Its funny because I feel as though Autumn is well and truly here so I wasn’t going to write up this post. Yet there have been some lovely sunny days so I thought I would share incase you are looking for something to do in the coming days. Just before we went away we spent a lovely day at Habour Park in Littlehampton, it was relatively unplanned and we just turned up with swim stuff not really sure what to expect. So here’s what we found:


img_3116First of all parking, you will be pleased to know there is a large carpark and we managed to get two cars in mid morning without any trouble. It is pay and display so remember your change as from memory its not the cheapest especially if you are planning to stay all day. Harbour Park itself is like a static fun fair, the rides are specifically designed for children from the age to 2-12 and the thrill level matches this. For Monkey aged four it was perfect as there was lots of things he could go on even only being around 105cm. There are charts placed around the park which show you height requirements, ideal if your little one has their heart set on something which they are not big enough for as it allows you to be pre- armed!

Saying that Monkey went on everything he wanted to and we didn’t have to queue for much either (we visited on a Monday during school holidays). You can see below from the photos the rides Monkey went on:

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  • Castle Slide – his favourite by far was the large slide with a mat. I was a little worried as he had to walk up the stairs on his own carrying said mat but he seemed to cope with only the odd wobble. It was very appealing and I would have loved to go down with him.
  • Formula Kids Cars – various automobiles go round a circuit which goes up and down. Monkey chose to ride a pair of bikes on this one
  • Bumper Boats – all life suited up he got to drive (or than spin) a little boat round a small pool, there are four boats but for most of the time Monkey was on his own. Not that this bothered him as he was more interested in driving it than bumping it!
  • Flying Animals – the riders get the opportunity to move the animal up or down thenselves needless to say Monkey and his grandfather were as high up as they could go all the way round which made getting a photo interesting!
  • Orca Whale Trip – which is where rider sit horizontally and go round and round in circles – similar to the old fashion pirate galleons
  • Dolphin Leap – which goes straight up, as you can see he went on it alone! He loves these sort of ‘hopper’ rides.

We must have been in the park for about three hours as Kipper demanded a second feed, so we headed to a little cafe on the outskirts while the boys went to check out the crazy golf. There are plenty of places to eat and drink and I can recommend the Belgium Buns! There is also a little gift shop which sells everything you would need to go crabbing, something which we are saving for our next visit as well as wristbands for the rides. Entrance is free, so you only need to pay for what you actually want to go on, all the rides operate on a ticket or token system, most only need one ticket but some will need more tokens.


Its a bit of a crazy system as a token is 50p but if you buy a book of 10 tickets its £15, so £1.50 a ride instead of £2 a ride for the lower end rides or £1.50 a ride compared to £3.00 for those that need six tokens. We brought 10 tickets and this was plenty for the time we were there and Monkey went on plenty. You can also buy tickets online from their website a strip of 10 tickets works out even cheaper at £13.50.


So Harbour Park is great fun in itself but being that its right on Littlehampton Beach we decided to buy a wind break from one of the little shops for £15 and spend the rest of the afternoon lazing around. For those of you who haven’t been Littlehampton Beach is sand as far as the eye can see, especially when the tide is out. The spot we picked was literally just across from Harbour Park. When we visited it was windy so Monkey did get quite cold quickly in the sea, however that didn’t stop him looking for winkles and cockles. I would definitely recommend a day out to Harbour Park and beach if you are in the local area. I am a little bit sad that we only discovered it towards the end of the Summer holidays. Never mind I’ve put it on the list for next year!

Things you need to know:

  • Entry to the park is free, the best way to buy tickets for the rides is online via their website
  • The park is closed in the Winter months and during off peak season only some rides will be available so it is worth checking out their opening times. You still have a few weekends left in September.
  • Their website is and even includes details of the tide times which is really useful
  • Address – Windmill Rd, Littlehampton BN17 5LH


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  1. We lived so close to Littlehampton until last year but this is not somewhere we’ve been either. It looks like a fun day out especially with the beach so close. What a shame it was a windy day. I expect it’s a day tripper magnet during the summer #countrykids

  2. Coombe Mill Reply

    What a wonderful day out for you all, Harbour Park looks like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with a little one. They really do have lots of attractions, it’s great that they’ve got the height restrictions around for the kids to know what rides they wouldn’t be able to do early. Monkey looks like he was having the time of his life exploring all the different rides he wanted to go on, I bet he can’t wait to go back again!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Nice tips. I think nowadays its really cheap to buy tickets in all of the family attractions online. I think that this one is nice because after a tiring day with the rides you can relax and chill in the beach! #countrykids

  4. That’s quite a variety of activities for your money but the token and ticket system would really put me off.

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