PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Review: Monkey has developed a new obsession over the Summer holidays in the form of three school kids that transform into masked crusaders with special animal like powers defending their town from the evil Romeo. We even had our own PJ Mask Party! If you have not come across P J Masks before then let me introduce you to Catboy, Gecko and Owlette:

Much to Monkey’s delight we have been asked to review the PJ Masks Headquarters Playset which launched this month and is already a sell out across a number of the online retailers. There are a number of features included in the playset deisgned to make it as interactive as possible:
Activate the goggles for red owl vision, just like Owlette, and reveal Luna Girl and her moths! Trap villains in the tree snarls – they won’t be expecting the closing branch clasps! The Spyscope also doubles up as a fur-ball shooter, ready for when you spot trouble! Includes a Catboy Figure and a Cat Car Vehicle!
As you can imagine Monkey was very excited to get his hands on the toy, thankfully it did not require much assembly. All we needed to do was add on Owlette’s slide, the cannon and a couple of platforms. You will also be please to know that it also comes with batteries included. I am really not a fan of toys which don’t as invetabley we won’t have the right size in or we are forced to borrow the ones from the TV controllers.
Things we love:
  • Monkey started to interact with the playset straight away making Catboy drive through the door and fire out his cat ball to an imaginary Romeo
  • There are lots of moving parts to interact with:
    • A side paddle on the top level which moves a picture of Luna girl up and down to activate the goggles for red 
    • An elevator platform to one side which Catboy can stand on. The bottom of Catboy’s shoes have two small holes which enable him to be fixed to the platform so he doesn’t fall off
    • The spy scope which moves around and also doubles up as the fur ball shooter
    • There a lever on the base which will move the trees one side and the spinning wall the other
  • The control panel in the middle which lights up when you press the button and has various pre loaded PJ mask phrases and the theme tune to the show
  • The quality is what I would expect, there is a good amount of detail on the stickers and the plastic is bright and robust
  • For a large toy its actually not that bulky. The fact that the slide comes off means that its reasonably easy to store compared to some of the other toys we have tried of this nature. 


Kipper is equally interested in the playset, although at sixteen months he is too young for imaginative play of this kind. He still likes to explore the bright colours and moving parts which leads me to the conclusion that we will get a reasonable amount of use out of it. The retail price is £50 so it is on the more expensive side, but if your little one is as obsessed as Monkey is then you will get a lot of use out of it.  
The only thing to be aware of is that It comes with Catboy and a smaller version of his car. I feel  to get the maximum use out of it you really need to have some of the other characters to enable you to re enact the TV programmes or make up stories of your own. We already had Gecko, but I can see the other figures going on Monkey’s Father Christmas list. Might be something worth bearing in mind if you are considering this as a Christmas gift. To accompany the playset there is also a sixteen piece deluxe figure set which is sold separately, read all about them over on Twin Mummy & Daddy. Both are available online and at all good toy shops

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We were given a PJ Masks Headquarters Playset for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own



  1. Ahh we love this too! It’s a fab play set, although I wish it came with more than one figure, we’ve had so many meltdowns over who gets to play with Cat Boy! Guess what father Christmas is bringing!?

  2. Macsen would love this. However, PJ Masks hasn’t made it into this house yet. (He’s recently discovered Spongebob Square Pants and I’m singing the theme tune constantly).

  3. This toy looks fantastic! My boys are too old for PJ Masks now, but my niece is really into them. I know she would love something like this for Christmas!

  4. I know Finlay would love this as he is a big PJ Masks fan, but I actually like the look of this too. Sometimes toys just look rubbish, but this looks great!

  5. Oh this playset looks like so much fun! I think my little one is too old for that but sure my nephew would love it!

  6. I think I really need to get my boy this for Christmas, he is PJ masks obsessed. It looks fantastic.

  7. Deborah Mackenzie Reply

    These look amazing. And I love that you can get dressing up suits to go with it too.

  8. Oh, fab. Another toy sorted for my Christmas shopping list. The children will be delighted.

  9. My kids would love this- I may need to get it for Christmas as they love Luna! 🙂

  10. caroline tokes Reply

    What a lovely idea would be fab for a christmas present

  11. Kerry Kilmister Reply

    My little girl Poppy loves PJ Masks. She would have so much fun with this

  12. Kev Cannon Reply

    I’ve not seen these before but my son loves anthing related to superheroes or super powers

  13. Sarah Ann Roberts Reply

    Great idea for a christmas gift for my friends little boy, we have mostly girls in our family so its nice to be able to see this without buying first.

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