Review Eating at the TV Tower in Berlin: On our first day in Berlin we caught the sight seeing bus and came across the TV Tower. Instantly Monkey wanted to explore further. So we hopped off and went for a look. Its possible to go up 203m to the observation level. The structure itself is 368 metres making it one of the largest in Europe. 

While waiting to get a ticket we also noticed it was possible to eat in the revolving restaurant on the floor above. Having been lucky enough to do this on the CN Tower  when Monkey was three. I knew he would love to do it again in Berlin. The tickets are slightly more expensive and of course you have to pay for your food on top. It is also very popular so we were lucky to get a table next to the window on our last night. You can also buy a slightly cheaper ticket where you table is the inner circle. To be honest there is very little difference but if you are going to do it in my opinion you may as well do it properly. 

We arrived fifteen minutes before our table booking, you are not allowed to enter before this. Although we went to put our coats in the check in assistant wouldn’t take a bag so we decided to keep them with us. They also said it was cold upstairs. However as far as I am aware its all enclosed. You do not have to pay to put your coats in. Upstairs we went through security before waiting to get into the lift. The guard explained that they need to make sure the lifts are filled and emptied in tandem to help keep the balance right. As a restaurant ticket holder you do get priority both in the up and down lifts. The guards were also very friendly giving Monkey some gumi bears to eat while waiting. 

The restaurant itself has twinkly lights in the ceiling, with purple leather seats, matching carpet and well laid tables it looks worth the money. However I am sad to report it doesn’t. In fact despite looking forward to it for most of our trip Monkey and I both left feeling disappointed. 

Firstly the menu is limited with only a handful of starters and mains to choose from. The adult menu does however include one choice for Vegans which is a good thing. The kids menu is even more restrictive with a choice of red pasta, chicken nuggets or a burger. They don’t even come with chips but crisps. None of the options appealed to Monkey but the adult food was probably a little too adult. He also has a sesame allergy which meant he ended up with the burger but it was bunless as they had no other options for him. Thankfully he took it in good form and said it tasted nice. I ordered the Salmon which was average. It was meant to come with green asparagus but it looked more like pickled cucumber with dill.

Secondly my water glass literally came away in my mouth. Leaving glass in my teeth. Which I managed to remove. Of course the glass and the water was replaced. But thats not really the point.

Thirdly we had been at the table about an hour and ten minutes when we were informed by the waitress that we had to leave by seven as they had another booking.  It had only just revolved once. This had not been mentioned at all throughout the booking process. We had hoped too stay and watch the sun go down but our only option to do this would have been on the observation deck below. Bearing in mind we had sat down 15 minutes after our booking time because of waiting to go trough security etc I was less than impressed. It would have been different if we had been warned and made the decision to do it anyway. But we weren’t and although the waitress was apologetic there wasn’t much that could be done. If I honest it left a nasty taste in my mouth and although I would love to take Kipper and Hubby one day. I think we will stick to the considerably less expensive observation lounge tickets. Although much busier you are not limited on time. 

If I am honest I am not sure they are really set up for eating with children. I think they cope better with adults. If thinking of booking I would check the amount of time you have the table for. It could be in the evening you get longer to enjoy the views. I don’t mind spending a reasonable amount of money for an experience but what I do expect to get is value and in this case I don’t think we got it at all.



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  1. Ruth Harwood Reply

    oh wow, what a view!! bet you were amazed, I would be! thanks for the pics, hope you didn’t get vertigo lol!

  2. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    COR BLIMEY That’s a beauty – beautiful pics

  3. Debbie Skerten Reply

    Such a shame about the food, but you are both very brave going up there. I’m terrified of heights.

  4. olivia Kirby Reply

    Oh it doesn’t sound like a great experience. Views like that terrify me so I wouldn’t go there.

  5. Sian Buckingham Reply

    Shame it didn’t go too well for you but it does look like you had some amazing views!

  6. Sheena Batey Reply

    Sorry you were disappointed but you made the most of what you got

  7. Bindu Thomas Reply

    Great Views. But sorry to hear that you are disappointed and your experience was horrible.

  8. Nahashon Kyalo Reply

    Wow, that’s a great experience. You just gave me another goal I should add to my 2019 resolutions.

  9. That’s too bad that your experience wasn’t as great as you’d hoped! I would’ve felt the same way! But you got some amazing photos of that VIEW! If we are ever visiting there, I’ll be sure to remember to just hang at the observation deck – thanks for the heads up!

  10. On my first impression of the pictures I thought the place looks amazing, but I would think twice about sitting in the restaurant considering the experience you had. Thanks for your review and the cool pictures!

  11. Anthea Holloway Reply

    Wow – this looks exciting but only for those with a head for heights.

  12. Maxine Lewis-Enright Reply

    The view looks lovely, but it is a shame about the food. Always disappointing when you are looking forward to something and it doesn’t live up to expectations. Really not great about the water glass either, I would of freaked if that happened to me.

  13. A candid and helpful post. Thank you. Lovely views but glass in my mouth is one of my nightmares. Thank goodness you removed it safely.

  14. The views are amazing but the menu could benfit from a few tweeks!

  15. I would love to eat there! Those views are just breathtaking! Sounds like soooo much fun!

  16. paula cheadle Reply

    wow, some stunning scenery, and looks like a wonderful restaurant

  17. While the view of the place is breathtaking, I am sorry to hear that you were made to leave early owing to other bookings. I am sure there are better places around. 🙂

  18. David Elliott Reply

    Yeah, sometimes places like this just don’t cater to kids. And it stinks that after going through all of the security issues that they have to rush you out of there because of their own security measures. I can see why it would have left a bad taste in your mouth. I do think the view looks great though.

  19. Photos are great! such a sham about the food. Hope you still managed to see the sunset!!

  20. The view is great indeed! I feel so bad that you couldn’t enjoy the sunset at your table though.

  21. That’s unfortunate. To have such a limited menu and to throw you out to accommodate others, doesn’t sound like a great experience. #BloggerClubUK

  22. Sorry that it wasn’t a better experience. I had a similar experience with the restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.

  23. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What a fantastic view – you seem to manage to find the most exciting places to visit!

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