In previous years I have shared 25 Advent Activities for a 2 year old and for a 3 year old, now with Kipper on the scene I would like to involve him in the advent process too. Especially as we brought him his very own advent calendar at the weekend. Traditionally we fill wooden advent calendars with a mixture of activities, chocolate coins and little toys. Being eight months in December Kipper is far to young for chocolate but I thought that Monkey may want to help him with some of the activities below. Hopefully this will encourage a little more sibling bonding along the way.

25 Advent Activities for babies

Now obviously with a baby some of the traditional advent activities will not be suitable, so I have tried to come up with a list which is suitable for a six month old.

  1. Make footprint ornaments for gifts
  2. Buy or Make Baby’s first stocking
  3. Play Christmas dress up
  4. Take a family Christmas portrait
  5. Visit Father Christmas for the first time and get a picture
  6. Make handprint/footprint cards for close family/friends
  7. Buy/make Baby’s first Christmas decoration
  8. Christmas sensory play – discovery tubes
  9. Dance to Christmas music – in Mummy’s or Daddy’s arms
  10. Read some sensory Christmas books together
  11. Sing Christmas Carols to baby
  12. Christmas themed DIY photo shoot with fairy lights
  13. Create a felt Christmas Tree
  14. Look at the Christmas lights/Go on a lantern walk
  15. Play in Christmas wrapping paper and boxes
  16. Make some Christmas art with red and green paint/crayons
  17. Make some edible Christmas play dough
  18. Play peekabo with Christmas lights
  19. Try out ice cube painting
  20. Safe jingle bell play
  21. Buy or make Baby’s first snow globe
  22. Put a Christmas treasure basket together
  23. Make a photobook of their first Christmas
  24. Open their first Christmas Eve box
  25. Enjoy their first Christmas dinner (depending on age you may want to stick to Christmas themed food)

Generally the advent list will act as our bucket list though out the season. Next week I am hoping to share some ideas for a 4 year old. With two little ones this could be a busy December! To help my readers I have created a PDF version of this list with little labels, so you can print and include in an advent calendar or similar.



I have is also created a blank one should you wish to add any of your own. I would love to hear about your plans in the comments below.



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  1. What a great list – we do a similar thing and I’ve been looking for things for my 17month old 🙂

      • I’ll check it out thanks , we’ve been doing activities for advent since my almost 8 year old was 3. This year the challenge is going to be to find things that both of them can do – I don’t want the big one to think it’s just for him!

        I probably should start planning rather than randomly ‘pinning’ 😉

        • Mudpie Fridays Reply

          Yeah it’s tough I’ve decided to do separate ones this year but only because I’m still on mat leave. I’ll be doing the same as you next year and then it will be a whole different ball game. Good luck I can disappear into Pinterest for days … X

  2. Fantastic list. Now off to check out your lists for 2/3 year old’s for my boy although I think he will enjoy doing some of these with his little sister too.

  3. What a FAB idea! My Son will be 10 months in December coupled with his 1st Christmas so was looking for ways he can join in and enjoy the festive period without going OTT. I am going to bookmark this post as a reference come December x #MarvMondays

  4. Great ideas! I would never have thought to do something good like but it’s my baby’s first Christmas too so will definitely be doing some of these things in December xx #marvmondays

  5. Some lovely odeas here. Ive boight a lovely handprint mould which im looking forward to making and hanging on the tree. Thank you for joining us for #marvmondays

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