How to start geocaching. It has been on our bucket list for a good couple of years. Geocaching has always sounded like fun and something that the boys would enjoy.  But for some reason, it has always ended up in the too difficult pile. Working full time, writing as a hobby, looking after two kids and trying to stop the house looking like a complete tip all of the time! Has meant that anything which needed too much research just never happens.  However with the prospect of a Winter Lockdown and the fact that we need to get the boys out to run out their energy. Plus it is most likely we will be walking in places we have visited before so how do you keep their interest up?  Suddenly Geocaching seemed like an even better idea!

We started Geocaching – How to Start Geocaching

So this week we took the plunge and went out on our first Geocache hunt.  Why? Because I had found an easy way to do it! Well, actually that’s a lie. One of my lovely friends on Instagram – Empty Nest Mummy discovered an app and shared it. Called (drum roll please) Geocaching. Not difficult eh? if you search for Geocaching in the app store then its the one with the green background and four white squares showing a flag and a person.

The app shows you all of the local geocaches and has a free version with still a lot to find or a premium version which shows you premium ones too. At just over £2 a month we paid for the premium version which unlocked a couple literally just down the road from us. Each cache has a little green icon and the app uses GPS to allow you to find its location. By paying for the premium version you can download maps if you are likely to be in a place with bad signal. It also has a digital log where others can log if they have found the cache and when. Great for novices like us as at least if it was recent you know that

Our First Experience – How to Start Geocaching

With the kids climbing the walls we decided to head out late afternoon on the day I downloaded it! We were out for an hour and a half and there was very little whining. Apart from the smallest member of the family on the way home. Not really knowing what to expect we headed to two that were very local to us and that we could walk to easily.  Who knew!!

The first we were unsuccessful. This is when I discovered the element of the app that says who has last found it. The one we were looking for hadn’t been found for two years. Undeterred the boys still enjoyed hunting for the treasure. Their disappointment fueling the hunt for the next one. I checked the digital log this time before we walked on! Confident that this one which was last found in August would still be there we walked another 1km to it.

The app also has a little hint if you need it to the cache hiding place. The hint was a tree stump. The boys eager could not spot the little hidey-hole that needed to be revealed by removing a small part at the bottom. However, the husband did. Their excitement was immense as we opened the little Tupperware box to review a log and some multi-coloured treasures.

In the full interest of disclosure, the four-year-old could not understand why we could not take some of it home. So there were a few tears.

Learns from our first Geocache Experience

  • Don’t forget a pen to write in the paper logbook. Oops, I forgot but we did record our find and our non find on the app.
  • Check the app in the future to see when the last time the cache was found
  • We will be taking small things with us to add our own little treasures to the caches going forward. I am hoping this will help reduce the tears
  • According to the app they are everywhere, so I will be checking each time we go out for a walk. Since it worked so well as a motivator for the boys.

I am so glad my friend shared the app. It will make a big difference in our daily exercise going forward. The boys are also wanting to hide some too! We may start with replacing the one that has gone missing.

Have you tried geocaching, if you’ve any tips or resources I would love to hear about them in the comments below? We definitely have the bug now!


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How to Start Geocaching

How to Start Geocaching


  1. Laura Corrall

    I really do love how honest you are in your posts. I think it’s a lovely idea but my youngest would also have tears, especially if there is something cool in there! My eldest on the other hand would probably love this and would be a great idea to get us out and about. It would be a great way to link this to thinks like rock hunts. I know here in Norfolk we have ‘Norfolk Rocks’ and we hide lots of painted rocks about. Combined with geocaching this would be great to we don’t get disappointed and we could swap rocks and leave ours in it’s place.

  2. Michael Fisher

    We will have to look at this when grandchildren appear

  3. Rebecca Walker

    this has always been something that i have wanted to do


    Amazing giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. Phil Read

    My wife and I used to love geocahing before she passed away. You can take something from the cache as long as you replace it with something else.

  6. Helen Tyler

    I love geocaching. Be warned though, it’s very addictive 🙂

  7. Maggie Ali

    I’ve never heard of it to be honest but it sounds like so much fun and something my children would definitely enjoy.

  8. Yanitza

    I love Geocaching! I started doing it back in 2010 and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. It’s super fun!

  9. I am so new to this! Thanks for sharing how to on geo caching, i think now i feel bit more confident 🙂

  10. Dianne G

    Geocaching definitely sounds fun! I would really try this with friends and share this too! Enjoy!

  11. Nilakshi Pathak

    The concept of geocaching is new to me. I actually had to Google it. Sounds like a very fun activity. Thanks for telling how to do it! Will try it for sure.

  12. Not sure if my comment posted, so I am trying again. I am glad you found the app. It’s nice to find things that make our lives easier. I consider down time with the kids always a good thign. I have heard geocaching is a blast too.

  13. I’m glad you found the app too. It is always great when we find things that make life a little easier.

  14. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Thats an interesting app. I did not know about it. Have to surely check out and venture out in nature. I liked the way you enjoyed.

  15. Emily Fata

    Geocaching is so much fun! My cousin introduced it to me years ago and we always have such a great time doing it together.

  16. Krysten Quiles

    I’ve always thought this sounded like fun, I’d love to do it with my nephew.

  17. Sayed Williams

    I love geocaching with my friends. I get to spend quality time in the wilderness with my friends. It has helped me with my anxiety.

  18. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    This is the first time that I have heard or read about geocaching. I wonder if this is applicable here in the Philippines.

  19. Portia O.

    I’ve always wanted to try geocaching. You made it sound promising for a change in our walk routine. Thanks.

  20. Nikola Roza

    First time I hear of geocaching.
    Very interesting game and good for heath too because of all the walking and fresh air. Like it, might try it.

  21. I need something to make our walks more fun and geocaching sounds fun. Will have to give it a try

  22. Claire Lomax

    My partner loves to walk and I used to, the kids whingeing and whining has put me off. But this could be a great way to get them excited about walking which hopefully in turn will make it more enjoyable for me! Selfish.. me!!

    It does sound like a great way to get them outdoors x

  23. Amy Doyle

    This looks fun and great as you get outdoors and enjoy some lovely scenery

  24. That’s interesting topic and tips for Geocaching. Thanks gor sharing

  25. Richard Owen

    We love Geocaching and have been doing it for many years, we now have travel bugs that have left the UK and are now in Germany and the USA

  26. I’ve read about geocaching before, it’s really interesting to see!

  27. Julie Maloney

    This looks like something we can do as a family when the weather gets nicer. I’ve heard of it but didn’t know much about it. Thanks for the info!

  28. Heidi Craske

    This sounds amazing! Will have to do this with my lot

  29. There truly is an app for everything! And with so little opportunity to partake in activities, this is a great time to give geocatching a try.

  30. Sarah Stockley

    We have a few great places nearby to go geocaching. Our nearest woodland have some very cool ones (one is a fake skull nestled in a tree). Such a great outdoorsy activity.

  31. We love Geocaching! We’ve found them in Scotland, Wales and of course England 🙂
    My best tip would be, be patient and keep looking. You’ll find them eventually 🤣. We actually have two off of our main road.

  32. Andrea Fletcher

    I think my grandson would enjoy geocaching.

  33. Fiona Karbal

    This sounds like a great way to make a walk more interesting for kids.

  34. I’ve always been curious about geocaching! Very interesting to read about a beginner’s experience.

  35. Priscilla Stubbs

    I’ve never really thought about this , but it does sound good, Arlo gets bored just going for a walk and this would make it interesting

  36. Nigel Soper

    Geocaching does sound fun but how are those folk who find spoiling things for others entertaining counteracted?

  37. Margaret Gallagher

    Something new for us to try happy new year

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