AD – We have been gifted the coats and hats included in this post Muddy Puddles Explorer Parka Review for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

Muddy Puddles Explorer Parka Review – We love a pumpkin patch. An annual visit has become a tradition in the Mudpie Fridays household. When Muddy Puddles got in touch and asked if we would like to try out their Explorer Parka Jacket I of course said yes. Being lucky enough to have tested out their Puddle Pacs and waterproof trousers before I know the quality to expect. I am pleased to say that the Explorer Parka Jacket has not disappointed.

Firstly the boys were more than happy hunting pumpkins in them, this is always at the top of my list. Kipper has some pretty strong feelings on his outer ware. Being a typical three year old it is not unheard of for him to have a melt down at the mere mention of a coat. However I am pleased to say that he is quite happy in his  new green Parka. Partly because the sherpa lining is so soft and cuddly. I also sized up for him as he’s on the big side and went for the 4-5 age which gives him plenty of room. Not being restricted in anyway is key for both of the boys.

For Monkey I opted for the blue with a black fur hood and age 9-10. I did worry that it would swamp him since he is only 7 but he has such long arms.. anyway I need not have worried as it fitted   well. I am hoping we will get another year out of both coats for them. This is important for me when the price tag of the coat is £70. As I do think this is a lot for a kids coat but having now experience the Parkas I do think they are worth the price tag.

The reason I think they are worth the price tag other than the fact the boys like them. Is that they are a substantial coat similar to what I would buy myself. Often buying kids coats on the High Street its not unheard of for them to end up with two in a season because the first isn’t as water proof as we thought. Or it has not stood up to the ware and tear of an active child. These on the other hand are made from thick water proof twill material. Which will see them through the rain, wind and snow.

The fastenings are metal and well sewn in, Kipper can easily use his zip himself. They have also added a storm flap over the top of it to protect further from the rain. As a family who loves to be outside and experiencing new things getting its really important they have the right clothing. We have had cut our adventures short before because of the weather. With these coats we won’t have to.  The coats have two big pockets at the sides with a popper fastening, which I know will be filled up with all manner of sticks and acorns in the coming weeks. There is also a zipped internal pocket on the breast. There are little reflective additions on the coat such as the zip pulls and the Muddy Puddles logo on the back. We have a number of things planned in the evenings in the coming months so I am pleased to see this added visibility.

The faux fur trim and hoods are removable. I really like the trim on Kippers I would have preferred the same colour on the blue. Not that the boys care. I was also pleased to see that they are washable. After all I know they are going to get a lot of wear and will undoubtedly get covered in mud at some point. The Explorer Parka is available in three colours, green, blue and red in sizes 18 months to 11-12 years. At the time of writing they have a 20% sale on which makes the coat £56 instead of the usual £70.

Muddy Puddles also sent both the boys one of their knitted bobble hats.  I love a bobble hat on the boys and these are super soft but not itchy. Available in various bright colours we chose the navy with the multi coloured pom pom. They are very easy to put on with Kipper at three managing to do it all by himself. I was pleased to see as acrylic these are also machine washable. Available in two sizes they cost £16 each.

We are really pleased with the boys new coats from Muddy Puddles. I know they will allow us to continue our adventures this Autumn and Winter. Both boys need to be outside otherwise they go a little feral. With the Explorer Parka and a knitted bobble hat I know the will be super toasty and stay dry even in the worse weather.

What do you look when buying a child’s coat?



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  1. Carly Belsey

    Some great pictures here. I love the boys knitted bobble hats – super cute. We went pumpkin picking this year too – it was actually lots of fun and so much cheaper than buying them from the shop

  2. Nadia Josephine

    I have always wanted to go pumpkin picking! It looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Jeanette Leighton

    Some lovely pictures and pumpkins wow
    Looks like fun

  4. Emma Betts

    I’ve never been pumpkin picking but it looks like a lot of fun x

  5. Gemma Hendry

    the parkas look great quality and i love the colours

  6. Shelley Jessup

    I can not wait till Evie is old enough to go Pumpkin patch picking & taking lots of photos and a mud & water proof outfit is definitely a must!

  7. Laura Schwormstedt

    Nothing more fun than pumpkin picking in Autumn and wow that jacket is so nice , perfect for outdoor adventures – love Muddy Puddles

    Laura x

  8. Susan B

    Great pics of the boys. Love the fact that local growers around the country benefit from families visiting farms to choose their pumpkins.

    We are Muddy Puddles fans, too. Superb and enduring quality and very stylish, too.


    Wow! Perfect activity for the kids! They are look so happy picking pumpkins. I love their outfits too <3

  10. Celebrate Woman Today

    Your little pumpkins are adorable! The Fall is an excellent time to take a ton of pictures of your kiddos.

  11. The coats look incredibly cozy! Such a great look and they are so flattering as well in those cute colors! Your boys look like they had so much fun!

  12. Alex Newton

    These coats look like they would stand up to the worst of winter. Looks like a great time was had at the pumpkin patch.

  13. Jennifer Gladwin

    They look like gorgeous good quality coats. I love how vibrant the colours are #BloggerClubUk

  14. Valerie

    Love this line of gear. The coats are adorable. Now we need to get to the pumpkin patch.

  15. From Jess to You Services

    What adorable pumpkin pics … also I love your pumpkin stack.

  16. Andrea Fletcher

    Love the jackets, they look nice and warm for winter. My grandson loves to go pumpkin picking and always has lots of fun.

  17. Julie Syl

    Great choices..! The colors and fit looks great, I will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing..!

  18. Pumpkin picking sounds like such a fun activity to do with kids and reminds me of how my brother and I used to roam around the orange groves with my father seeking out the fattest sweetest navel oranges. I wish I had one of those parkas on with the furry collar as it would have helped keep warm on those cold winter days.

  19. Frankie

    Looks like the boys had great fun pumpkin hunting. I love the blue coat it looks very warm and hard wearing, should be perfect from an English Winter!

  20. Picking pumpkin is a great activity for kids! They love what they doing based on photos and they looks so enjoy.

  21. David Elliott

    It looks like he had a great time out there. Such a lot of fun. I know I missed picking in the pumpking patch with my daughter. We love doing that.

  22. Fuzionmag

    Those coats look great.. It’s simple and easy to pair with, such a nice blog, thanks for sharing..!

  23. Picking pumpkins seems like an amazing experiences especially for kids. It’s nice to see the different shapes and colors. Being able to chose your favorite one and taking it home is great!

  24. This looks like a great line of clothes. It’s nice when you can find good jackets for the little ones. These look great and have a lot of nice features.

  25. Mommy Bloggers Philippines

    That must be a great experience to pick pumpkins. I wish the kids here in the country have those kinds of activities too.

  26. Gorgeous photos! We went pumpkin picking at Narrowboat Farm in Linlithgow last weekend. We booked a canal boat ride to get there, which was really fun.

  27. Aw, your pics are so cute! And I love the idea of them filling their pockets with sticks and acorns 🙂 The coats really do look fab and we like to be outdoors too so I appreciate having proper waterproof gear.

  28. aisasami

    Those parka looks really wonderful for any kind of weather! Glad your sons love the pumpkin patch too!

  29. Kate Murray

    Great parkas! My kids have long arms too, so this is good to know!!

  30. catherine santiago jose

    Both of them looks great with their outfit, it’s beautiful and looks very comfortable.

  31. Dana, A Mamanista Life

    Lovely looking bright winter coats and gorgeous pictures. I’ve not heard of Muddle Puddles, I usually buy my 7yr old son Cuba similar weather resistant coats usually from Burghaus which are similar in price.

  32. The coats are pretty and they look very warm, perfect for winter. I like that you tested them by going to the pumpkin patch. I always wanted to go at one and pick up my pumpkin.

  33. The coats look so lovely, the colours are gorgeous and definitely going to keep them toasty over winter

  34. The boys look great and love those vibrant pumpkin pictures with blue sky! Thanks for hosting the linky.

  35. Yeah Lifestyle

    Some lovely photos of the kids going pumkin picking! The Muddle Puddles coats stands out and is perfect for the weather as well.

  36. Looks gorgeous! i would so so visit pumpkin picking too if we had a such place around. Great for families!

  37. kumamonjeng

    Thanks for sharing so many pictures of pumpkin picking, I have never seen this before. Over here there is no such activities during the Halloween season but with these few years there are more restaurants and hotel are promoting Halloween festival. So it is getting more popular. I love the boys’ outfits, super smart!

  38. Lisa at Following the Rivera

    I love these pumpkin patches and reading this makes me want to visit one even more! These parkas and hats look and sound ideal for young kids too!

  39. Tracey Kifford

    I love the colour of those coats – and they look so cosy!

  40. Margaret Gallagher

    So so cute – looks great fun
    Loving the style too

  41. Heather

    Pumpkin patches are my absolute favorite thing about Fall! We just went to our local patch a couple of weeks ago.

  42. Catherine

    How adorable! Pumpkin picking is so much fun…I love the fall weather and all the outdoor activities.

  43. Sandra Fortune

    Love these outfits and the hats are fab great for the cold weather

  44. These outfits look great. I always feel at this time of year you need them in things that are a bit more rough and ready for doing things outside!

  45. Those are super nice coats! I love how thick and durable they look. They look like they can not only keep the kids warm, but they can stand up to the wringer that kids put their clothes through. LOL

  46. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    I love the green coat! That’s something I would choose for Erin

  47. Lynn Neal

    What a great outfit for picking pumpkins and for lots of other adventures too!

  48. Rosie Preston Cook

    The coats look great and the pictures are beautiful. I totally agree the best place for little boys is outside – the more energy you can get out of them the better!

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