Our A – Z of Castles in the UK

Our A – Z of Castles in the UK: As mentioned in our 2018 Bucket List we have a new challenge as a family. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think that we are going to be able to get them all done in twelve months. But Monkey is fully on board, we hope to visit twenty six castles. Each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.

At the moment I don’t have a castle for each letter! I have tried to to specifically find castles in the South East of England. To make it as doable as possible! I hope this will encourage us to get out more as a family. We tend to have our favourite places and visit them a lot. I hope this challenge will mean we expand our list an find a few more.

  • Arundel West Sussex
  • Bodium East Sussex: We have already visited Bodium this year so expect a post soon. This is by far the most beautiful castle I have seen. Its exactly how I imagine a castle to look when I was growing up. Hand down worth a visit if you are local.
  • Cooling Kent
  • Deal Kent
  • Eynsford Kent
  • Farnham Surrey
  • Guildford Surrey
  • Herstmonceux East Sussex
  • I
  • J
  • Kirby Leicestershire
  • Leeds Kent
  • Middleham North Yorkshire
  • Nunney Somerset
  • Odiham Hampshire
  • Pevensey East Sussex: We visited Pevensey caste last weekend so theres a post coming soon, in fact the picture of the boys on the canyon balls was taken there. Again its a ruin but has some nice pubs right next door and also a very good example of a roman wall.
  • Q
  • Rochester Kent
  • St Michaels Mount Cornwall
  • Tower of London
  • Urquart Inverness ScotlandI was lucky enough to go Nessie hunting at the beginning of January. While on a cruise we also saw the castle from the water before stoping to explore on foot. Although much of it is a ruin its very peaceful and is set in beautifully scenic countryside.
  • V
  • Windsor Berskshire 
  • X
  • Yarmouth
  • Z

What are your favourite castles? Can you fill in my missing gaps or make any suggestions for ones we should visit? Bookmark this post and keep coming back to see how we are getting on with our challenge.

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  1. Perdita

    We want to go to Arundel – they have a fairy themed festival there, so we could do the castle one day and the festival the next.
    Thye threenager thinks it’s “Arandelle” from Frozen though, she’s going to be confused by the spring weather…

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    Great choices, we haven’t visited any of these, we live in South Wales so have visited lots of local ones, my five year old daughter is going to Cardiff Castle next month on a school trip, she is going to love it, we haven’t been there since she was a baby xxx

  3. Ren Taylor

    I have only been to a couple of these but my son is doing about castles at school at the moment so I feel another visit coming on !

  4. Susan B

    I am embarrassed to say that I don’t have a favourite castle and actually I am struggling to recall when I last visited one. I enjoyed reading your post, though, and have promised myself that not driving is not an excuse not to take the children to historic buildings and ruins like these. I look forward to reading this A-Z post again.

  5. katie w

    I love Maiden Castle – i know not technically a castle but my favourite place in the world. My favourite castle that is a castle is Castell Coch in South Wales.

  6. Coombe Mill

    Now this sounds like my sort of challenge, I love the idea of basing a challenge around the alphabet, perfect for littlies. It’s great that Monkey’s excited about your new challenge, and even if you don’t complete it by the end of 2018, you’ll still have some fab places to visit in 2019! Love the shot of the boys on the cannon balls, Monkey looks like he’s ready to be king of the castle.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  7. Kids of the Wild

    This is a great bucket list idea! Zennor in Cornwall has an iron age hill fort that could work for your Z and if you include Roman sites there’s Vindolanda in Northumberland. You’d probably get all the other letters in Northumberland too with it’s bastles and Pele towers. Look forward to seeing the completed alphabet!! #CountryKids

  8. Merlinda Little

    What a lovely thing to do. I havent been to a lot of castles but those that we visited are always awesome. Castles are close to unicorns to me before as I am from the Philippines. Seeing them is a magical experience for me. #countrykids

  9. Kristin Burdsall

    We love our regular day trips out to Beeston Castle. My children love taking a picnic all the way to the top. Fantastic to eat our sandwiches overlooking Cheshire

  10. Susan B

    I have just checked out St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall and love the look of it. I haven’t had to check tides to visit a historic site before! Thanks for the nudge.

  11. Susan B

    You’ve got me thinking about tackling visits to lots of sites alphabetically. I like the idea of delegating this task to the children. Thank you.

  12. A.E. ADKINS

    Both Warwick and Kenilworth castles are our favs, both so different and close enough together to be done on a weekend break, could do in a day at a push but not recommended

  13. Jane Davies

    My husband and myself love a day out at a castle, our most recent visit being Kidwelly Castle. The children don’t enjoy so much unfortunately, hopefully when they’re a little older they will 🙂

  14. Laura Harrison

    Sounds like a fun challenge. I have only been to St Michaels Mount from on your list, best to go when the tide is out so you can walk to the castle xx

  15. Jane Davies

    I’ve enjoyed castles since I was a child, schools seem to rely on the cinema as a school trip these days, but we used to go to castles fairly regularly when I was in school and I remember loving it!

  16. Susan B

    I spent a recent sleepless night researching castles to visit with the children this summer to pass the time. It was the best use I have made of a lack of sleep in ages.

  17. Jane Davies

    I vaguely remember going to Warwick Castle when I was younger, I remember being really impressed by it, will try and visit again in the summer with the kids !

  18. Hayley Colburn

    We have oly ever visited Warwick and Tamworth Castle, our kids aren’t really into cultured visits if I
    ‘m being honest, they’d much prefer a theme park at the moment which is a bit of a shame as it limits places we can go when they moan about being bored

  19. Tracey Hallmark

    Great idea we love exploring all the fabulous castles we have up here in North Wales unfortunately we won’t be doing an A-Z like you guys though as most of the main ones start with a C – Caernarvon, Conwy, Criccieth, Chirk

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