PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids

I think as soon as we landed in Spain Monkey was asking to visit a water park. PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids. Thankfully while we were holidaying in the Costa Dorada we were given the in Europe – PortAventura World. Right next door to the theme park is their water park – PortAventura Caropportunity to visit one of the largest theme parks ibe Aquatic Park which we were also given tickets for. Having looked at water parks in the area I was a little concerned about how many of the attractions within the park that he could actually go on. He’s a bit of a dare devil so he often gets disappointed that he can’t go on certain things because of his height, so how did we get on?

PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids

Our first stop when we arrived was to seek out some shade. We found a covered area just past the kiosk where you get the lockers. As we arrived at 10am when it opened we had the pick of the sunbeds, although they do fill up quickly. There are various sun bed areas all around the park, so you shouldn’t struggle to find somewhere to set up camp. However with Kipper only being three months old it was important we had some shade.

Monkey was so excited it was difficult to keep him contained so we decided to head over to the Bahama Beach where there is a little kiddies water play area.

PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids

There are sunbeds all around this area, the water is the warmest we came across and is only about a ft deep so ideal for little people. Its  beautiful setting and is right next to the El Triangle de las Bermudas, a huge pool with a fantastic wave machine and a rather mean water jet which caught me a couple of times, much to Monkey’s delight!


dsc01901The pool is like a beach which means that all ages can play in it, including tiny ones as they have some bubble jets on the shore. Kipper was starting to tire so Hubby headed back to the sunbeds while Monkey and I tried out the lazy river. You can enter it at several places and they have single and double rings. Monkey was a little small really so the only way was to hold him all the way round. This didn’t deter him though and he went on it several times over.

Next Hubby took Monkey on a slide – El Torrente – rafting fun for all the family minimum height is 1m, if less than 1m then you need to be accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures but he loved it. However the queue was quite long by the time they decided to give it ago. Therefore I would suggest going on the big slides first when you arrive and before it gets busy. The park does offer a fast pass for an additional 15€. If our children were older I think we would consider it to avoid having to queue. Saying that there is a lot to keep them entertained outside of the slides. Monkey also loved playing in the La laguna de Woody pictured below.


He particularly loved it when the big bucket at the top did this:

PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids

We eventually managed to drag him away to get some food opting for hot dogs and chips. Two super hotdogs, a large soft drink, large beer and chips came in just under 20€. It didn’t take long and Monkey was off exploring again, heading this time over to the ship wreck – El Galeon Pirate.

PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids

dsc01917There are four slides designed specifically for the younger visitors and Monkey was able to go on the green and blue slides (110cm), the red and yellow are for children who are taller than 120cm. Show Monkey a slide and he will just go on it over and over again! So as you can imagine he loved this area as well.  Around the pirate ship there are sunbeds and a beach area. There are also plenty of places to buy refreshments and ice creams. This would be a good place to set up camp if you have children of both age groups and some wanting to go on the bigger attractions as they are right next door to this area.


Once Kipper had woken up we headed inside to check out the baby pool, which is only 10cm deep and would have been ideal if he was sitting. Monkey found another slide which he could go on. I must say I am super impressed with the inside area. It backs directly onto a place to buy hotdogs and drinks and has plenty of sun beds. Perfect if you have little ones like we do. The slide which Monkey went on was manned by a life guard at the bottom to help the smaller children up and off the slide. It made me think why we don’t offer the same at home! There were a large number of staff all over the park which is great from a confidence point of view.

PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids

Things we loved:

  • Free kids life jackets, we actually have one for Monkey anyway but its good that you can borrow them from the water park. They are free with a 30€ deposit.
  • The map details minimum heights which means you can set expectations before you go. Monkey was able to go on the majority of things although many of the slides were out of bounds due to his height, yet he was able to go on a couple which made his day!
  • The inside area of course!
  • The designers have successfully catered for all ages groups, there was plenty to keep Monkey entertained and if Kipper was a little older then he could have played in the toddler pool inside which also had play equipment.
  • We didn’t hear… ‘I’m bored’ once!

PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids

There is nothing we didn’t like about the park! We really enjoyed our visit. If we had discovered it earlier into our stay then we would have visited again without doubt. We also visited the theme park which we reviewed in this post.

Some extra advice:

  • As you walk through the entrance there is the opportunity to buy a preloaded photo wristband. If you are planning on going on the big slides its worth investing in
  • Also at the entrance is a kiosk to hire lockers for 5€. Useful if you all want to go into the water at the same time
  • When we visited we simply jumped on a bus. They run every half an hour from Cambrils, your hotel will be able to give you a bus timetable. It will take you straight there for 2€ each. The bus stop is a two minute walk from the entrance of the park. They have ample parking if you are driving but do charge 10€ to park.
  • When we visit again we would definitely consider the three day ticket. For both the theme park and the water park. Buying a combined ticket can save a lot of money when compared to buying the tickets individually.


Things you need to know:

  • The price of tickets will vary depending on the number of days and if you want both parks. However for a single day at PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park  it will be 29€ for an adult (11-59). 24€ for a senior (60+) and Junior (4-10). It really is worth checking out the pricing on their website. We would look to buy a combination ticket if we are to visit again
  • When we visited it was open from 10am-7pm. They have different opening times depending on the time of year so check out their calendar.
  • Located on the Costa Dorada and about an hour away from Barcelona. Their address is Avinguda Alcalde Pera Moles, Salou, Tarragona
  • Website – www.portaventura.com


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We were given entrance to PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park in return for this blog post. PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids.  All words and opinions are my own – we loved it!!PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids

PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park with young kids


  1. This looks a fantastic place – I haven’t been to a water park for such a long time! I love that there was so much to do (it just seems to keep on going), and great that they have catered for small ones too, including some slides – sometimes these places get carried away and end up with nothing for the small ones at all! I really want to go but sadly have no plans to anytime soon 🙁 #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons Reply

    Wow, this really looks like an amazing water park! I love when there’s a beach type paddling area – makes it so good for little ones, and the little kids play area looks great with that huge octopus. I love the fact that there are so many different rides and slides for all ages, I could see us happily spending a whole day there! Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. I Love this! I am a big fan of water parks and seek them out whenever we go on holiday. I am just a big kid really. The childrens bit looks like so much fun and I can see my girls both loving it. We definitely wouldn’t hear the words bored either! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

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  5. This place looks amazing! No wonder they never told you they were bored. Good to know there are life jackets there!

  6. It looks like a wonderful place for the whole family! love places that are suitable for all age groups. And it seems you have had a lovely time together. 🙂 x #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. This sounds so fun with kids – love lots of little touches like the life jackets and helpful lifeguards top. I think my daughter would love it.

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