Review Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin: I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin if I am honest. Monkey loves Legoland Windsor and I was worried that the discovery centre maybe a bit of a let down. Yet when going on city breaks with kids I have learnt that by making sure they have choice over their activities can help you negotiate on those sights that they are not interested in. He was desperate to go. I am pleased to say we were not disappointed.  The Legoland Discovery Centre is located in the Sony Centre at Potsdamer Platz and is easily reachable by public transport.

We arrived just after it had opened we were given a leaflet that allowed Monkey to collect a stamp from each of the different areas. Our first stop was Mini World. I loved being able to see all the landmarks we visited during our trip to Berlin in mixture lego size. The detail was amazing it really was like looking into a minature town. It was a little lost on Monkey but right next door to it there were work stations to make your own lego helicopter. Which he set about doing before moving onto some iPads where you could make your own animated lego videos. 

Occupying a reasonably small area I was surprised to find that there were actually rides in the Discovery Centre. The first was a Dragon ride which took us around a little track with animated lego characters in search for a dragon. Monkey really enjoyed the ride even though I thought it would be a little tame for him. So much that we went on it several times. 

After you are lead downstairs to all the other areas. Monkey made a bee line to the Lego Racers. I think he would have happily spent all day here alone. There are several stations to make your own lego cars. Then once you are happy with your creation you get the chance to send it down some ramps. The first has a jump at the end and the second a loop the loop. We managed with much practice to make the car do the jump. However after several attempts we couldn’t master the loop the loop. I am thinking Hubby would probably have been a better play partner. Although we got pretty close on a couple of attempts, I think it was probably to do with weight distribution!

Right next to the lego racers was the second ride – Merlins Apprentice. You sit in bucket seats and to get your car to go up you need to peddle. The faster you peddle the higher you go. We managed to stay at the top for the entire ride. Plus because they were no busy we had several goes.

There are a number of things which happen at timed intervals. Each is clearly signposted. We did not make it to the Model Builders Workshop as we also had plans to visit the Sealife Centre and have dinner at the TV Tower. However we did see the factory tour where Monkey volunteered to help the lady explain how lego was made. He really enjoyed pushing the buttons and was rewarded with his own special lego brick in return. 

Monkey had the opportunity to collect some pop badges as well. Which he did by climbing a moving wall. I like how they have a harder and an easier section. So younger ones can also enjoy the activity. Which is placed next to Dulpo world. Monkey is too young now for this area of the attraction. However its good to see that there would be something more for Kippers age range too. Including a little house and slide. 

Of course an indoor adventure is not complete without a soft play area. Legoland Discover Centre Berlin has a new Ninjago City Adventure which opened in Easter 2018. The three tiered temple allows little ones to practice their Ninja skills. There is a lot to it including tunnels, a ball pool, a spiral slide and bash bags. Monkey’s favourite part was the light crisscross maze. You had to get from one end of the room to the other without breaking one of the infra red beams. There were several difficulty levels which he managed to get the hang of pretty quickly and really enjoyed it 

There is also a 4D cinema but when we visited it was not running. To exit you have to go via the gift shop which of course gave Monkey a chance to spend his holiday money. I was pleased to see that there were things for all budgets and he settled on a reasonably priced kit which came in very handy when we we traveling from Berlin to Rotterdam on the train.

We really enjoyed our time at the Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin and would definitely go back should we ever visit the city again. If you purchase tickets online then you can save up to 30%. Plus there is the option to combine the attraction with others  such as the Berlin Sea Life Centre & AquaDom to reduce the price further

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  1. Looks fab. Many thanks for mentioning easy access by public transport. We took the children to a Lego creative day in London a couple of years ago and it was really disappointing.

  2. Gemma Hendry Reply

    this looks like a fantastic place especiaaly love the star wars one lol

  3. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Looks fab my kids would love legoland I’m going to take them one day

  4. Gemma Hendry Reply

    looks brilliant i would especially love the star wars ones

  5. This looks amazing!! so glad you had a good time! can’t wait to visit now!

  6. oh this is amazing! I love lego so much but never been to a legoland, super cool and so much fun for sure.

  7. Amazing models. I attended a much smaller lego exho at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. Some of the stuff these guys build are amazing.

  8. Omg, this is such a fun place. And totally love the pictures. My baby sister would love visiting it.

  9. Rose Ann Sales Reply

    This place looks really fun..! I bet kids will really enjoy it here. Thanks for sharing..!

  10. I have only been to Legoland Florida and absolutely loved it! Legoland Berlin also looks similar to it. Hope you guys had a lot of fun!

  11. Genny Gall Reply

    Wonderful place to visit and enjoy with all the whole family

  12. Sarah Roberts Reply

    This looks so cool! my family would love this so much!

  13. Fiona jk42 Reply

    I always wonder how people get jobs to build these Lego models. I Imagine that at the interview they are given a bucket of bricks and a timed construction challenge.

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