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Caalm Camp Review: We had a very special end to Monkey’s half term holiday spending three nights glamping with Caalm Camp in Dorset. In 2017 we tried to go away once a month to spend some quality family time together. This is something that we continuing into 2018. Having never ‘glamped’ before I was interested to see how the boys would take to it. Hubby also had some quite strong preconceived ideas. So I guess the question is how did we get on?

We arrived mid afternoon on the Friday to be greeted by Mark who runs Caalm Camp with his wife Carly. Having never glamped before he gave us the low down on where to find everything. Including the all important firewood and coal. I think that this was our biggest concern, making sure we all kept nice and warm, especially this time of year. We really need not have worried. Mark explained that if we brought a bucket of coal for £3 it would be enough to keep the log burner running overnight.

There are six yurts on site, each named after a wildflower. In the communal house which is open 24 hours, there is a large modern kitchen with cupboards and a fridge for each yurt. There are also two ovens and everything you need to cook in should you wish. Each yurt also has its own BBQ and full range of tools. The house a communal seating area with plenty of space to eat and relax, and a selection of games and books to choose from.

Each yurt has its own wet room. I like that it is a private space which means you don’t need to worry about others making a mess. The shower is huge and takes up the whole end of the room. Lots of space for us all to fit in.

The back door of the house opens up into a barn where Ruby the goat lives. There is also pool and table tennis tables. Ideal for when the weather is wet and you want some fun in the dry!

Outside the house there is the log store. Where you can help yourself to lots of dry well seasoned wood for the log burners. There is also a smaller stock of wood for the fire pits.

Our Mongolian yurt was called Cowslip and had the most beautiful hand painted red door. Inside the wooden struts are also painted and they use horse hair to tie them together because it doesn’t rot. The size of the yurt itself really surprised me. I really wasn’t expecting it to be so big. In front of the door is the log burner, behind that a double bed and two large singles on either side. There is a small cooking station which has a hot plate and a kettle, perfect for when you want a coffee in the morning. Each yurt has a drinking water tap just outside the door. The floor is covered in matting and here is plenty of lights and power points. The wood burner is surrounded on three sides by a mesh guard. The front is open, which did cause us some concern with Kipper since he is only 21 months old. I was worried that he would touch it, as it got so hot that as an adult the only way you could tend the fire was with a glove. I really would like to see an option of a fireguard that goes all the way round when families with younger children are staying.

We were lucky enough to stay for three nights and each night the boys slept really well. Even Hubby and I managed to catch up on some much needed sleep. Theres something very relaxing about listening to owls hooting in the evening. I think it did us a world of good being technology free in the evenings. Although the house does have a TV if you need a fix. We played board and card games. Each yurt also has its own picnic bench, so in the warmer months you could quite easily sit outside enjoying the piece and quiet.

Caalm Camp is well placed for a wide range of family attractions and days out. In the house there is a folder which has lots of ideas of things to get up to. I really like that there is also a whole section of things to do in the rain. Because lets face it the British weather is not always that reliable. When we visited we went to Corfe Castle as part of our ABC of Castles, Swanage Steam Railways, Weymouth Sealife Centre, The Dinosaur Museum and Dorest County Museum to see Dippy on Tour. There is so much to do we are hoping to visit Dorset again in the Summer to make the most of the Jurassic coast line. Especially as Monkey is fossil mad.

We had a wonderful little break with Camp Caalm, we loved it so much we made a short video below:

If you would like to find our more or to book your own glamping getaway then check our their website – Caalm Camp

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  1. Sophie

    Wow! You are so lucky to get away every month; how awesome. We went glamping when the children are younger and I loved everything about it apart from the log burner in the same room…..we were smoked out at one point! I love the yurt names at this site and the communal facitilites look excellent. #bloggerclubuk

  2. Welsh Mum Writing

    I’ve done well this year to persuade my husband to holiday in a caravan. I could never get him to go camping, but this is something he might consider. It looks fab and very toddler friendly. Mmmmmm…. some more ideas for travel *checks diary* #BloggerClubUK

  3. sharon stanley

    How lovely. My fiance and I went glamping the year before last and it was freezing however we were in a bell tent where the provided bed was air inflated but kept going down. It was a nice experience but glad we didn’t take the kids as they wouldn’t have been able to cope as well as we did, but the yurt you stayed in looks luxurious compared to our bell tent lol. Definitely enough to keep all ages occupied and a great way to experience the great outdoors with the comfort of home thanks to having heating in the yurt. Definitley something we would look into doing as a family.

  4. Michelle Twin Mum

    I woudl never have thought of glamping in the cold weather but I bet that burner kept you all toasty! Caalm Camp looks amazing, my kids woudl love it as it is really different to anything we have done before. Mich x #countrykids

  5. Laura Dove

    What an amazing place to visit! We have never been glamping before but it’s something we always say we would like to try. I love the look of Caalm Camp and that there is the communal area too. It looks like you had a great time!

  6. Emma Raphael

    Oh this place looks amazing! We have glamped in a few places (last time in the Black Forest when it snowed in the middle of the night!!) 😀 I love all the little extra touches here, it looks very well thought out! 🙂

  7. Bear and Cardigan

    Wow! This looks better than some hotels I’ve stayed in! I love that you have your own private shower etc. that’s what puts me off camping, it wasn’t a problem when I was younger but now I love the luxuries.

  8. Fiona Cambouropoulos

    I can see camping as a possibility in winter like this. I bet the kids had an amazing time, it does look ideal with little ones as they can always see you at night and not be scared. The wood burner sounds ideal for keeping everyone toasty and warm. I love to listen to the sound of nature at night, it is so relazing. A lovely sounding 3 days away.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  9. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’ve never tried glamping but it sounds like fun. That yurt is huge and it looks like a wonderful place to stay. I would have been nervous about the lack of fireguard too though. It sounds like it was a good location as well for visiting different places. #countrykids

  10. Laura

    These Yurts looks fantastic, really well furnished and the communal house has everything you need and also very stylish – I love glamping but we have had both good and bad but this place looks luxurious but still rugged which I love. Great spot

    Laura x

  11. Susan B

    It looks like a really good family experience. I particularly like that the yurts have private wet rooms. Sharing communal ablutions is a turn off for me following some unpleasant experiences when I was camping with my parents when I was young. Thanks for the useful review.

  12. Wendy

    Oh my gosh, I HAVE to go glamping…this looks AMAZING! I can’t belive how big that yurt is. Glad you had such a lovely break, it really does look wonderful xx

  13. Nyla

    I have heard a lot about glamping, a few people I know have gone glamping. The photos you shared are pretty good, I now get a better idea of glamping and it does not look too bad. Thanks for sharing #bloggerclubuk

  14. Sarah Lambert

    This looks a great place and I bet my kids would love it, we have been camping (traditional in a tent) but with a 15 month now in the mix this would make a great alternative to the tent

  15. Keri Jones

    I thought everything would be in the yurt so you don’t need to go to another building if it’s raining for example. I’m not I could convince my family to go here x

  16. Natalie Crossan

    Glad you had a great time, I’d love to go glamping – and really, there probably are many areas near our house we could go as we live near the south downs!

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