Eurohike 600 Rydal Tent Review: If you are a regular reader of Mudpie Fridays you will know that recently I took Monkey to his first camping experience at The Big Family Festival. We had a great time and he really enjoyed himself some of that was down to the cosy sleeping arrangements. Blacks very kindly sent us a Eurohike Rydal 600 tent to try out. Not being a camper I was a little nervous about putting it up. Especially as the weather forecast was pretty horrid that weekend. I thought a potential way round this dilemma was to go with a friend that knows how to camp. Or at least had been camping recently. The boys are the same age so it seemed to make sense. I brought the tent and she brought the knowledge.

Only it turned out that perhaps her Hubby was the camping expert so as the weekend got closer I started to panic a bit more. I have visions of poles and guy ropes everywhere. The tent blowing away in the wind or if we managed to keep it upright us all getting soaked. Two five year olds demanding to go home at 4 in the morning… you get the picture?

Actually going camping…

We got to the campsite two hours later than we intended because of the traffic and when we arrived it was pretty grey. Our only goal was to get the tent up before it rained. At least then we could keep the kids dry. I had looked on line before we left for a youtube video or similar of how to put the tent up but hadn’t managed to find anything. So when we opened the bag and looked at the instructions which pretty much said put the yellow pole in the yellow hole. EEk. Can it really be that simple.


Well the answer is yes! It took us about forty minutes to put the tent up with the boys ‘helping’ and a fair amount of peace keeping going on. It genuinely was very simple three poles and then a whole lot of tent pegs and it was up. The tent is pretty huge, so we were quite surprised by just how easy it was. I suspect we looked a little funny, two five ft ladies putting up an eight ft tent.

The Eurohike Rydall 600 is made up of two areas, a fully enclosed living section and six person sleeping compartment, which has a divide. We actually took the divide down and easily fitted two double air beds and our various bags down the side.

Both nights it rained heavily and we all survived unscathed the tent did a great job even though it was horrid outside. In the mornings we opened up the tent make the most of the sun, the fact that it opened both at the front and the side was really nice.

Things I loved about the Eurohike 600 Rydal Tent 

  • Sewn in groundsheets no more having to get the groundsheet down first!!
  • The sleeping pod is darkened to protect from the morning light as much as possible
  • There is loads of headroom and in the living area the height is 205cm
  • Extra windows at the front can let light in if good old British Summertime is not playing ball
  • We made the use of the ten storage pockets in-between the sleeping compartments – to hold torches, phones, socks etc
  • Although we didn’t need them this time, the doors to the bedroom has an extra layer of mesh for use in the Summertime
  • There is also a cable entry point at onside

Classed as a budget tent it provided everything we needed for a weekend away.  The fact that it is so easy to pitch makes this for me. Its definitely has made me feel more comfortable about going camping. I am sure we will be using it a lot more before the Summer is out. To demonstrate how easy it is Black challenged us to put it up as a family. It was meant to be five of us, but monkey got bored and my mum decided to keep him entertained. So with two people who have not pitched tents for a considerable number of years. We managed to do it in just under eighteen minutes! Video below…. (watch the camera topple over at the end some little person suddenly appear!)


Blacks have a full range of tents to suit any budget on their website.



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This is a collaborative post we were given the tent to be able to write this review and take part in the challenge.


  1. I absolutely LOVE camping and so do my kids… “yes you do… shut up”
    This has made me want to go and get our tent out of the shed! (Groan from teenagers) Trouble is, it’s winter in New Zealand so might have to wait a while x (Hurray! from teenagers)

  2. This looks so good – much better than the three man tent I have that you can’t stand up in! #BloggerClubUK

  3. It’s been years since I’ve been camping. I used to be pretty good at pitching a tent. I don’t think I could go back to it now though lol

  4. Tracy Nixon Reply

    Looks a great tent – very spacious and easy to assemble!

  5. Now this is a tent I would happily use as a first time novice camper! It looks really spacious and airy. The thought of a small tent I have to crawl in and out does not appeal to me at all! I love that the tent and sewn in floor to stop soggy grass bottoms too!

  6. Ooh we have this tent too! We are trying it out the week after next in Wales! It’s fab isn’t it? We trialled it in my parents garden the other day, it took 20 minutes start to finish, and that was mainly us faffing around trying to get it in the best direction for the photos, haha! I think with practice it would take ten minutes tops, which when it’s cold and wet, is just what you need! Sounds like you had fun, have you caught the camping bug? xx

  7. This looks a great tent! I love how big it is and that you can stand up in it, this is always a plus point for me. It’s good to have the option to have 1 large sleeping area for 2 smaller ones. Well done on getting it up, I’m not sure I would have been as good x

  8. Wow, I am impressed with how easy this tent was to put up. I want to try camping again next year with my family but the thought of struggling with tent poles and guy ropes and groundsheets was putting me off. Now I have no excuse. Looks like a lovely roomy tent too and I love that the sleeping pod is darkened too. Perfect for us and our children!

  9. This tent sounds fabulous! It’s great that it’s easy to put together & kept the family dry even in the rain. It poured buckets of rain down when we went glamping – it’s like the rain knows you are vulnerable lol x

  10. Emma Lynaugh Reply

    We camp the old fashioned way – fiddley bits, poles and groundsheets (oh my!). Mr Moo may invest in one of these now that we have baby bunting; camping with human beans under 6 months old is fraught with logistical nightmares!

  11. This looks quite similar to our tent. We’ve not been camping for 2 years! I kind of miss it but we just didn’t feel ready to take our 14 month old this year. I’m glad Monkey enjoyed it. Love the blackout bedroom pods. Definitely, something I want when we upgrade our tent.

  12. This sounds really similar to the tent we have (although ours doesn’t have a living area, I’m jealous!) – I was really impressed with how quickly and easily we managed to get it assembled. I can’t believe how much better tents have become – I remember the groundsheets and millions of pegs too! So far I’ve not been camping in ours, Max and his Daddy have camped in the garden, but I’ve promised them we’ll have a proper camping trip soon. Wish me luck!

  13. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    That’s impressive!
    Much bigger and easier than the one we have
    Wouldn’t mind on at all

  14. paula cheadle Reply

    I used to go camping, loved every minute of it, now we go in a motorhome, as being disabled can’t pitch a tent anymore

  15. Jo Carroll Reply

    Sounds like it passed the test with flying colours given the weather conditions you had. x

  16. I very rarely see tent reviews on blogs so this was a nice treat. The family goes camping occasionally so well worth keeping in mind.

  17. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Looks like a good sturdy tent I haven’t been camping for a long time

  18. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    Haven’t been camping for years. This tent looks easy to put up.

  19. Lorna Ledger Reply

    I love camping, but putting a tent up can be really stressful, so great review thanks

  20. Deborah Mackenzie Reply

    I have had some disasters with tents… blown down! leaking! and even ripping. But this one sounds much better.

  21. MARK HOPKINS Reply

    I’m looking for a good tent and this looks like a good sturdy tent.

  22. David Postle Reply

    Thanks for the review. Myself, wife and 12 & 7 year olds are booked for Latitude and have very little experience of tent erection. I spotted this one on Millets at around £170. Looks ideal for our needs. Have a great summer.

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