Make your own Spaceman Rocket Pack: For World Book Day we made Monkey a Space Helmet and he loves to play dress up in his spaceman outfit. Yet he has been asking for a rocket pack now for a couple of weeks to go with it. With this in mind I set about making him something relatively simple as part of the space theme for this months Bostik Blogger challenge. So far this year the themes have been Flowers,  Birds, Easter and Valentines Day. The good thing about this being simple is that when it gets wrecked you can just make another one!

To make  your own Spaceman Rocket Pack you will need:

  • Two 2lt empty fizzy drink bottles
  • Two disposable coloured cups – plastic or paper
  • Glue dots
  • Bostik white glue
  • Orange and yellow foam sheets
  • Tin foil
  • Thick ribbon or rope
  • Scissors
  • Various stars to decorate the rocket pack
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Step 1: The foil we had was a standard 30cm width so would not cover the bottle in one. I used the white glue to secure the foil to the bottle. I found the easiest way to cover the bottle was leave the pouring end clear and then to add an extra square to the bottom of the bottle to make a neat end.

Cutting the 30cm foil in half will then give you enough to more than cover the end and leave a good inch to help secure the bottle to the plastic cup.

Step 2: Cut a hole in the plastic cup which is big enough to push the top of the bottle through. Once secure if you push down the extra foil around the lid of the bottle inside the cup this will help to make sure it doesn’t fall off. The extra glue on the foil will also help to hold it in place.


Step 3: To make the flames that come out the back of the pack, cut an A4 sheet of orange foam in half and draw some flames freehand. I found the easiest way to make them even is to use the first one as a template to make two yellow and two orange flames exactly the same size. For the colour which you want small then just cut away the 1cm all around the outside.

Fix the two colours together with Bostik white glue and then add them to the paper cups. Make sure you fix them to the front of the cup, as if your child was wearing the rocket pack. I then left the whole thing to dry overnight.

Step 4: Once they are fully dry attach the two bottles together. To make sure they stay together properly I used a glue gun an some Bostik glue sticks.

Step 5: Then the tricky bit, I cut two lengths of 2 inch thick ribbon 65cm long. I folded these in half and secured them three quarters of the way down the bottle with the glue gun. I then tried it on Monkey to make sure he can get his arms into them easily. Before adding another blob of glue at the top.

Step 6: Decorate, we used the white glue and also some Bostik glue dots to add stars to the back of the pack. Monkey had been itching to get involved so I let him decorate it the way he wanted!! The glue dots work a treat when you don’t want to get too messy and they are a great way to practice some fine motor skills to boot!

Lastly… play!!

Apart from waiting for the glue to dry overnight to make sure it was as robust as possible this only took around twenty minutes to make and so the ideal craft activity for after school.

I will be back next month working again as part of the Bostik Blogger Programme, so please pop back for some inspired crafting ideas.


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Make your own Spaceman Rocket Pack


  1. That looks brilliant, such a good idea and quite simple to make too! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Wow this is amazing! You are SO creative Clare, you put me to shame! Harry would love this, so much so that I’m going to have to make it for him! I can just imagine how much fun Monkey had with it, it looks fantastic!

  3. You are just brilliant, you really are!! I am creative if I have the initial idea prompted to me – so I could do this I reckon. I just wish I could think of the idea in the first place as my girls would love it!

  4. Oh wow this is amazing!! I’m going to bookmark this for the summer holidays as my girls would love it, although I’m pretty sure you make it look easier than it actually is!!!

  5. That’s brilliant. I read that with my six year old looking over my shoulder! It looks like we will be having a go at making that.

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  7. fiona waterworth Reply

    great to see kids using their hands and imagination makes a great change from phones and tablets

  8. Great craft idea that will really appeal to my grandsons!

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