Paw Patrol Birthday Party – Each year I try to host a themed party for Monkey. For his first Birthday we had a Hungry Caterpillar theme, for his second a Gruffalo theme and for his third a Going on Bear Hunt theme. I was actually hoping for a superhero party this year as it was only a few weeks after giving birth and I did think I had the time to think about or organise a party at home. Instead I was picturing a hall with hired help! But Monkey was adamant he wanted a Paw Patrol party, so heres what we go up to. Its not my usual creative take on a party, but he loved it nonetheless!


Which is just as well, as the day before the party he came down with chicken pox! Thankfully as it had been doing the rounds at nursery many of the children invited had already had it and came along anyway.

Invites and Thank You Cards:

PawPatrol exampleI opted to order a digital file from Etsy and then get them printed locally, although the printing wasn’t as cheap as I would have liked it they did look good. Plus it does mean I now have the file digitally so if Kipper goes through a Paw Patrol stage we will be able to re use it! The thank you cards were along the same vain but had a picture of Monkey on them in his Paw Patrol T-shirt.

Party Hack 1: I ordered the thank you cards pre written saying thank you for coming to  my party and for the gift. Yes, I know it is not as nice as getting a hand written note I know but I had an eight week old at the time and some things need to give.



In my head I had elaborate cardboard puppy houses which matched the ones from the TV and our claiming frame turned into a something hat resembles the look out tower. So that the child could run around and pretend to be the Paw Patrol pups. Maybe I would have taken on such a craft mission if I had’t just had a baby so Party Hack 2 – I hired a bouncy castle which had a Paw Patrol theme.

IMG_1882 (1)There was also a colouring station set up, I had printed off some blank colouring pages off of the internet. There are loads available to choose from although I found the best ones to be on the Nick Junior website. Also temporary tattoos have become a big thing in our house recently so when I found some Paw Patrol ones I hoped they would go down well.

Along with this we also played two party games pass the parcel and a paw patrol version of pin the tail on the Donkey. Each layer of the pass the parcel had a break packet of haribo and a Paw Patrol medallion. Party Hack 3 – I didn’t realise until talking to a friend but it is actually possible to buy a pre wrapped pass the parcel direct from Amazon! I did do ours myself but if you were really under the cosh it maybe worth thinking about. The pin the badge on Ryder game was not as successful as I had hoped after the first child to go actually put the age right where it was meant to go. It turned out that the cardboard blindfolds were pretty useless!


Food and Cake:

IMG_5831Birthday cakes a big deal to me and I still remember a mushroom cake my mum made for me when I was younger. For this reason I love decorating a birthday cakes with all the modelling fondant but this time I didn’t have loads of time. Party Hack 4 – I brought a plain white iced chocolate cake and then decorated it myself using both fondant and also some plastic toys which Monkey already had. To make the Paw Patrol badge I printed off a step by step guide on how to draw it and just cut the pieces out and placed it on the fondant before cutting around it with a sharp knife.

For the Gruffalo party I did this amazing spread of themed food. This time round because we were catering for 27 children I stuck to the normal party food with a couple of treats thrown in. Including jelly boats made by Nannie and these marshmallow lolly pops. Monkey loved dipping them in chocolate although I had no idea how many sprinkles you needed! I also went to the £1 shop and brought some fun dog bowls as serving dishes. Party hack 5 – themed cupcakes are either a lot of work or expensive so instead I brought some pre-made ones and cut out sugar papered Paw Patrol figures to go on top. As it was heavy weight sugar paper it meant they looked 3D.


I am so glad we put all the food under a gazebo as the heavens opened just as the children sat down to eat. Each seat as well as having Paw Patrol themed party wear. Also had a mask of either Rubble, Marshall or Chase.

IMG_1881Party Bags:

The children had already got themed medallions and masks during the day so I didn’t do your usual party bags. Instead I made up some small sweet bags with little Thank You stickers that I found online free. I also gave each child a book. Party Hack 6 – party bags can work out expensive. So instead buy a multi pack of books from say The Book People and give these as gifts instead. You can normally get a pack of ten for around £10 which works out much cheaper. I wrapped ours up in brown paper, and put a Paw Patrol sticker on them with the child’s name. This also allows you to tailor the book easily to different age ranges, as we had a couple of siblings coming as well.

This time I also did a Piñata which meant I could fill it with the normal party bag toys. Not wanting to encourage violence I opted for one which worked by the ribbons being pulled. However I would not recommend this. It didn’t work which meant I ended up having to rip Marshall in half. It did provide some adult entertainment. As I think everyone thought it quite funny when Monkey pulled down hard on the ribbons and nothing happened! He was a little disappointed though!



I would normally make a Birthday banner, but this year I brought all our decorations. Including some hanging decorations for the rood of the conservatory. However I think the best decoration was the giant Chase ballon. Which again I brought off of Amazon and got it filled locally. It was huge and Monkey thought it was great!!

This years party compared to others it was definitely less involved from an organisational point of view. Yet the kids still had a great time. I know I cheated at elements with the cupcakes and the main Birthday cake. But Monkey didn’t mind and still enjoyed blowing his candles out.


I have set up a Pinterest board with all sorts of Paw Patrol party ideas here:

IMG_1806As for Kipper well he was an angel and slept soundly throughout the whole two hours or so in his sling. Even while I was trying to organise the pin the badge on Chase! Next year I am hoping that the Superhero themed party in a box will be requested. So that I don’t need to clean the house from top to bottom or worry about entertainment. I am also not sure if I can handle organising two parties in such quick succession!

How about your children? Have you arranged any themed parties for them? I would love to hear about your Birthday parties and traditions in the comments below.



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Paw Patrol Birthday Party


  1. A million thank you’s for this hun! I will have G’s party to sort next month and I had been dreading it. I always do things myself but I’ll have baby by then and wasn’t sure how I was going to manage. Off to look for the pre-wrapped pass the parcel now- what a fab idea!! xx

    • I know it’s great isn’t it!! I am sure it will go well and she’ll love it regardless of what you decide to do. Thank you for stopping by xx

  2. This looks awesome! My 2yo kept trying to grab the phone from my hand while I was reading this because she wanted to see all the paw patrol stuff ? She is more than a little obsessed with all thing paw patrol these days ?

  3. reimerandruby Reply

    Wow! looks like a fab and fun party. I’m sure he had an amazing time. The cake looks lovely and the food preparations too. #BloggerClubUK

  4. Oh wow what a fab party!! That bouncy castle looks like fun and all of the little things you have thought of, how lovely! We haven’t done any themed parties yet but I imagine mine would all be princess themed – even Harrys!!! #BloggerClubUK

  5. I just showed my daughter some of your pictures of your Paw Patrol cupcakes and now it seems as if we have to make some now. You have come up with some fab ideas! #BloggerClubUK

  6. Arj would go absolutely crazy for this! He loves paw patrol. Amazing that you had the patience to decorate a cake and with an 8 week old! You are amazing!! #BloggerClubUk x

  7. Loving the party hacks! Pre-wrapped pass the parcel? Pre-written thank you cards? We are in a new era of enlightenment! Fab!

  8. Sharon Rivers (@riverswrites) Reply

    Oh this looks fab! My lg loves paw patrol and this has given me some fantastic ideas… I don’t think my party would live up to yours though, you had every angle covered!! 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  9. It looks and sounds a brilliant party especially as you had a newborn to take care of. My littlest loves paw patrol so I’m definitely remembering these ideas. The balloon is amazing!

  10. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons Reply

    I am in total awe of you! What an amazing party to pull off, with or without a newborn to worry about! I had no idea about pre-wrapped pass the parcels – totally mentally bookmarking that one! And that photo of Monkey pulling the ribbons is just perfect – his face!! Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  11. This party looks amazing! I LOVE the idea of buying a plain white iced cake and decorating it yourself….totally counts as homemade that way! Definitely doing that from now on! #sharingthebloglove

  12. Wow you did a fab job and Monkey won’t care about any of the things you were worrying about. He had the perfect paw patrol party and that is all that matters to him. My girls birthdays are 10 days apart and at the moment I do a joint party, but not sure how many more years I can get away with it. We love a themed party. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! My 4-year-old boy is mad about Paw Patrol. I love the cake and all the other things! Brilliant. 🙂 xx #SharingtheBlogLove

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