Over May half term we were lucky enough to travel to Hourtin-Plage in France courtesy of Eurocamp. Having never holidayed in France, in a holiday parc or with Eurocamp I was unsure what to expect. When speaking to friends and work colleagues who have, they all said the same – that they had really enjoyed their holidays and we would have a great time. I guess the question is did we?

With over 170 locations Eurocamp offer the largest choice of premium outdoor holidays in Europe. There are thirteen countries to choose from; France, Corsica, Spain, Italy Croatia, Sardinia, Sicily, Portugal, German, Switzerland, Austria, Holland and Luxembourg. Near beaches, forests, lakes, mountains and cities you can really choose something thats right for you and your family.
We knew we wanted a beach holiday and France seemed like the logical choice for us as we don’t want to fly with Kipper at that ‘I want to move’ stage. The website is really easy to use and navigate all the potential holidays. They also have a paper brochure with a really handy tick box summary on the front pages. I like that the website has a rating for each of the parcs out of ten based on the Reevoo system. They each have a sun rating too, which allowed me to filter down the list of parcs available. Basically we wanted somewhere in France, close to a beach, with a good swimming complex, a high review number and a good sun rating. I needed some heat… (and we got it the day we arrived in was 32 degrees, although this dropped to a much more manageable 24 for most of the week). Although the thing that really sold La Côte D’Argent  to me was the new Aqua Pirates Splash Pad which was bound to tick all the boxes for Monkey!

What do we think of Eurocamp as a company and the booking process:

  • They made the booking process so straightforward, they also booked our Euro tunnel crossing. However they are totally flexible and you can book your own travel if you wish. There is lots of detail on the best routes from the UK by either ferry or train
  • Price wise everything is done on a per party basis so its easy to understand. I have been caught before when looking at a holiday to think that the per person price was for everyone only to discover it was totally over budget at the point of purchase!
  • You have complete flexibility on the days you want to start and leave. No more having to go Sunday to Saturday. Perfect if your school holidays start mid week like ours do… crazy I know!
  • I like that everything you need is sent to you by email. Leading a stupidly busy life like most parents meant I didn’t need to think about it. All I had to do was print one email attachment before we left the UK
  • Eurocamp offer a number of extras which are designed to make you life easier such as – linen and beach town packs from £12. When room is short and you want to reduce the washing for when you get home they are a god send.
  • If you are particularly bad at packing (like me) their essentials pack will include everything you need to get you started in the kitchen. After a twelve hour drive the welcome pack was just what we needed to settle in.
  • And if you have a fur baby as well as kiddies you will be pleased to know many of the holiday parcs are dog friendly too
I honestly can not fault them, when I needed to speak to them on the phone they were really polite and helpful. Even sorting our the flexi tickets for us for the Euro tunnel which was an essential for us when travelling with a young family.

What did we think of the Eurocamp Reception:

  • We were greeted by Andy and later Rachel who popped by to say hi just as we finished unpacking. Having a personal face for a holiday of this nature I feel is really important.
  • We received a text message on the day we were due to arrive asking us our ETA. I assumed this was a head office automated message but it wasn’t it was from Andy and Rachel who kept reception open later than usual to welcome us and the other guests.
  • They were basically on hand the whole holiday should we need anything, their offer to help was a genuine one. Even lending us their umbrella to use on the beach, which was a complete lifesaver with Kipper and the heat.
  • The reception area its self had a big box of things which you could borrow to make the best use of the facilities including buckets and spades, body boards, tennis and badminton racquets, shuttle cocks, ping pong paddles and boules. There was also a wide selection of board games and books.
  • On the wall was details of the local markets and also suggestions for days out.
  • At check in you get a little map with details of the local supermarkets incase you want to shop off site and opening/closing times for reception and the main facilities.

What did we think of our Espace Mobile Home

Things we loved:
  • The living area was a really good size, probably the largest I have seen in a mobile home of this nature. With a collasable table and large comfortable box sofa.
  • If you couple this with a large covered veranda complete with patio furniture there was ample space for the four of us. I think there is more than enough living space for the six the Espace will accommodate.
  • The kitchen area was well sized and everything organised in a logical way. With a full size fridge and a three draw freezer essential for self catering
  • The aircon – especially in the first few days as we acclimatised to the warm weather. Aircon is a must for us and for travelling with young kids as they need to be able to get a good nights sleep
  • New (and already put up – thank you!) travel cot with a good thick mattress. In fact all the provided equipment for Kipper looked brand new, the baby bath, high chair and changing mat were all great quality.
  • The bedroom windows has mosquito nets which pulled down over them so you could keep the windows opened if you wanted
  • The main bedroom was a great size with plenty of space to move around the bed, it was useful that there was an additional door from our room into the bathroom.
  • There was a good amount of storage in the bedrooms – more than I was expecting and we managed to find a home for all the bags and a large suitcase as well as the clothes.
Things we were not so keen on:
  • Its reassuring to know the gas is checked every three days in peak season but I would have liked to have seen a carbon monoxide dector, since the hot water, oven and fire (not that we used that) are all gas powered.
Things to be aware of:
  • Although this is to be expected, both the bathroom and third bedroom are on the smaller side and just about manageable. There was enough room in the shower for Hubby to have Kipper in with him when needed. Monkey loved the bunkbeds and although completely safe with additional metal guard it made making the bed interesting. Once the ladder was attached it was difficult to get past it to the window.
  • Kipper had great fun playing in the baby bath on the veranda but should the weather mean that having it outside was not an option then there is little space to have it in the bathroom itself. Meaning we probably would have resulted to giving it to him in the living area and since he loves to splash we would have soaked everything
  • There is no gate on the veranda and three steps down to the bottom – Kippers favourite game was to see how quickly he could get to the steps, he’s quite fast when he wants to be! We did notice that some of the newer models had gates which would have stopped the constant worry that he may launch himself off onto the slabs below.

What did we think of the La Côte D’Argent Holiday Parc itself:

Things we loved:
  • The pool complex is lovely, with plenty of options for Kipper and Monkey to enjoy the water. There is also a small pool with a glass house over the top of it.  Both the water and the surrounding sunbead area is very clean
  • The Aqua Pirates lived up to expectation, and the look on Monkey’s face when he saw it for the first time was priceless. Its also self supervision which meant he could go on all the slides without the worry of him being too short. There is a life guard on duty but the onus is on the parents… as it should be.
  • There were lots of activities we didn’t even get a chance to make use of – archery, basketball, boules, cycle hire, football, gym, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.
  • The beach is so close, just a short walk into the village, and its stunning. Its located perfectly to explore a number of beaches in the area, which I will be writing about soon!
  • The location is beautiful you really are nestled amongst the pine forest with huge pine cones that provide instant interest to the kiddies.
  • They cater for all age groups in the play areas
  • We were located really close to the swimming complex, but the Holiday Parc itself is not actually that big which means you don’t need bikes to get around. We walked around it several times trying to get Kipper to drop off. Its a really pleasant walk.
  • Just off site there are a number of bike trails into the forest which take you down to the Lacanau Lake or other beaches. You can also hire surf boards and wetsuits in the village and take advantage of the local surf schools. Something Monkey has decided he wants to do when he is older.
  • If you were camping then you would be pleased to know there are several shower blocks, powered by solar and they looked very clean and modern.
Things we were not so keen on:
  • The pitches are sand based since the holiday Parc is located on a peninsula, it did mean we had to walk across a sandy area to get into the mobile home. A couple of extra slabs would solve this issue, as with two young kids we needed to sweep every day to keep the sand out as much as possible.
Things to be aware of:
  • Although travelling in May half term this is still considered out of season so not all the facilities were open and there was no evening entertainment. This is not driven by Eurocamp but more the holiday Parc itself. If there are things you particularly want then its probably worth a phone call to check. Peak season starts in July.
  • As part of the facilities on offer they have a series of kids clubs for the age of six upwards, ideal if your little ones want to make friends while away
  • Its possible to drive on Parc up to 10.30pm which is different to similar set ups in the UK.
We had the most amazing time and I was a little sad to leave our mobile home at the end of the week. No wonder 90% of families say they will come back. We most definitely will. If you would like to read about what we got up to during the week you can do so – here First Half of our Week Away to Eurocamp France, Second Half of our Week away to Eurocamp France and Our Day Trip to Bordeaux.
Thank you Eurocamp for a brilliant holiday and all the wonderful memories we made as a family.


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We were invited to stay at Eurocamp in return for this honest review. All opinions and words are my own



  1. paula cheadle

    never been to one of these camps, but they look awesome, will have to look into them and see if it is our type of holiday

  2. Tee Simpson

    Thanks for this. Id love to take the kids but was unsure..reading a real review has helped

  3. Hayley Todd

    We have never been on a Eurocamp holiday but have many friends who swear by them. Your holiday looks like it was amazing! I will be giving it serious consideration next summer!

  4. Jayne Townson

    Sounds like the perfect place for a nice family holiday, thanks for the review.

  5. Anthea Holloway

    What a super review. You are very honest and it sounds great.

  6. Rie Tetley

    This has convinced me that we need to go!

  7. Viv Carey

    Eurocamps look fab to visit with families

  8. Andrea Fletcher

    This sounds like a great place for children with lots of activities.

  9. Leila Benhamida

    Will be definitely worth going on a peak season. Did you had a tv? ????

  10. I’ve never heard of Eurocamp before, but it looks great! I’d like to hope they install gates on all of them in the future though, I’d also be so worried about my little one falling on the slabs. #BloggerClubUK

  11. Jo Carroll

    Brilliant review. Good to hear about the negatives as well as the positives as it gives a much more rounded picture…although to be fair the positives far outweigh them in this case I’m glad to hear. Looks like you took away some lovely memories. x

  12. The idea of turning up and everything is set up, is quite appealing. Specially after a long journey. We usually camp off the beaten track. You’ve got me thinking, that it might be worth considering. #CountryKids

  13. Sounds like a great place for families with young children, who don’t want to do much touring about.

  14. Our next-door neighbours regularly go on Eurocamp holidays and love it. It’s something that we’ve been considering too. Glad that you enjoyed your holiday and it certainly sounds like a great place to go. I love the look of that splash area. #countrykids

  15. Great review, very useful for the many people who enjoy this type of holiday and those who wish to try a “campsite” holiday for the first time. Looks like you had a great time! #CountryKids
    p.s. I didn’t know that there was a Eurocamp in Luxembourg. So I researched it… and it turns out that it is only about 10 minutes away from where I live!! I have learned something new 😀

  16. Megan - Truly Madly Kids

    We always did holidays like this as a child, and they are just wonderful – staying in the mobile home must have seemed so exciting to your kids! Your pics are gorgeous and I love the waterpark, how perfect in hot weather! #countrykids

  17. This sounds like a great place to stay! I love the idea of getting a map at check in. And the website sounds super easy to use. I’m thinking of a Eurocamp holiday next year so I will definitely check the out, thanks for the great review!

  18. This sounds fantastic. What a great way to get a different experience abroad than a hotel. The caravan looked really nice and clean and it’s a bonus that you got such fab weather!

  19. It looks like an amazing place. That pool – N would love that. #countrykids

  20. We were away at a Eurocamp parc over half-term to and had an amazing time. Your mobile looked good, it had more room in the bedrooms than ours.The pool complex and waterslides look excellent. Mich x #CountryKids

  21. It sounds like a wonderful holiday for you all and some lovely weather which clearly made a difference. I can see my kids loving that pirate tipping water feature and spending hours playing there. It looks a very sociable holiday and very family orientated. A great review with all the pros and cons.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  22. We are really considering a europarc holiday but just nervous about the long drive. Usually we fly. How long did you take to get there he did you break it up? #bloggerclubuk

  23. This looks like a great holiday. I have not been on a Eurocamp holiday before but have friends who have recommended it. Good point about the carbon monoxide detector (which I guess is easily solved by taking your own). It looks like you had some lovely family time. #BloggerClubUK

  24. I haven’t stayed with Eurocamp since I was a child, but do have very fond memories and the park we used to stay at is still open. That pool though, wow, that pool would have me looking further afield. #bloggerclubuk

  25. I have always wanted to try this. It looks like a great place to stay. Sadly, my OH has different ideas #bloggerclubuk

  26. This was my childhood! We loved our French and Italian holiday park holidays, though we always stayed in the tents. I would love to take the boys away to one of these, hopefully next year, as I think they are amazing for kids. We always used to make tons of friends and had so much fun. This park looks lovely too, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  27. I have to admit we did a Eurocamp holiday once when the children were 9 and 11. Never again. We hated it. Sorry! I think with younger children it would have been different though. Good review. #bloggerclubuk

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