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Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service. Ever since Charlie was born over eight years ago, I have been looking for new ways to make the festive season truly magical. For me, it is the little things that count. Our focus has always been on experience over ‘things’ and this has always rung true over Christmas. Even more than other times of the year.

As part of our Christmas traditions, we have had an elf visit us every December. She gets up to all sorts of mischief which the boys love. This year we will be taking the magic one step further with a stunning set of International Elf Service Elfie’s Christmas Advent Calendar Letters Ultimate Story Bundle. Beautifully illustrated but specifically created without any pictures of elves so they are left up to the children’s imagination. They will accompany our tradition perfectly. But work equally as well if your family does not have a visiting elf. As the advent calendar letters tell a wonderful story from the North Pole. Full of adventures, pranks and mysteries as the elves get ready for The Big Delivery on Christmas Eve.

Hear all about a disastrous porridge and recycling mix-up. A series of exploding underpants and shrinking pyjamas, and how all the Elves are finding peas in their Extra-Cosy Slippers. Explore the amazing Secret Library deep down in the Cinnamon Mine! Learn all about its Extra-Ordinary books, from the ones that sing to the others that make rude noises and smells! Sounds magical….

Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service

What’s in the box – Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service

The set arrives is a sturdy, eco-friendly brown gift box tied with red and white Candy Cane Cord twine. I have already repurposed the twine for a Christmas craft project. And I will be using the box to store this year’s Christmas memories once we have finished with its beautiful contents. Firstly, there is a beautiful personalised certificate, perfect for colouring in. Which confirms that the boys are going to be the lucky recipients of letters from the North Pole.

Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service

Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service

Also inside there are 25 personalised advent letters to hide around the house for the children to find. Ours are most likely to be delivered by our elf. But we may leave a few next to the elf doors. You could even present them at the kitchen table for breakfast with the normal mail. As well as the 25 advent letters you also get a personalised Letter from Father Christmas. It is possible for you to decide whether this comes from Santa Claus or Father Christmas depending on your own family traditions. There are also accompanying personalised kraft envelopes.

Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service

Along with the letters, there is a feedback note from Father Christmas (left side of the above picture) which you can leave out on Christmas morning. Plus, a map of the North Pole and also a note from Mother Christmas. This is a thank you note which can be used if your children write back to the elves. They really have thought of everything!

Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service

What do I think about Eflie’s  Christmas Advent Calendar Letters Ultimate Story Bundle

All the items included are so pretty, the printing is fantastic quality and the hand-drawn illustrations look like watercolour paintings. All the materials used to create them are ecofriendly. Including 100% recycled paper and twine harvested from renewable resources. I am so excited to present the certificate to the boys towards the end of November and to see their faces.

I am really not surprised by the fact that International Elf Service Elfie’s Christmas Advent Letters (2020) has been voted Best Advent Calendar. Scooping Gold in the Independent Toy Awards 2020 and Best Elf & Fairy Letters Delivery Service at the Luxlife Parent & Baby Awards. They’ve also been shortlisted for the Best Innovative Toy Design at the Junior Design Awards 20/21. Both awards are very much deserved.

Giveaway and Discount Code – Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service

International Elf Service has also kindly offered 4 x runner up prizes. Which you can enter to win via the Gleam application below. Each winner will be able to choose from either International Elf Service Christmas Elf Letters 7-Letter NEWS Bundle (5-99yrs) OR International Elf Service Christmas Elf Letters 7-Letter ACTIVITY Bundle, suitable for 3-5yrs (£16.50-£19.50). Please note the T&Cs.

However, if you can not wait for the giveaways to end then you can use the discount code ‘MUDPIEMAGIC20’ online at the checkout and get 20% off. Valid until 22nd Nov, UK only. Please select next day delivery of Christmas Elf Letter Bundles for guaranteed arrival by 30th November. There are lots of other wonderful sets to purchase. So make sure you head over for a browse on their website – International Elf Service.

Giveaway – WIN Elf Service Elf Letters 7 Letter Bundles

4 x Elf Service Elf Letters 7 Letter Bundles worth up to £19.50 each

I have some other giveaways running at the moment so please check them out in the  Blog Giveaways Page. Along with our Advent Giveaway and our  12  Weeks of Christmas  Instagram Travel Giveaway.

Creating Christmas Magic with International Elf Service


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  1. So nice! I really like this idea of gifting and celebrating Christmas in this way! The packaging looks good and it’s gonna make Christmas really fun!

  2. Aliceee Traveler

    I will sign up for it for my friends kid. They live also in UK. Thanks for sharing

  3. Emma England

    What a fantastic idea for the little ones. It’s all about making Christmas extra special this year!

  4. Darren Bourne

    Father Christmas usually writes a letter in our house to thank the children for the snacks and drink so these would add to the magic. Lovely idea.

  5. Selena Longworth

    This would be absolutely magical for my little ones age 2, 4 and 6. We do elf on the shelf and loads of activities to get our little excited for Christmas they would love this.

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    Our girls will be thrilled MANY many thanks for your generosity

  7. Danielle Pooley

    This is a wonderful idea! Would really make Christmas special


    This is such a brilliant idea especially right now our children still need to keep up the christmas spirit and get some joy through all this madness

  9. Fiona Foskett

    Such a lovely gift. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
    I hope that YULE pick me xx

  10. Rebecca Whatmore

    These are a lovely idea. Absolutely love the illustrations too.

  11. Love this idea, I hate the idea of this tradition fading!

  12. Rachel Low

    Sooooo cool! Nice to create a wee bit extra excitement!

  13. christine westlake

    We always have a cheeky Elf visit us , he gets up to so much mischief ! these letters would be a great addition to any elf

  14. Laura Corrall

    We’ve been doing elf on the shelf for a few years now and my girls absolutely love it! As do I it’s so much fun and to see the little looks on their faces is just priceless. This would certainly add to the magic.

  15. Anthea Holloway

    My grandchildren would love this. What a lovely prize!

  16. Jenny McClinton

    This is a lovely idea, my daughter would love it and make the lead up to Christmas even more special

  17. Katrina Adams

    This is such a lovely idea! Thanks for the chance.

  18. Natalie Crossan

    Such a lovely idea, Christmas is such a magical time!

  19. Lucy Wright-Booth

    Would love to win this for my daughter!

  20. Zoey Harris

    What a wonderful idea! My daughter would love this! ❤️

  21. Jennifer Rhymer

    This would le lovely for Christmas! x

  22. Debbie Ellis

    These look so magical, my boys would love them.

  23. Marie Phillips

    I love this! I would probably have the letters next to wherever our elf shows up the next morning. Then our kids can wake up to what the elf has to say. I also love the artistic design of the letters. They are so pretty.

  24. This is such an adorable idea! My kids would LOVE this.

  25. This is awesome! I would love to enter in the competition but I am not sure if it’s open for Dubai as well or not. My daughter would love to get these letters. Christmas is the best time to get some awesome gifts.

  26. Emman Damian

    Wow! I didn’t know that there’s an International Elf Service! They would be happy for sure! My nephews and niece will like it.

  27. Ambuj Saxena

    Wow! I love this idea of gifting and celebrating Christmas in this way! The packaging looks great and its gonna make Christmas really fun! Thanks for sharing!

  28. This is so cute I’m sure all kids would love this! I feel the essence of the Christmas to this!

  29. Celebrate Woman Today

    It does feel magical using these crafty and imaginative paper sheets. What a cool gift to share with your kids.

  30. What an awesome idea! It is nice to know some different ways to make Christmas that much more magical.

  31. Jo m welsh

    This is a lovely tea set my daughter would enjoy this

  32. yudithnapitupulu

    What a lovely Idea to bring magic for your love one. I am exciting to bring this ide ato my fam.

  33. Gervin Khan

    Hmm! This is such a great idea and looking forward to it especially the upcoming Christmas celebration. It’s a great compliment to whoever gonna win this amazing prize.

  34. Melissa Cushing

    This is wonderful and I absolutely love the sound of this new tradition. My little Scarlet will fo sure love it and I am entering to win!

  35. Lyanna Soria

    Wow, that sounds amazing and a great idea as well. I’m sure any kid would be happy to receive that.

  36. Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

    I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time. This is such a lovely idea.

  37. Leah-Marie Sullivan

    Really have everything crossed for this, it would be so magical to see my children hunting for the letters each day and the excitement of opening them up!

  38. What a neat and super fun idea for the kids! I’m sure my kids would love to take part in this!


    Lovely idea for Christmas . go nicely with the elf on the shelf

  40. Rebecca Smith

    It is so important to keep the magic alive, especially this year after the year we have all had. I think this is a wonderful idea.

  41. Andrea Fletcher

    This sounds brilliant, my grandchildren would love it.

  42. Krysten Quiles

    Oh my gosh I absolutely love this, how darling!

  43. Claire Lomax

    I absolutely love this idea!! Sadly the elves only come to our house at the weekend when my young step daughters come over.

    I’m excited about Christmas just reading this x

  44. Matt Taylor

    This is such a cool idea for Christmas! The idea of an International elf service is so fun. Great for kids!

  45. Christine Weis

    I absolutely LOVE this! I am all about the Christmas magic–the true spirit of the holiday season. My little boys would love this. Who I am kidding, I need this! 🙂

  46. I’ve heard about this and it sounds amazing. Bet the kids will be so excited!! Really magical 🙂

  47. This is fully awesome! I’ve always been one to start getting into the Christmas spirit early, and I love things like this that help get the kids into it, too.


    This would be perfect for my grandson.

  49. Treasure Every Moment

    Oh wow these are so beautiful! What a magical way to spread joy this Christmas 🙂

  50. Priscilla Stubbs

    Such a lovely idea, Arlo would be delighted

  51. Brigitte Gorez

    I know a little girl who would absolutely love this…

  52. Pippa Ainsworth

    This would be a lovely way to build up to Christmas with my three children.

  53. Ursula Hunt

    My granddaughter has jux=st turned 4 and this is the first year she really understands Christmas so this would be perfect for her

  54. Alexandra Cassidy

    Looks like a great prize, I hope I win as we don’t like a chocolate advent calendar. My daughter loves stories so this is perfect

  55. Jayne Wilson

    This would be fantastic to win to Make Christmas extra special for my great granddaughter

  56. Kirsty Fox

    What a lovely prize, my son would love this.

  57. Laura Pritchard

    I love things like this! It’s traditions the kids will remember their whole lives!

  58. Nolene O'neill

    was just reading up on these on facebook, my little girl would be ecstatic with these. Keep the magic alive!

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