AD – We received entrance and accommodation in order to review the accommodation and theme park. I have written this post in addition, Tips for visiting Efteling with Kids, to help others looking to visit 

We visited Efteling in February half term with a seven and three year old. We stayed in the Efteling Hotel for two nights and had three days in the theme park. Having very little knowledge around what to expect I did a bit of research online. My conclusion was that Efteling was probably one of The Netherlands best kept secrets! It definitely seems not have made it to the UK. Many people I spoke to prior to our trip had not heard about Efteling until I mentioned it. We only noticed four British cars in the hotel carpark when we visited. Yet it is hands down the best theme park we have ever visited… and we have been to the well known one in Paris.

With that in mind I thought I would share with you some tips for visiting. In the hope that this fantastic family attraction starts to gain some popularity here in the UK. It definitely deserves it.

9 Tips for visiting Efteling with Kids

1. Stay onsite

Travelling from the UK it is likely that you will want to stay over. We stayed on site in the Efteling Hotel and the benefit of doing this is that you get into the park thirty minutes before opening. Not all of the rides were open at this time. But we found that some of the iconic ones were. Such as the Python (double loop) and the wooden rollercoaster Joris en de Draak.  If you are considering staying then you can get a discount of 15% by booking online more than four months in advance.

Efteling Hotel Review

We could not check into the hotel until 3pm but could enter the theme park when we arrived. So if you really want to maximise your time in the park then you may want to consider picking up a cheap hotel on route. So that you can pick up your theme park tickets when it opens at 10am. We caught one of the early trains out of Folkstone at 6.50am and arrived at the hotel around midday.

2. Make sure you download the app

Like many theme parks Efteling has its own app which is free to download. I would recommend doing so in advance of your visit. As it is large at 50MB and a lot to use data for! We found wifi patchy in the park itself but fine in the hotel.

The app will give you details of all the attractions, shows and also the waiting times for the rides. As we visited in February the queue times were really quite short. Also because of travelling that time of year some of the rides were temporality shut due to the weather conditions. So it was useful to see when they reopened. It tracks your location so you can see how long it will take to walk to the next thing you want to visit. The app also lists all the shows, the times they run and where to find them. It is even possible to pre order your snacks from certain outlets on your phone! Not that we tried this, but I can imagine it being very useful during busy times.

Tips for Visiting Efteling with kids

3. Hire karts

I was surprised by just how large the park was. Although the rides are grouped into four different worlds. It is surprising just how much walking there is to be done. At three Kipper has been out of a buggy for a while. Yet asking him to keep up with the rest of us was a tall order. If you want you can hire little wooden karts at the entrance. They have a small seat and you pull them around. There is no where to store anything by for 4.50€ it will help with tired little legs.

4. Use the train to get around

In the same vain we used the steam train to get from one side of the park to the other. Not only does it save legs it makes it fun in the process and runs frequently. The whole ride takes about fifteen minutes so you don’t have to wait long for the next one to come along.

Tips for Visiting Efteling with Kids

5. Breastfeeding and microwaves 

I was impressed that there are a couple of locations specifically put aside for breastfeeding. I also noticed that some of the eateries had microwaves where you can heat up milk and baby food. Failing that it is possible to give items to the restaurant staff to warm up. Although Kipper is now out of nappies, it was good to see that all the toilets had at least one changing cubicle.

If you are travelling with a baby then it is also worth noting that they offer a Baby Switch on their rides. For two adults who have a baby and both want to go on a ride. I have never come across this before but basically one queues and the other waits at the exit with the baby.  Then it is possible to swap with with the new adult going in through the exit.

6. Language

Throughout the park many of the signs are in in Dutch, German, French and English. All the books in the Fairytale forest include all four  languages. All the staff wear badges with little flags on them which show which  languages they speak which is a clever idea. A couple of the rides did have commentary in Dutch such as Villa Voltra and some of the shows are the same. Although the CARO show which we went to one evening was in English.

The CARO Show Efteling
All images © 2018 – Robert Aarts Photography – All rights reserved

Booking – if you are interested in seeing the CARO show you need to book this in advance which you can do online. Also when you enter the park during peak times you can also book some of the other shows. These shows were not running when we visited.

7. Food and drinks

I was very surprised by the prices of food in Efteling. Compared to some of the other parks we have visited it was very reasonable. We got hot dogs and drinks for four for under 20€. Candy floss was 2€ a pop and we ate out with kids meals, drinks (wine and beer) and main meals for just over 80€. Which when compared to other parks we have visited is really well priced. We also spotted a number of drinking fountains with the new rides also having them in the queues as well.

Tips for visiting Efteling with kids

You can take your own food and soft drinks into the theme park. There are lots of picnic areas for you to enjoy and many seats around some of the larger play areas. We saw lots of families who had brought their own food. Our room in the Efteling Hotel had an empty mini fridge too so you could easily bring food from home.

Food at Efteling

8. Queue times

We visited off peak during February half term and even on the Saturday there were hardly any queues. The longest queue was 15 minutes on the Python which is the double loop rollercoaster and one of the most popular rides. Obviously this is off peak and you have to take a chance with the weather. Although many of the rides are indoors as are some of the queuing areas. It is also worth checking when the Dutch holidays time are, as they could be different to ours. If you do visit during peak times then you can pick up a free boarding pass for the Python. It gives you a set time to come back later once the queue time is more than 15 minutes.

There are also a lot of play areas which do not have queues at all. Such as Volk van Laff and the Fairytale Forest. So it is worth picking these up at busier times such as late morning and early afternoon.

9. Buying Souvenirs

You know what it is like you are carrying coats, bags, drinks bottles and all manner of child related things. Plus you may well have a little one on your shoulders. The last thing you need is to be carrying around all sorts of souvenirs. Theres a lot to catch the kids imaginations! So it is great to know that Efteling offer the ability to collect anything purchased at the exit when you leave.

Have you visited Efteling? I would love to hear your tips for visiting Efteling with kids in the comments below.

Watch the video of our trip:

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Tips for Visiting Efteling with kids

Tips for visiting Efteling with Kids


  1. I’ve never heard of Efteling in Netherlands before, this sounds like a great theme park to visit and lots of fun! I may have to visit this place on my next trip to Netherlands 🙂

  2. Rachel Craig

    Visited some years ago, and we really did enjoy Efteling. I had mentioned at work that we were going to Holland (visiting friends, and the country). A colleague who has family there recommended Efteling for a visit, and I am glad she did. We had a Wonderful time on our visit, and we were just there for the day. Would recommend it, worthwhile with or without children. As much variety, and based on fables and fairy stories.

  3. We did Eindhoven last October and were thinking of Efteling for this year. My kids are same age as yours so sounds ideal for them

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    A magical place – dreams really will come true

  5. WanderlustBeautyDreams

    What a great place to visit especially with family. Looks like you all had a blast and will have those memories for ever!

  6. paula cheadle

    Some wonderful tips for going with children

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    I want to go, it looks magical. The only problem is my children are older, but it looks like it might appeal to all ages xxx

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    I would love to take my grandchildren there one day, it looks so much fun!

  12. Maartje van Sandwijk

    I love Efteling 🙂 Didn’t know they had an app but that’s amazing! Especially when you’re with kids…

  13. I cmpletely agree, The train is quite useful and time saver in the Efteling.

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

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    Thank you for all these wonderful tips! I like that they have the app that is easy to use. Love all the souvenirs!

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    P.S. nice photos too

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    It sounds like a fantastic place to visit with the kids. I haven’t heard of Efteling before now but I’ll definitely be looking into visiting now!

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    That looks like a nice theme park with a lot of family activities to partake in. Off season was a good time for you to visit, I am sure your kids were happy that they did not have to wait on long lines to get on rides. If I do get the chance to visit the Netherlands, i will make sure we visit Efteling.

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    Love the sound of the carts. I know Erin’s legs wouldn’t cope with all the walking.

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    Very useful tips you have shared. I agreed that in order to maximize our fun, the number one thing is to download the app and then navigate. This will help us save tons of time too.

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    It’s surprising that not many people know about this theme park, to be honest I only found out about 2 years ago as one of the school mums took her children and she now goes every year. It’s good that the food isn’t as dear as expected.

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    I like the idea of the app but it would be even better if you could program in which rides you wanted to visit and get real time feedback on the size of the queues. Although if, as you say, wifi in the park is a bit patchy, it doesn’t sound like it would work properly even if they could do this.

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