Review Keukenhof Holland: One thing which has been on my list for as long as I can remember is visiting the tulip fields in Holland. For me they come in a long list of flower related trips including the sunflowers in Italy and the lavender fields in Provence. So when we visited Rotterdam during Easter I couldn’t miss the opportunity to seek out Keukenhof.

Claimed to be the most beautiful Spring garden in the world, we were not disappointed. My only regret is not allowing enough time to explore the gardens to their fullest. We will without doubt be back and allow a full day rather than a couple of hours. It is much bigger than I anticipated covering a whopping 32 hectares, although a lot of that are the flower fields themselves.

Keukenhof is open for eight weeks from the middle of March to the middle of May. During this time over one million people will pass through the gates from across the world. This year Monkey, Kipper and I joined them.  It was extremely busy, I would recommend visiting early in the morning to get the best opportunity for photos. I was pleased to see that there is plenty of car parking. having over 4500 spaces. Although you can reach the gardens by public transport.

Keukenhof originally focused almost exclusively on flower bulbs, but now has much more to offer. The historic park, which dates from 1857 was designed by the English landscape garden style by Zocher, forms the perfect backdrop for the flower bulbs. Each year forty gardeners plant seven million bulbs at reserved locations throughout the park. At the end of the season, these bulbs are harvested and a new cycle of planting, blooming and harvesting begins again in the autumn. With the planting being redesigned every year.

As well as the gardens there are a number of flower pavilions. These feature flower shows where growers exhibit a wide variety of flowers and plants. This includes the Willem-Alexander Pavilion which is full of tulips in bloom. Meaning that if you get unlucky with the weather you can still see the tulips in the dry. In total there are twenty flower shows.

We spent most of our time wandering around the outside gardens. The boys fascinated by all the different colours running in each direction. They were truly breath taking and my pictures really don’t do them justice.

Some of the areas which we hope to visit next time include the areas specifically for children. Which include a maze, playground, Miffy house and a petting zoo. Although the boys did enjoy seeing the aviaries which were dotted amongst the beds. I would also like to spend time in the Beatrix Potter Pavilion where the Orchids are located. Its possible to see the bulb fields by bicycle but having the boys on my own meant that was impossible for us. Hopefully they will be older on our next trip, failing that there is always the boat which takes you on a cruise among the fields.

Have you ever seen the tulip fields? We are already planning our return in 2020 if you would like to do the same then you can find more information on their website.

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We were gifted a family entrance ticket in return for this review


  1. Going to Holland would be such a dream! Those flowers are so gorgeous.

    • Erik the Hungry Traveller Reply

      How was the tourist crowd when you went there? For a very touristy site i guess you were fortunate you got some good solo shots of the kiddo. Awesome and very informative post. Cheers

      • Mudpie Fridays Reply

        It was very busy and very crowded in places but we arrived around lunchtime which was a mistake. When we go back we will try and get there first thing or visit last thing in the day. Possibly when it first opens, as the day we went was the day after the flower festival when its very busy.

    • twinspirationalparties Reply

      Holland looks so good, the tulips are just so amazing. I wish I could visit here one day.

  2. Oh my goodness, look at all of those tulips. How beautiful! I would love to visit there.

  3. I have not visited yet but it is certainly something I want to do!

  4. Shane Prather Reply

    They are so vibrant and beautiful! I will have to go back in springtime next time to see them in person!

  5. That looks like a beautiful place to visit! I love the flowers! The beauty and charm would be so nice to experience!

  6. Wow it really a beautiful place to visit. Just looking at those flowers just made me feel good. Your son is cute and he has a lovely smile.

  7. Maxine Lewis-Enright Reply

    Holland looks amazing, loving the tulips too. Definitely need to visit here one day with my kids xx

  8. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    Such an amazing place – great experience for the boys too

  9. This was on my itinerary when I visited Amsterdam but the time crunch just didn’t allow for it. I really really wish I could go back and experience this! So beautiful

  10. Holland is such a lovely place. It’s always on my bucket list. I hope I can visit here someday.

  11. I remember going with my father and sister when I was a child. My father rented a bike with a child seat on the back for my sister, and rented me a bike as well. I remember being very tired from all the cycling, but I realy enjoyed it,

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