Babys Dental Health: Kipper now has not only his front four bottom and top teeth he also has those horrible molars cutting. On his first Birthday poster I wrote that he only had four and a half, so we have had a real surge of them. Poor thing I can really tell that they are hurting, thankfully three of the four are now almost fully through. Now he has so many teeth I am thinking about how I go about keeping them in the best condition possible. The same goes for Monkey who is yet to loose any teeth although his school friends are starting. When brush-baby  got in contact and asked me to be part of their Mums & Gums campaign I was interested to find out the best way to help my boys start a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Babys Dental Health

Brush-baby produce dental care products that are specifically designed for babies, toddlers and young children. They sent us a number of items to test out.

Step one focuses around cleaning baby gums to help reduce the build-up of bacteria and prepare a healthy environment for new baby teeth. For this stage they sent us some Dental Wipes, which are designed for 0-16 months. They also have some teething wipes which are the same but with added camomile. Inside the box there are 28 individually wrapped finger sleeves. They are formulated with Xylitol which helps to prevent the formation of acid which attacks teeth.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the packet as I had not tried anything like this on Kipper before. One side has a honey comb texture and the other side is plain, they are also banana flavoured. The texture is designed to help clean baby’s gums and first teeth. Keeping baby’s gums clean can help with teething pain and we have a lot of that at the moment.

Kipper was little bemused by the finger sleeves, but I think this is partly do with this his age. At thirteen months he is towards the older end of the suggested age range for these. You can use them from a newborn and I think if we had started earlier he wouldn’t be so surprised by me trying to rub it around his gums. I would have definitely used these when Kipper was younger if I had known about them. A box costs £4.99 but brush-baby have a special deal on where you buy five and get a sixth one free.

Babys Dental Health

Step two is all about brushing baby teeth so that it removed plaque preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Brush-baby recommends that you should brush from when the first tooth appears – something which we have not been doing! We tried Kipper with some Applemint Teething Toothpaste and a Chewable Toothbrush. At first he wasn’t sure what to do with the toothbrush, but he loved to chew the ends of it.

Babys Dental Health

The toothpaste smells delicious and also includes Xylitol;

Specially formulated with camomile to soothe during the teething stage, Brush-Baby Teething Toothpaste combines our dental protection formulation with the natural anti-inflammatory effects of camomile to soothe sore gums.

The chewable toothbrush has been designed by dentists. Kipper will clean his teeth as he chews and in the right position it means that its possible to reach his back teeth as well. We haven’t used it as a teether yet but brush-baby also recommend keeping it in the fridge to sooth further. Aimed at babies from 10-36 months its so easy to use and I am very pleased to discover it can also go in the dishwasher and steriliser. I can see us getting a lot of use out of this since its so easy for him to hold himself. This is really important because at the moment he’s not keen on us even feeding him with a spoon, so anything he can do himself is a big win. The toothpaste retails at £2.35 and the chewable toothbrush at £4.99

Step three is all about Monkey he loved the Applemint toothpaste as well, but was especially taken by the Kidsonic Electric Toothbrush which is designed for 3-6 year olds. It comes with two spare brush heads and its own battery. Monkey was instantly taken with the fact that it had flashing lights on it, which acts as the two minute timer. The AAA battery is really easy to replace and I like that you have that option to update the heads. As some of the other ones we have tried to date don’t have this ability. Which also makes it great value for money at £12.95.

On first sight I did think that the heads were quite small, but they are specifically designed for smaller mouths. Not only are the bristles soft but they are also two levels which allows them to get in between the teeth and remove plaque. Monkey loves his new toothbrush and it is helping to get him to clean his teeth both morning and night. Brush-baby also have a free chart which you order along side your tooth brush to encourage your little one into good habits. Monkey loves ticking off the circles each day.

I am very impressed with the products we have tried from brush-baby. Their website is definitely worth a visit with lots of helpful information. if you would like the opportunity to win the same set as pictured below then please enter using the gleam application below. Before entering please note the T&Cs.

Babys Dental Health

Selection of Early Years Tooth Care Products

  • Competition is open to residents of UK aged 18 or over
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random and receive the brush-baby products pictured above
  • The competition will close on 18th August 2017
  • The Winner will be asked to provide an email address and full postal address

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  1. Rebecca Duncan Reply

    My Son and his classmates have been learning about caterpillars and butterflies. They have had some caterpillars in class and tracked their change to butterflies. They have all been buzzing from the changes they have seen everyday and even did an assembly about it 🙂

  2. Kerry Taylor Reply

    He’s only 2, so he loves all experiments! Everything from poking his fingers into watermelon to pouring water from one container into another!

  3. Sue McCarthy Reply

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

  4. Lorraine Kirk Reply

    Exploding volcanoes with bicarb of soda, vinegar etc is my son’s favourite experiment at the moment.

  5. Anthony Harrington Reply

    usually mixing up things in the kitchen to make a “creation”

  6. Our little boy is only 2 so everything is an experiment for him at the moment! He’s helping me grow some vegetables in the garden so that would be the most like a science experiment.

  7. Arabella Bazley Reply

    Anything messy is the order of the day, but it is all science!

  8. They are too young for proper science experiments but they love watching vegetables in jars of water sprout.

  9. Laura Corrall Reply

    Coke and mentos – My little girl giggles so much when it goes woosh.

  10. jo liddement Reply

    Watching crystals grow from a crystal making kit that my son received

  11. Anthea Holloway Reply

    We love the Mentos and coke exploding fountain experiment!

  12. Jo Hutchings Reply

    I don’t think he really has a favourite scientific experiment as yet but it would probably be something involving water.

  13. Jenny Prest Reply

    My eldest loves to mix different paints together to create new colours!

  14. JULIE WARD Reply

    Grandson is a bit to young at the moment, but he love to play with his watering can in the bath

  15. Hayley Todd Reply

    My daughter loves making volcanoes with play-doh, vinegar and baking soda. We also love making slime!

  16. Sian Buckingham Reply

    My little boy loves everything to do with growing plants! =)

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