In my February Bucket List I mentioned about making some DIY Baby Toys – Sensory Pat Bags for Kipper. These are so easy anyone can make them, even me! I can not claim credit for this idea though its something the lovely lady that use to run our Baby Sensory Class suggested making. Since we can no longer go because of my return to work, I figured I would make some to use at home.

If you would like to make some to you will need:

  • Iron
  • Laminating pouches, the thicker ones are better for this activity
  • Water or other liquid (hair gel/bath oil)
  • Fillings – sequins, pom poms and pipe cleaners
  • Food colouring (optional)

The good thing about these is that you can make all sorts of combinations and include all manner of craft materials. Whatever you have in your craft cupboard will probably do.

I used A4 laminating pouches and made two sizes one A4 and two A5. The smaller ones are easier to manage from a filling point of view and a better size for Kipper as they are easier for him to pick up.

DIY Baby Toys - Sensory Pat Bags

Step 1: Use a cool iron to iron down three sides of the laminating wallet so that you have a little bag:

DIY Baby Toys - Sensory Pat Bags

Step 2: Fill the bag with something interesting for baby which is too small for them to explore on their own. Really you want something that is soft or flat so that there is minimal chance of it piercing the plastic.

DIY Baby Toys - Sensory Pat Bags

Step 3: Add your liquid, as this is the first time I have made them I only used tap water but you could add in some food colouring. Or use a Watertown shower gel, shampoo or glitter paint. As long as it moves when the baby ‘pats’ it.

DIY Baby Toys - Sensory Pat Bags

DIY Baby Toys - Sensory Pat Bags

Step 4: Carefully iron the last edge to seal the bag. You need to try and minimise air bubbles as much as possible. The first time I tried these I ended up with a big one across the whole of the bag. If this happens and you have already sealed the wallet, then make a small hole towards one corner and carefully apply pressure. This will help remove some of the air and the you can run the iron over the hole. It is easier to keep air bubbles to a minimum with the smaller bags. By squeezing the sides of the bag together before you iron them that will also help.

As you can see Kipper really enjoys them:

DIY Baby Toys - Sensory Pat Bags

DIY Baby Toys - Sensory Pat Bags

Monkey also really likes them and has asked that I make him some as well. They are also pretty hard wearing and put up with a reasonable amount of rough and tumble!



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DIY Baby Toys - Sensory Pat BagsDIY Baby Toys – Sensory Pat Bags


  1. These are a great idea, I wish I had thought of this when the twins were little xx

  2. I need to do more of this with the twins! They are learning so much at the moment, I know they would love this! #sharingthebloglove

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  4. Kipper looks like he loves it. I wish I knew your blog when my girls were little, you always have such a great ideas for little ones. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  5. What a fab idea. And it looks really easy to put together. This is something I would do if my two were still babies. #sharingthebloglove

  6. These look so pretty and Kipper looks like he’s absolutely fascinated! You’re so creative, I always admire the lengths you go to to make fun activities for both your boys. Max was never into sensory type things, but I think he might have liked these as everything’s contained in the bag – no mess! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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