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Wondering what to buy an 8-year-old for Christmas? Well, we could have the answer for you!  As Autumn draws in we enjoy spending the evenings playing board games with the boys. I find that they give us all the excuses (including the adults) we need to get off of technology and spend quality time as a family. I also hope by putting in the habits now that as they grow up it will be one tradition we can keep to. We have been sent the Horrible Histories The Board Game from Wicket Uncle to try out.  Charlie has loved this game from the very first roll of the dice. 

Review Horrible Histories The Board Game

The purpose of the game is to be the first player to move all the way around the board to the present time wins. Only it is not that simple! In order to do this, you pass through four different time periods answer questions as you go. I was so surprised by his knowledge the first time we played. He got almost all his questions right and I was getting most of mine wrong!  I was definitely out historied (if there is such a word) by my nine year old.  When I asked how he knew so much it was apparently becuase he had watched all the episodes of Horrible Histories. Well, that told me! 

Review Horrible Histories the Board Game Question books from the Horrible Histories The Board Game The three coloured dice from Horrible Histories The Board Game

Horrible Histories The Board Game Instructions

The Horrible Histories The Board Game is for 2-4 players aged eight and over.  In the box, you get the playing board, four playing pieces, four-question books (one for each era), horrible chance cards and three dice. One red, one blue and one white. 

Place the chance cards in their allotted space and the playing pieces on the starting point. The youngest person starts and rolls all three dice. The number on the white dice is the number of spaces the player moves forward by. If they land on a blank space play passes to the next person. If they land on a horrible chance space then they need to do as the card they pick off the top of the pile tells them. Such as ‘ you get a job as Winston Churchill’s speechwriter! Move forward 2 spaces.’ 

If you land on an illustrated space then the dice are used to identify the question you must answer in the relevant era booklet by one of your opponents. Only not all of them are questions, some involving acting out an event or drawing a historical figure.  The order of the dice to work out the appropriate number is red, white, blue. So if red = 2, white = 5 and blue = 3. The player with the booklet would need to find question 253. 

It is all about the questions…

If it is a question and the player gets it right then they can move forward 2 spaces, if they get it wrong then they will stay on the illustrated space. If it is an action or drawing then the player with the booklet and not the player whose turn it is gets to act or draw. The player who guesses correctly moves forward 2 spaces as does the player doing the action or drawing. If there are no right guesses then everyone stays where they are. 

The winner is the first person to reach the finish space. But before they can be crowned the winner they must answer one last question. The other players get the chance to pick which era the question is asked from. If they do not get it right then play passes to the next person and they have to wait their turn to have another go.

What did we think about the Horrible Histories The Board Game?

It was a lot of fun to play!  And it caused a lot of laughs normally at my expense as my history knowledge really isn’t what it should be. It has quickly become Charlie’s go-to board game. We did find it more fun when we played with four people. With two the game lasted about twenty minutes with four it lastest around thirty-five minutes. The action questions are a lot more fun when there are more people playing. 

We thought that the questions are suitable for the age range the game is aimed at. I have also found the quality and printing very good. With a foldable thick board and glossy booklets, it makes a great gift.  

Win – Horrible Histories The Board Game

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Review Horrible Histories The Board Game


  1. Leah Tonna

    My grandkids would love to beat me at this game.

  2. Thos looks like a brilliant game. I love a good board game!

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