks to be on a little earlier than 11.45pm. This would give us a chance to see them. Also for the shows you need to get to some of the smaller venues well in advance. We arrived 20 minutes early for the Bubblebou Show and couldn’t get in because it was full. But thats theme parks for you, some careful planning would mean you can avoid that particular pitfall.

Some extra advice: 

  • This is much bigger than any of the parks in the UK. You need to plan your time wisely. Their website had details of all the rides – have a plan of attack in place before you go, otherwise you’ll miss something.
  • When we visit again. We would definitely consider the three day ticket for both the theme park and the water park. Buying a combined ticket can save a lot of money when compared to buying the tickets individually.
  • When we visited we simply jumped on a bus. They run every half an hour from Cambrils, your hotel will be able to give you a bus timetable. It will take you straight there for 2€ each. The bus stop is a two minute walk from the entrance of the park. They have ample parking if you are driving but do charge 10€ to park.
  • Photos – you can purchase a prepaid wrist band to store the images digitally which works out cheaper. As we weren’t going on any of the bigger rides we opted just to buy one of Monkey & I on the Tomahawk for 7.95€. The rides which have cameras on them are marked on the map.

Our Conclusion…

We will definitely be going back without doubt, Hubby’s already talking about booking into one of the resort hotels! I would definately recommend it if you are visiting the area.


Things you need to know:

  • The price of tickets will vary depending on the number of days and if you want both parks.  For a single day at PortAventura Theme Park it will be 45€ for an adult (11-59). 39€ for a senior (60+) and Junior (4-10). If you buy your tickets online then you can have a second day for an additional 5€. This is not available at the ticket booths. It really is worth checking out the pricing on their website.
  • When we visited it was open from 10am-midnight, however they have different opening times depending on the time of year so check out their calendar.
  • Located on the Costa Dorada and about an hour away from Barcelona. Their address is Avinguda Alcalde Pera Moles, Salou, Tarragona.
  • Website –


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We were given entrance to PortAventura in return for this blog post – Is PortAventura World suitable for young kids. All words and opinions are my own – we loved it!! Is PortAventura World suitable for young kidsIs PortAventura World suitable for young kids


  1. Definitely looks like a fun amusement park! I miss being able to go to Disneyland whenever I wanted! I have yet to go to an amusement park here in Europe though! #CityTripping

  2. Sounds amazing! I like the inspiration taken from different parts of the world like Angkor Wat and the Wild West. I am impressed you all lasted so long at the park…Monkey did really well. Fireworks at 11.45 – that Spanish culture for you… they’ll have just finished dinner. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  3. That place is just so huge! I can’t believe how long you spent there, amazing. We love a good theme park and I have to admit I’ve always wanted to go here. Not having been on a foreign family holiday in about 8 years has hampered that somewhat though #BloggerClubUK

  4. 11.45pm fireworks – wow that is late for the little ones haha! it sounds and looks fab! ive never been a theme park fan so its nice to her there is something for everyone 🙂 #bloggerclubuk


    looks like you all had a great time. I am a rollercoaster fan, and going on one late at night is now on my wishlist. #bloggerclubuk

  6. I love the way they show you the different heights for different areas, nothing worse than a disappointed small person. I can’t believe how big it is, definitely worth having a plan of attack. #citytripping

  7. This sounds really cool. There are lots of different things to do there. I will definitely check it out if we’re ever in the area. #BloggerClubUK

  8. Oh My! I love theme parks and so do my children! Maybe when I exhaust the topics to write, I may hit all the Theme Parks around the world and write reviews of them. hahah #CityTripping

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  10. Looks like a fantastic day out. We were going to go there last time we were in Spain but we didn’t get the chance. If we go back we’ll definitely have to go.

    Sally @ Life Loving

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  12. Coombe Mill Reply

    What a fab theme park to have visited, it really does look massive! I bet you were all exhausted after exploring as much as you did and I can’t believe you barely scratched the surface. If my lot ever catch wind of this place they will be desperate to go, I bet Monkey can’t wait until he’s a little be older to try out some of the bigger rides!

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  13. My husband really wants to go to Spain and this sounds right up my boys’ street. I particularly like the idea that they have made it clear what heights they need to be. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. OMG I would love this place. Sounds like they really think of everything with the coloured ride for heights. Sensible. Shame the fireworks were late – not many kids, unless they have a nap a the resort hotels first, would make that time. #countrykids

  15. I went here with my parents when I was about ten and I have such fond memories! Looks like it’s even better now, thanks for sharing xx #bloggerclubuk

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