12 Uses for Giant Muslins

Everyone has at least one item that they couldn’t live without, for me its the aden + anais giant muslins or swaddles for me. I often buy them as gifts for first time parents simply because they are so versatile. Monkey coming up to 4 will still on occasion sleep with his and the thought of Kipper having them as his own is too much for him. So as you can tell he’s pretty attached! Therefore I was delighted when offered the chance to review some from the new range, after all they are definitely one of my baby essentials.

Untitled design-3

So why the fuss? Well over the last four years they have been used for:

  • Swaddles – which is their intended use
  • Burp cloths – especially if you have a baby with colic as normal size muslin will just not do! You can always guarantee the spit back or sick reaches further down your shoulder!
  • Comforter – Monkey attached himself to muslins at an early age and carried them around with him up to the age of about 3. Even now at 4 he will sleep with one if he’s struggling to settle himself. The big benefit has got to be that its easy to subsitute another in when they need to be washed or get lost.
  • Sunshades – their size makes them perfect to throw over a pram, car seat or buggy without the need for hair clips to keep them in place.
  • Feeding Cover – I used them a lot to cover my modesty while I was feeding, having a Summer baby it was going to have something that was light weight to keep both of us as cool as possible.
  • Blankets – although aden + anais sell thicker muslin blankets (which incedently are also fab) we have used the muslins in the warmer weather. More recently when Monkey has outgrown sleeping bags and a Summer duvet is too thick. He doesn’t like to sleep without anything so these are ideal.


  • Sheets – when travelling we have used them in the travel cot as a sheet to cover the mattress, because of their size they tuck nicely under and as Monkey is allergic to man made fibres, I can rest easily knowing his eczema will not flare in the morning.
  • Car Seat/Buggy Liner – in the heat they can been used to wick away sweat because they are so light weight and easy to fold
  • Changing Mat Cover – when you don’t want your little one on a cold surface these act perfectly as a cover
  • Tummy Time – for those impromptu tummy time sessions either inside or out in the good weather
  • Clothing – …one of my friends on the way home from a weekend away realised she had no clean clothes for her baby after one of those nappy explosions we probably all remember, thankfully she had one of the aden + anais muslins which she simply wrapped her in until they got home!
  • Den Building – yep they are great for building dens and tents in the front room, their size is just right and it saves me having to dig out old blankets

Thats a long list of uses and theres got to be some I have forgotten, if that hasn’t put them on your to buy list here are some more details;


Each measures 120cm x 120cm, they are made from the softest natural cotton muslin I have come across. Because of this they are breathable so ideal for warmer weather too and softer with every wash. There are some beautiful designs available, I opted for the vintage circus print which is ideal for either boys or girls.


With each set you also get instructions on how to swaddle your baby which is really handy and there is also a step by step guide on their website. These are honestly one of my go to items, I would never be without them and recommend them to all mums to be I know.

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  1. Faye Elizabeth

    I never had giant ones, I only had some of the smaller ones and k never really found much use for them once my little one was older. The only exception being, a small square cut from one of them can be used to fill with flour/icing sugar so you can dust your surfaces while baking – I’ve used my Muslims more for this than I did when she was a baby lol

  2. sabrina

    Agree! I LOVE giant muslins and always buy them as baby gifts for new parents. I used them for swaddling Tyler as a newborn and it really helped get him into a routine. As soon as he was swaddled he knew it was nap time. Then as he got older it became a summer blankie. I also used it as a sunshade on the buggy. I love shopping for them in TK Maxx, they have lovely colours and patterns xx

  3. newmummyblogcom

    I’ve never had giant muslins, but they sound much better! Reading your post, I’ve just realised I don’t have any in my changing bag and haven’t for quite a while… I wonder if I should given their versitility and surely I’m jinxing myself! x

  4. Franjones

    These look ace, did I actually just use that word?! Anyway, they look great. We just have regular ones and when I bought 2 packs of them thought that was too many buy we get through several a day as Poppy is a messy feeder! I’ll have to get some giant ones as ideal for summer for sunshades or a cool sheet. #bloggerclubuk

  5. dearbearandbeany

    I love these. Both my girls use a muslin as a comforter at bedtime, Alice is starting to grow out of it. But Holly loves them and I am always having to buy new ones. They are so versatile too which is fab x

  6. youthedaddy

    More great ideas! Especially the one on fort building! I don’t know what it is about these giant muslins that is so appealing but my wife and I are constantly drawn to them when baby shopping! #BloggerClubUK

  7. Someone's Mum

    I completely agree! Muslins are an absolute essential. They’re one of those things you think “DO I need these?” before you’ve had a baby and then you realised that muslins are so, so useful and diverse. Those giant ones look brilliant too #BloggerClubUk

  8. Mess and merlot

    Hee hee I remember how vital muslins became when my two were little ? I was never more than a arms length away from one! #BloggerClubUK

  9. pottyadventures

    We’ve never had giants muslins so these look great. It’s amazing how versatile they become – I particularly like the car seat cover idea to wick away sweat as we approach the warmer months. Thanks for sharing and hosting.

  10. Habiba

    I love using them as blankets in the summer. They’re just right for nap time, or in the stroller. The den building idea is brilliant, must try! #BloggerClubUK

  11. Nichola (The Willow Corner)

    Absolutely love the A&A muslins- such lovely designs. We use them for pretty much all the uses you’ve listed. It took a while for us to start using them actually because they looked a little too pretty to be covered in baby sick. Obviously that mindset has changed now and they are in full use now! Funnily enough I used to think our sofa was too pretty to be covered in baby sick too…

  12. rightroyalmother

    I actually REALLY love this post because, with NG, we got addicted to the ‘normal’ sized Aden + Anais muzzies and now, with NC, we use the big ones. We have the circus print too. They are absolutely brilliant and we wouldn’t be without them (and I think we have actually used them in all the ways you describe!) And, of course, Prince George was pictured with the bird print design on his first day of birth 🙂 Lucky you for being sent them! #bloggerclubuk

  13. Jules

    I haven’t bought any muslins for baby yet but they are on my list! I didn’t know they came in larger sizes but after reading this, I might have to skip over to aden + anais and buy some now! #BloggerClubUK

  14. islandliving365

    I love the muslin cloths! I think before you have a baby you don’t appreciate how brilliant they are and then baby arrives and you suddenly need all of the muslin clothes. I never left the house without at least three! 🙂 #bloggerclubuk

  15. anywaytostayathome

    I honestly had an entire draw filled with Muslin Cloths, they are amazing and I agree the aden + anais ones are superb. L is 2 and I still have one in the car and one in my bag in case of emergencies, the latest of which was his toy giraffe being cold in the rain so a cape was fashioned and tantrum avoided! #BloggerClubUK

  16. Madeline

    I love muslins! They’re so useful, and we had piles and piles of them all round the house when my two were babies. We never had giant ones though, and reading this is making me think life would’ve been even easier if we had bought some! x #BloggerClubUK

  17. cydneyhelsdown

    i remember how much i loved my muslin cloths when Corben was a baby, i didn’t realise there were giant ones though! Will need to keep these in mind for when we eventually have another one!


  18. Gemma

    HA, this is brilliant! I always had a million of the small ones and used them for just about everything, or so I though! I will deffo be purchasing some giant ones for next time! Thanks for the tips x

  19. reimerandruby

    So true! I have not actually thought of muslin squares before until I received a packet for a gift when I newly gave birth, that’s how I started seeing its usefulness. Very informative post! #bloggerclubuk

  20. thebrightnessofthesedays

    I adore these muslins, we have the jungle print smaller ones (the elephant is my particular fave!) and the twinkle star print larger ones. They’re so useful. The lightweight A&A muslin sleeping bags are also THE BEST sleeping bag in the summer or on holiday when it’s hot #BloggerClubUK

  21. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Clare, I can see why these are a favourite of yours, they sound so versatile. Being of natural fiber they’ll be nice and soft and the design looks fun too. My cousin has recently had a baby and I really had no idea what to send them, but you may have come up with a solution if I can get hold of some online and have them posted to them.

    Thanks for the tips!


  22. Nige

    Some brilliant ideas we use to swaddle the twins as babies and I swore by it when you were trying to get two asleep at the same time on your own #thanks for hosting #bloggersclubuk

  23. Agent Spitback

    Oh, yes, one of my fave to have items for baby as well! I used them all the time and for different purposes as well. I use them as pillows as well! #bloggerclubuk

  24. Jaylan - Diapers at Dawn

    I brought a giant muslin from Kiddicare when I was pregnant, little one’s born in June, I think I spent £20 at the time for one and hubby thought it was expensive but I have to say it was £20 well spent. We used it for most of the things in your list, definitely a great thing to have, baby K is nearly 2 and we still use it, especially in the summer! In fact my cousin’s second is due in June and I couldn’t find one as soft as mine to buy her, but will definitely check out these ones x #BloggerClubUK

  25. Petite Pudding (@petite_pudding)

    e are new to the wonders of aden+anais supersized muslins – but we love them, so soft and snuggly. Hadn’t thought about using them as a cot sheet, great idea as we brought a compact cot and I cant find any sheets that fit! #bloggerclubuk

  26. Fionnuala Three Sons Later

    I haven’t used these ones but I have used their baby towels. The quality is lovely, as are the patterns.

  27. Mummy in a TuTu (@mummyinatutu)

    I am completely with you. I happened upon giant muslins by accident in TK Maxx when baby shopping for the millionth time and OMG they have been a godsend ever since. I literally use them for everything – even propped a boob up when breastfeeding with a rolled up one! They are genius!


  28. mummydaddymia

    Oh I love these! I still use muslin squares for lots of things even though Mia is nearly 3! I find they are great to pop olbas oil on when she has a cold, to put over the table to protect it from her dinner spillages and also to put over her when she falls asleep in the car but doesn’t need a blanket 🙂


  29. fairyqueen

    These look great, and so big! I think den building would be the choice for my boys now:)

    Mainy – myrealfairy


  30. Amanda

    Hi Clare! It’s funny because when I was pregnant people prepared me about muslins, told me to stock up and so I did what I was told! Bought at least 20, not including all the beautiful ones I got given as gifts. My little boy arrived and I had my drawer full of pressed muslins ready to go! Turns out though that I never needed them, he v v rarely spat up! I was actually disapointed I didnt get much use out of them so folded them away for maybe baby number two. But after reading your post I will be digging them out and using them for everything other than spit up! He is one now but hey better late than never ? #bloggerclubuk

  31. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    I love these too! My best friend bought me a pack of these when our daughter was born. I wish I had known about them when the two boys were babies! They are so handy for so many different things! I used to use them over the buggy to block out the sun or breeze too. #bloggerclubuk

  32. Mummy Pat

    I’ve used the normal-sized ones, but pretty much only for wiping up/protecting from baby puke. But I didn’t realise there were giant ones or that there were so many uses for them. I especially like the sunshade option – the number of times I forget to bring something for the buggy or car seat when the weather is changeable…

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