AD – We were gifted accommodation entry into the theme park and tickets to the show to write this blog post – Review CARO Show Efteling. We paid for our own meal.

Review CARO Show Efteling – while staying at Efteling we booked to see their new show CARO. Having looked on their website I thought it would be a good gap fill. Since we were there anyway and so it would be something to do in the witching hour before bed. I am so glad I did it because the show deserves way more than this. It is a magical mix of story telling and circus performance. With huge moving animals it really captured the boys imaginations. Even the three year old stayed glued to the performance. CARO is preformed in the Efteling Theatre.  This  near the entrance to the park.

All images © 2018 – Robert Aarts Photography – All rights reserved

Eating in Pinokkio’s

Since we were there all day I booked a pre theatre meal in their pizza and pasta restaurant Pinokkio’s. Our meal was booked for 4.30pm with the show beginning at 6.30pm. This worked perfectly for us. We had planned to nip outside to see the water fountains around 6.15pm  when they started. Because there was such a long queue to get back into the the theatre. We watched  the fountain show through the windows to the bar. The area directly outside the theatre  bar is roped off. I expect they open the doors in the warmer weather, so that you have a chance to see both the water show and the theatre show.

Review CARO Show Efteling

Review CARO Show Efteling

Pinokkio’s is located inside the theatre and has a reasonable simple menu with a handful of options. This is in keeping with the other restaurants we tried. I really liked that the kids menu was basically the adults but in smaller portion size. This worked well for Monkey who is not a fan of children’s menus generally. The layout of the room outs a stage at the centre. Here they had placed squash urns. For 4€ the kids could have unlimited drinks in a souvenir plastic cup with lid, which  could be taken through to the theatre. The boys really enjoyed filling them up with all the different colours.

The price of the food

Our meal came to 82€ with a half litre carfe of wine, two beers, unlimited soft drinks for the boys and two starters and four main courses. Starters on the adult menu were between 5-10€ and main courses 9.50€-14€. Children’s prices for mains were around 50% of the adult price. When you compare this to the price of a meal in London even on a theatre deal its not bad value considering we also had alcohol.

Entering the theatre

I was confused by our tickets that had consecutive even numbers. We were a little concerned that this meant that we wouldn’t be sitting next to each other. Of course we need not have worried, one side of the theatre is even numbers and one side of the theatre is odd numbers. You will need to make sure you enter through the right door. The stage is in the centre of the room so no matter where you sit you get a good view of that is going on.

All images © 2018 – Robert Aarts Photography – All rights reserved

Review CARO Show Efteling

The story is about the circle of life and is designed around a Carousel.  With the main character Oscar being part of the audience initially. He finds the key to the memory carousel and travels back through time to all the great moments of his life.

From the story..

We see Oscar and his friend Eva. They play, dance and laugh their way through life. Time passes. Oscar and Eva watch themselves growing up in the big mirror. They become teenagers, Oscar goes on a journey into the great wide world. But in the end he returns to his true love Eva. They get married and welcome their daughter Kate..

Time passes by. The young family is busy. Eva can’t cope with the merry go round of life anymore… and then silence. Little Kate comforts her father. Dancing along, they try to pick up their lives again. Kate grows up. She makes Oscar happy with a grandson who’ is the spitting image of him. The circle of life has gone the full circle. Oscar is grateful. The memory carousel has shown him the beauty of his life..

All images © 2018 – Robert Aarts Photography – All rights reserved
Images © 2018 – Robert Aarts Photography – All rights reserved
All images © 2018 – Robert Aarts Photography – All rights reserved

Our experience

The show obviously touches on some significant life events. The family bereavement was very well portrayed and Kipper did ask the question where the mummy had gone. But only in passing. Although it is something to be aware of with young children but should not distract from the rest of the show. Which is jovial and full of humour with lots of acrobatics and dancing. The music and costumes really add to the experience. Many of the carousel members looking like they had stepped right out of the festival of the masks in Venice. Some school children were guests  of the show and got to perform in the show itself.

All images © 2018 – Robert Aarts Photography – All rights reserved

You are not allowed to take pictures or videos during the show. Efteling have supplied the photos included in this post. It lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and there are no intervals. We really did enjoy the show and I would take the children to see it again. It is essential that you book both the show and restaurant, by staying on site then you can do this online. Theatre tickets only costs 7.50€ per person for those staying at one of the Efteling accommodations. Which after seeing the show is an absolute bargain. Alternatively you can buy combined theme park and show tickets from 57€ or show tickets alone for 25€. Booking can all be done on the Efteling website.

Have you seen the CARO show? What did you think?

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Review Efteling CARO Show

Review CARO Show Efteling


  1. This sounds like it was a lovely evening watching CARO Show Efteling and having a nice meal, This sounds like it was a interesting show, I love a good theatre show! 🙂

  2. Rachel Craig

    It has been some time since I visited Efteling. We also thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Thanks for the video :- Wonderful!

  3. Fiona jk42

    This sounds like a fun way to spend some time in the evening.

  4. Lyndsey cooksey

    What a great looking show! Never hear of Carp before. Cor that food looks good too!

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Amazing place to visit – so much joy for all

  6. Zena's Suitcase

    We would definitely book to see this show if we make it to Eftling. I’m a huge fan of live circus anyway and this looks like a wonderful show to see

  7. Jeanette Leighton

    Looks like a great show very entertaining I’m sure my family would love this

  8. Carly Belsey

    Wow that show looks really colourful and wonderful. Perfect for all the family. That pizza!!! Yummy

  9. lynn neal

    I have not seen the Caro show but it looks great, I love the effect of the rain!

  10. How colourful and fabulous. I had not heard of it previously. Always pleased to read your excellent reviews with great tips.

  11. Gemma Hendry

    Show looks so magical and some tasty food

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    Wow this looks like an absolutely incredible show. They really went all out with the production value! Looked like a fantastic time.

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    That looks like a beautiful show, I am sure my kids would love it and great that it touches on real life events too

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    I’d love to visit Eftling it looks lovely the show looks magical . Love the photo’s

  19. I’ve heard so much about Efteling, I’d really like to visit some day. The show looks amazing.

  20. This looks like the ultimate show! I would love to visit Efteling one day.

  21. Looks like a great show but my 6 year old is very sensitive so not sure how he’d cope with the mum dying. I really love that the children’s menu offers similar to the adult menu, I always find kids menus so samey, it would be nice to give the kids the opportunity to try something new. Glad you all had a fun time xx

  22. This looks like an amazing show, the costumes reminded me of Circle du Soleil! I would love to check this one out.

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    Sounds like a really wonderful show. I like that it isn’t too long and that’s great for children.

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    It looks fabulous.I like the pictures, especially the acrobatics! Food and drinks look fab too!

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    Looks like a really great show! I wish we had these shows in my country.

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    Great value for the meal and also the theatre.

    I imagine it was quite moving but spectacular x

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    What a wonderful story, I bet you were all amazed, I know I would be. Love the photos of the show.

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