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Mission to Mars Playmobil Review – Monkey has been a fan of small world play since he was small and its lovely seeing Kipper starting to engage in it as well.  Playmobil has been a brand which we have always gravitated to. So when they asked if we would like to try out some of their Mission to Mars Space Range we of course said yes. With the anniversary of the space landing happening at the weekend it seemed the perfect opportunity for Monkey to become an astronaut.

In order to do so he had to answer three simple questions to set the scene:

If you were an astronaut what would be the first thing you would do in space?

I would take a photo of something I find really cool, like the Earth.

If you could only take one item with you to space, what would it be?

I want to say chocolate but I probably shouldn’t. Because it will not help me at all so I should probably say water and a camera. So I can take photos incase there is any life on Mars or Venus. And if there is life there I can take photos and give them to the museum.

Which planet would you explore and what would you like to discover?

Head to Venus and Mars first because no one has ever explored them. Its quite hot but I wouldn’t be living there just landing there for a day or two. I would like to discover if there is any life on either of them.

In our Mission to Mars we tried out several of the range. Which included the The Mission to Mars Station* and the Mars Research Vehicle*. Monkey was very excited, he could not wait to get started on building the sets. He did need some help with Mission to Mars Station. The instructions were clear but some of the pieces difficult to fix together. He was able to put the smaller sets together himself and start play straight away. Both the Mission to Mars and Research Vehicle require two AAA batteries as they both have lights and make suitable space sound effects ideal for realistic play.

The Mission to Mars Station (RRP £64.99) comes equipped with rock collecting kits and a fully furnished laboratory for dissecting samples. The roof of the station is detachable to allow Monkey full access to the illuminated command centre within.  In addition to the two game pieces, the station includes a fold-out ramp with rotating lock, a firing cannon and two docking stations.

Mars Research Vehicle (RRP £34.99) to take the adventure, and play, to the next level. Each set comes with moveable parts and lights to help children immerse themselves in play, as well as its own range of accessories including space rocks, exploration tools and missiles. The space rocks were a particular fascination for Monkey who loves anything remotely shiny.

Things we love about the Mission to Mars Playmobil Range

  • There is something for every budget with items starting at just £4.99 and going up to £64.99 for a the Mission to Mars Station. The lower end is ideal for gifting to Monkey’s friends for their birthdays. Whereas the high end can make that perfect show stopper gift for birthday or Christmas.
  • The reason I have always been drawn to Playmobil for the boys is the quality. The toys have a sturdiness about them which I have not found anywhere else. The attention to detail is also very good with lots of little accessories many of which have well printed stickers to attach to them.
  • Play is endless. Only limited by imagination. Anything that helps  with their creative story telling scores well with me. But its all the little accessories that come with these toys which really help develop their thought processes
  • It is possible to buy extra Mission to Mars sets to expand the game play further. Such as an additional Astronaut and Robot set (RRP £4.99) and the Mars Rover (RRP £8.99)

Monkey really enjoyed playing with the Mission to Mars Playmobil range. There will be many space stories being acted out over the coming months because of it. Designed for children over the age of four it is available to buy at all good retailers.

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  1. My kids used to love Playmobil. There older now – the youngest is almost 8 and loved it for many years. The Mission to Mars edition looks great. I’m kind of gutted they are too old for it! 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  2. We love playmobil – great imaginative play and good timing with the space theme this year.

  3. That looks amazing and our grandsons are obsessed with anything space related at the moment. And, it’s great that you can buy additions to the set.

  4. Gervin Khan

    I love a toy which is letting a kid to learn while having fun and this one is a perfect toy for my kids.

  5. such an awesome toy! I’d die if I got this when I was little! All this cosmos theme is getting bigger and I can’t be more happy about it

  6. This toy set looks so much fun. He seems to really enjoy it x


  7. Oh wow! This is so cool! Kids would love this kind of toys for sure! Thanks for the honest and amazing review.

  8. Oh wow, what an amazing bundle! I love that there is something for every budget.

  9. Oh I love his answers, this looks like a fab Playmobil set. How cute are the little people!

  10. Lavern Moore

    What a great activity for the little ones. Seems like this can keep them occupied for hours on end!

  11. Kuntala Banerjee

    Thanks for sharing. I can buy for my kid, he will be happy.

  12. Lynn Neal

    Great fun and perfect to spark little imaginations and lots of creative play!

  13. I like how intellectual the toy is lol. But great job for giving one like that. Learning + fun is always better than fun alone.

  14. This looks like an amazing toy, i love an engaging and scientific toy for my kids, just awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  15. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    I love the answer for what he’d want to take with him. I’m pretty sure I’d really want chocolate too.

  16. Used to love Playmobile as a kid so it’s great to see it’s still going strong in 2019!

  17. Margaret GALLAGHER

    SUPER DUPER FUN – SUPER DUPER learning too

  18. Rosemary Tily

    Brilliant Astronaut in the making here! Our futures are safe!

  19. This looks like a great kit! I’m looking forward to when my kids are old enough to use Playmobil as they seem to have some fabulous ranges!

  20. What great answers to your questions, well done Monkey, I’m sure you’ll make a great astronaut.

  21. Oh wow what an impressive set! I absolutely love how perfectly this kit links to all of the ‘Man landing on the moon’ coverage that has been happening recently – space is an incredibly interesting topic to explore 🙂

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