40 before 40: So I’ve not given myself much time to get through this list as I turn forty in little under eighteen months. This does mean that to make sure these are attainable some of them may sound a little boring.

My list is definitely not full of wonderful travel destinations or life changing events. Although I am seriously considering putting together a list of fifty places I want to visit. Instead I have tried to make sure the focus of my 40 before 40 list is all about me! Something which doesn’t happen very much since the boys have come along.

  1. Buy a new house – this is likely to be our last move until we decide to downsize.
  2. Find my style and declutter my wardrobe
  3. Loose the extra baby weight (aka drop two dress sizes)
  4. Launch a product – something that has been in formation now for 12 months
  5. Go away 18 times – I know that sounds like a lot but we try to go away once a month, it could only be for one night mind you. Its something that we started in 2017 when I returned to work from mat leave. – Our 12 Getaways in 2017.
  6. Spend the night on a train in a sleeper carriage
  7. Watch a sunrise
  8. Go to a concert – Ed Shearer here I come …
  9. Go to a festival with the kids and camp
  10. Have more massages – I have been meaning to book in regularly for a while
  11. Go on a spa weekend with girlfriends
  12. Start taking a supplement regularly
  13. But a new designer handbag and not feel guilty!
  14. Buy a new pair of Christian Laboutins and not feel guilty!
  15. Live by my new mantra – ‘ See believed she could so she did
  16. Stick to my skin care regime every night regardless of how knackered I feel
  17. Increase my number of steps and buy a cross trainer
  18. Find a mentor or a life coach
  19. Become a mentor
  20. Join a ladies networking group either through work or outside of it
  21. Be in photos more with the boys and Hubby – I am going to join in with a Me&Mine project each month to try and make this happen
  22. Have more of a social life and go on date nights again even if it’s just once a month, as its something that has slipped since having Kipper
  23. Try skiing
  24. Do an indoor sky dive
  25. Have cocktails at the Sky Bar in London
  26. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant
  27. Put my skill set to good use and help a charity
  28. Become a parent governor – okay so a slight cheat as I am already one of these but its something I have wanted to do.
  29. Eat in the pitch black at a restaurant in London – the name escapes me
  30. Take Hubby to the top of the Gherkin
  31. Get my DNA analysed – I would love to know more about my genealogy
  32. Go for afternoon tea with the girls – a fancy one!
  33. Do Go Ape (I hate heights)
  34. Get my colours done – which will help with the new wardrobe
  35. Go to an Italian cooking school for a day
  36. Send a message in a bottle
  37. Take my mum away for the weekend
  38. See the Northern Lights – I am away in January and really hoping this happens then, if it doesn’t then I may not manage this one
  39. Go to a ballet
  40. Go to a drive in – ideally something girlie like Dirty Dancing or Grease

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I would love to know what would be on your list, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Laura Corrall

    I love this list, and I have so many of these on my list too. I’m doing a 35before35

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    So exciting gor you – im working my way THROUGH my 50 by 50 list quite fun MOST of the time

  3. Great list. It’s made me think about what I’d like to achieve over the next few years 🙂

  4. Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker

    There are some fab ones on your list! I can help with the life coach one – I work as a therapist/coach and have a ton of colleagues who solely do coaching so feel free to get in touch if you want me to connect you with someone. Good luck with everything – looking forward to reading a round up post once you’ve done them all 🙂

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